Dec 3, 2010

Photo Friday~ Holiday Cheer

'Tis the season to rewatch "The Vicar of Dibley" finale!

Also, Happy Chanukah to any who celebrate it!
This is dedicated to Servetus at Me+Richard Armitage  (and any blog reader who is
Jewish and/or a Neil Diamond fan) since I don't have a Festive Cheestastic vid for Chanukah.
*Remember to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

Cartoon Neil's chest hair cracks me up. :)


Anonymous said...

Just re-watched this episode. Gotta love Harry.

Myrtle said...

I re-watch my VOD DVD every Christmas time. I always recall how RA said that 'Harry' is the character which he probably most resembles. Heavenly!!

tyme_4_t said...

Any season is the perfect time to watch Harry & Geraldine! It always gives me the warm & fuzzies even in the heat of the summer!
Oh and have I mentioned recently how I LOVE RA in glasses ;)

Musa said...

Ah! Harry, man of