Dec 31, 2010

The Evolution of The Armitage at the BAFTAS ~ by guest blogger @Rob

With New Year's Eve upon us, it got me thinking about RA in a tux. 
I doubt he spends his NYE in one, but a girl can fantasize can't she???
Besides, he has made quite a transformation on the red carpet over the years.

2007-- Guy of Gisborne Rocks the Red Carpet.

2009-- RA goes Bond... James Bond.

2010-- Move over, Hugh Jackman!
There is a new actor in town, his name is Armitage, Richard Armitage.

xoxo, @Rob

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About the guest blogger @Rob:

Been a fan since 2005, after my first viewing of North & South, but it wasn't until I stumbled across Nat's blog that I became a bit more ardent in my "obsession," err um, "interest." My fav fan sites/blogs are this one (of course), Me + Richard Armitage and RichardArmitageOnline. As much as I love, RA, I enjoy the community that has popped up around his fandom even more. Although, I am happily married, I consider Mr. Armitage my pretend hubs. Just kidding. Not really. Well, sort of.


Phylly3 said...

There are few sights more welcome than Mr. Armitage in a tux. **sigh!**
So...@Rob your interest in RA has not abated in over 5 years? Has it in fact, grown? Is there no end to this magnificent obsession? :)

sunflowersue said...

Wow, phylly3, she's an old-timer huh?! Yeah, the tux is nice. Really nice. More please. But still...I'd like to see how Wranglers would look on the gentleman. One can only hope.

@Rob said...

Hey girls watch who are callin' old. @ Rob doesn't like the word "old" to be used around her. :)

@ Phy -- My interest has abated a bit over the years, I no longer have that fizzy crush thin goin' on. But the Internet helps keep my "interest" quite fresh, I blame it all on Nat quite frankly!!!

Note To Mr. Armitage: wear more tuxs!!! Like I mean everywhere to the gym, the grocery store, out for drinks with friends. They suit you. (No pun intended). Well, maybe.

Happy New Year!!!

Teushter said...

Speaking from experience,*coughs* age seems to have nothing to do with it when it comes to having a crush/head-over heels thing on the said Mr. Armitage *blushes*. What a great way to end the year looking at him in tuxes. Wow!! *more blushes and sighs*!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing all of you a very Happy and RA filled New Year!

Traxy said...

"Although, I am happily married, I consider Mr. Armitage my pretend hubs. Just kidding. Not really. Well, sort of." - Amen to that, sister! ;D Happy new year to you! Have a brilliant 2011! :)

twinkling moon said...

Quick note wishing everyone in the RA blogosphere a Happy New Year!

And I'll toast the idea of more pics of RA in tux!

Anonymous said...

Back at you TM! I'll toast to that too.

Thank you for the post and pics @Rob.

@Rob said...

@ Traxy RA is the perfect hubs he vry low maintenance. Lucky real hubs is vry understanding.

Glad you enjoyed the pic.

Ann Marie said...

@ Rob- great job! Pictures of the lovely Mr. Armitage in likee!

Myrtle said...

Heavenly pics @Rob

I do hope RA is at the BAFTAS this year.

@ Rob said...

Anyone find pics of him at the 2008 BAFTAS???

Anonymous said...
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violet8886 said...

Nice post @Rob! I love RA in a tux...He does so well cleaned up...We are so used to him usually being so "scruffy" that we forget how hot he can be all cleaned up...

There was one award show where he wore a pinstriped tux..That looked good on him...

What a great way to start the new year...Hey, you never know..Maybe he did wear a tux somewhere for New Years!I toast a glass to him..Yeah!!!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

@Rob, to my knowledge RA didn't attend the '08 BAFTAS.

Ivy said...

Sartorially, I do wish he wouldn't wear a pre-tie bow tie though (and the same one each year too) and wear it with a normal collar (the wing collar from 2007 is the way to go). Despite those reservations, be still my beating heart!

@Rob said...

@ Ivy hmm...we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. @Rob prefers the flat collar the wing collar reminds me of my HS prom circa 1989.

I prefer 2009 version -- he looked sexy and fresh. Last year, he looked handsome, but a bit too over styled for me. Of course, I would take RA in a tux anyday of the week.

There is nothing sexier than a man who can tie a bow tie. :)