Dec 2, 2010

Other Fish in the Sea ~ by guest blogger @Rob

I was thinking, since Mr. Armitage has hit the big time
with Captain America and The Hobbit, he really doesn't need us.
So, I have created a list of possible candidates that could use an "Army" of fans.
(If these guys don't turn you into a weak kneed fan gurrl, not sure who can.)
Here my recommendations in no particular order:

Ian Somerhalder plays Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries.
He is a def "Baddie" with a soft side. I personally wouldn't mind if he took a bite outta me.
And this guy has the smirking thing down. He even gives our man a run for his $.

Jon Hamm plays Don Draper on Mad Men.
This character is so damaged it is almost beautiful. He could stir my martini anytime.
Another bonus, he can rock those vintage suits.

Matt Bomer plays Neal Caffery on White Collar.
He is the suave and sophisticated con-man who speaks French too.
This guy could con a nun out of her panties. All I have to say is oh là là.

Eric Balfour plays Duke Crocker on Haven.
He's got the nose, he's got the tall dark and handsome thing going along with a
questionable moral compass. What else can a girl ask for?
Oh, and those pecks ain't too bad either!

Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles
play brothers Sam and Dean Winchester on Supernatural.
Aren't they cute? The writers even wrote a story line based on fan fic. Love writers who like their fans.
(Hint, hint, Spooks.) Honestly, not sure how they fit in exactly, just wanted
to give you girls some more eye candy. Enjoy!


I am just joking around!
Not that these other actors aren't handsome and talented (because they are),
but really could anyone take this guy's place in our hearts?????
I think NOT!
Picture from Richard Armitage Net.

Whether he's a star of the small screen, big screen or the stage he's stuck with us.
Because whether or not he needs us, we still need him.
And that's a fact, Jack.

The post is dedicated to Dezmond at Hollywood Spy,
who is always trying to convince us, although unsuccessfully,
that there are other men out there.

Did I leave anyone off the list?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

About the guest blogger @Rob:

Been a fan since 2005, after my first viewing of North & South, but it wasn't until I stumbled across Nat's blog that I became a bit more ardent in my "obsession," err um, "interest." My fav fan sites/blogs are this one (of course), Me + Richard Armitage and RichardArmitageOnline. As much as I love, RA, I enjoy the community that has popped up around his fandom even more. Although, I am happily married, I consider Mr. Armitage my pretend hubs. Just kidding. Not really. Well, sort of.


RAFrenzy said...

LOL! You're good. I already love a couple of those guys, but not enough to cheat. :D

Traxy said...

LOL @ Frenzy ^^

I do really like the character of Duke on Haven actually. How did you know? ;) I don't actually go ga-ga over his looks (he's too ... elongated) but the character strikes a chord somehow.

The Winchesters ... personally, I prefer their dad. *cough*

But no, none of them have anything on Our Richard!

@Rob said...

Girls, I so agree!!! As I told Nat they haven't caused me to "google." Not yet at least. :)

I noticed that all of these characters a super damaged, have nasty dark streaks, not sure what that says about me...I'll just refer to "The Savior Complex" by @ Ramones.

Anonymous said...

OML thinks while reading:
"So he doesn't need his army anymore, such a shame. Let's see the candidates...they're not bad, look this Matt Bomer guy..."
Richard Armitage in blue tuxedo appears at Matt's right.
"Nope, not a chance" ;) (Sorry Dez)

"Because whether or not he needs us, we still need him."
Oh so true!

Great post @Rob!

OML :)

Violet8886 said...

So so true...We do still need him...I don't think he doesn't need his army anymore..I think he is just trying to understand all this "stardom" stuff and hasn't figured it out yet..He seems to be shy about being known as a "tottie" and maybe wants to be known for more than just being a "tottie"...He doesn't want to miss out in serious roles...We love his talent..We root for him...But we will still think he is HOT!!!

[Yes, the Winchester boys are attractive..but Richard is still #1]

Ann Marie said...

Great post Rob!

I thought you were preaching heresy there for a minute! whew!!! No,for me, it will remain Richard. Happily so.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

When @Rob emailed me this post and I started reading it I thought, "Oh no she di-innt!" and snickered at the reaction I knew this would get... until I scrolled down and read the "GOTCHA!" part. I was relieved to know that our dear @Rob hadn't really committed treason by taking on another fake husband. :)

sunflowersue said...

You CAHRAAAzyyyy woman you Had me going there for a few seconds until the GOTCHA..and as crazy as I am, all I could think when I read GOTCHA was Sir Guy holding up that nasty little curved thingy dripping w/blood after he gotchaed Marian/Nightwatchman. Acck!

I "know" only one of these guys and on a very limited basis. Scary, yes, but we just don't get out much or watch much but football or news..and oh yeah, Hawaii 5-0. Now that McGarrett guy is CUTE! Cute as in I'm-old-enough-to-be-his-mommy type cute.

@Rob said...

@ Nat honestly one real hubs and one fake hubs is about all I can juggle at the moment. :)

@ Sunflowers all I can say is gotcha. :) but those other guys are really adorable too.

If anything, some nice eye candy is always a good thing. Right?

diveknit said...

@ Rob, haha you got me too.
I started reading, thinking, she can't be serious, no she can't!
I mean they are nice and probably talented, even though I don't really know any of them or have seen them in anything, but they are not RA!!!!!!!!
I needed a pick up today, so I started watching N&S and it does it each time. JT puts me in a great mood.
Great post - thanks.

Phylly3 said...

Wow! You really had me going! I was starting to get a bit riled up too ...until...THANK YOU!! You saved yourself in time from "the wrath of Phylly"! :o LOL!
I am soooo not into eye candy unless it is of someone that I already have a yen for (from watching their acting style or knowing more about them than just their looks). I have never heard of any of those actors before or seen them perform (so I don't care how "cute" they are -- sorry!) :)
Great post btw - You definitely know how to yank my chain!

Jessica said...

Did you leave anyone off the list? YES- DAVID OAKES!
I discovered him this summer in "The Pillars of the Earth" on Starz(a series based on my favorite book). He played the vile character William Hamleigh(a character way worse than Guy of Gisborne-haha, same time period too). You can't like Hamleigh at all, but all of a sudden I was so drawn to David as him for some reason. He didn't have many lines in the beginning, but he had a look in his eye- that piercing stare like Richard. He proved throughout the series he is an excellent actor and he can convey thought and emotion just in his face/eyes- again, just like Richard. I immediately began researching him and unfortunately he hasn't been in much. He will soon be starring in The Borgias on Showtime. Funny, at first, I felt horrible because after I saw David, for a while I completely forgot about Richard. I did feel like I was cheating(Richard being the ONLY actor I had paid attention to in the past 3 yrs)- haha! Now though I maintain a balance between the two! Anyway, what I found to be so great about David is that he is one of the sweetest, down to earth, friendly, funny actors I have ever seen. I even wrote him a crazy fan letter and he responded(very articulate, and polite). He is very accessible to his fans on Facebook(he runs his own fan page) and Twitter- something I truly wish Richard was into *sigh*. I am waiting for the day David and Richard are cast in the same movie/series- life would be complete and I would be free to die happy and fulfilled-haha! Check David out please! He's not a replacement for RA, but would be a nice addition to our family! Unrelated/irrelevant- he's a bit younger, 27 yrs. old. His twitter name is @david_oakes -read down his twitter, if you don't instantly fall in love with him....I don't know what- he's so sweet(and cultured!) Also, find him here:!/pages/David-Oakes/23945539297

If you haven't seen The Pillars of the Earth, I highly recommend that too(also starring Matthew MacFadyen and Rufus Sewell- c'mon now!). Ok, I need to calm down now!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Ooh, Jessica... you have me all excited because "Pillars of the Earth" is arriving in my mailbox from Netflix tomorrow! :)

By the way, if I were to write a (fake) substitute list, it would include people like Matthew MacFadyen, Paul Bettany, Hugh Jackman, Sean Bean, etc. I have a thing for guys with accents.

twinkling moon said...

Phew! What a mega sigh of relief when I got to the "gotcha" part of the post!

As I read the contenders in need of an army, I thought "wait, I think some of these guys already have their devotees, they don't need us" but more importantly, I just can't make myself "need" them (like you said, even if RA doesn't need us, we still need him!)

And although I am familiar with those CW shows and can appreciate the actors, them young 'uns have nothing on our Mr. Armitage! He's a class act!

And @Rob, you really are naughty for making us all believe that Mr. Armitage could so easily be replaced :)

sunflowersue said...

Hey, Pillars is on Stars channel right now! You're right about the baddie in it, Jessica. There was just something about him that drew my eye...maybe his demented eyes. Good actor but his character was one messed up dude.

Colin Firth, ladies. COLIN FIRTH! I dumped him tho for John Thornton.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You got me, too! I had a growing exclamation point above my head while reading this post. It was about to crush me when I read "Gotcha." Though those guys are purdy, I don't think they'd inspire me to become a kooky fangirl, as Mr. A has so aptly done. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't be as devout reader of their fan blogs.

Myrtle said...

Oh my goodness! For a moment there, I was jingling my keys to the Tower of London!!! Muttering, treason, treason!!!!

Phew, what a relief :)

RA is my boy!!!!

Jessica said...

Another thing to add about David Oakes and "Pillars" or TPOTE as we call it: if you read the book you will notice they changed a bit in the series(like in the book William Hamleigh and his mother did NOT have a incestuous relationship!). It was hard at first to get past the discrepancies, but overall they overcame it and made a great series. Enjoy it Nat! Truly, whether you like the story or not, it was one of the greatest group cast ever. I feel Richard should have been in there somewhere. Would he have made a good monk? or maybe William's baddie sidekick Walter? Tom the Builder- yeah he would have been a good Tom. Hahaha!

Sue said...


I loved Pillars of the Earth too! It's now out on DVD as the series has now finished. It is rather a strange series in a way, but good.

@Rob said...

I hope that Mr. Armitage realizes and appreciates the dedicated, intelligent and loyal fans he has! He is vry lucky indeed to have a such an army of women behind him.

@Rob said...

@ Sun COLIN FIRTH!!!! Of course, he's where it all began for me.

@ Myrtle Tower of London OML!!! SO glad that I redeemed myself. :)

@Rob said...

Anne Rice agrees with me RA would make a good vamp!

pi said...

I'm late to commenting...

Bwah! @Rob, you really got me going there! LOL

I'm still waiting for BFF to make me a key ring so I can show off my "ex". :)))))))

I think the RA community is the most challenging, stimulating, and the best.

Wonderful post! I'm still smiling.

DEZMOND said...

oh, I can't believe it. I've read this charming post of Rob's two times this week and not once did I notice the part where it says it was dedicated to my lifelong efforts and battle to give the world and abundance of male and female gorgeousness :)
Thanks to Rob and to my darling Lil'Vics who gave me a nudge about this :)

And here's a special little gossip: later this December, HOLLYWOOD SPY will organize a new poll on the possible new JAMES BOND and guess who might appear in the poll as well? :)))

Off course, I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't spice up the poll for you ladies, but you shall see, you shall see :)))

Love you all!

@Rob said...


“It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.”

See Dez I can appreciate other men. :)



The Adventurous A. said...

Phew, I was wondering! (btw, this is Lady Gis-Monet Thornton. For some reason, it's refusing to let me comment as that, hmmmph!) Was it only me, or does Ian look like "Zac Efron gone baddie"?!? IMHO, that's what went through my crazy head, lol! Very appealing specimens, but NO ONE can ever top RA!!! They're the appetizers, he's the feast, meow!

Anonymous said...

@Dez Gee, I wonder whom I'll vote for... =)

Joan Crenshaw said...

@Rob, GREAT fake out.

Alyssa, it's ok to be yourself unless you really ARE Lady G-M Thornton.

Love tottie, great silly word! Beats the H-Word which I am on record as detesting.

Hey question for the regulars: any interest in an email list? I have spent almost 3 years on the proboard AA and it's fine if you don't mind being moderated constantly. I am looking at a yahoo group where we can just chatter on with the only rule "play nice.".

If you ARE interested, pm me on AA forum: I'm Joan

Joan Crenshaw said...

P.S. My second-stringers are Russell Crowe and Gerry Butler. I also think Zachary Levy is very hot, but he's my son's age. Which is mildly depressing.

The Adventurous A. said...

@ Joan Crenshaw: Aww, thanks so much. :D u must DEFINITELY be a mom, huh? I can tell...teehee! Gerard Butler is soooo on my list, too!

DEZMOND said...

well it's difficult loving just one men among millions of gorgeous ones :)

oh, I absolutely have no idea :PPP

to all others who mentioned Gerry Butler - oh, I am soooooo preparing a hell for you soon :)))))

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Jessica, I watched "Pillars of the Earth" this weekend and loved it! However, I don't share your affection for David Oakes (William was just too dang creepy) but I did fall for Eddie Redmayne as Jack Jackson. I've seen Eddie in a few other productions but "Pillars" sealed the deal and he's officially on my hotties list now. :) Matthew MacFadyen was fabulous as always (also on my list, even as a monk)... what a great cast!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Dezz, you devil, you. :)

The Adventurous A. said...

@Dez: lol! Bring it ON, BUDDY! Now you've got me're terrible! ;P

Avalon said...

We are into the Vampire Diaries, which is something not like me. I have family working with this series and I watched for this reason, then fell into it. Damon could have been played well by RA.

Cool post. Good choices.

Jessica said...

Nat, I just read your comment about TPOTE. Sorry you don't care for David, kinda makes me sad- haha. I definitely don't like the character, but I follow David enough in the real world(as "real" as twitter, facebook, and youtube can be!) to have fallen for him- hehehe. He's still relatively young(10 yrs my junior) and I suspect he will have much more presence when he's in his 30's. Saw a preview of him in The Borgias and it's almost like he's a teen. He needs a 5 o'clock shadow(my favorite RA look) or something. He's sweet and intelligent though and a fantastic sketch artist. Check out his drawings on twitter. Anyway,it was a terrific cast on tpote!

Teuchter said...

I was SO shocked as I looked at this and kept saying "Nooo" and "you've got to be kidding" and other such comments as I scrolled down all these pictures. No offense, but they just didn't float my boat so when I read the "Gotcha" I just burst out laughing!! You certainly got me going too!! I'm afraid I just don't have the same reaction to ANY other man as I have to RA even though (dare I say it) I am old enough to be his mother!! I know!! Shocking isn't it??? I sometimes wonder what his Mom would think if she read some of the things written about him!!!

@Rob said...

I am a stinker. Arent' I? I have a werid sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

You totally had me going. I was about to write you an email asking you whether you'd had your temperature taken lately!


Richard Armitage not needing us. Perish the thought!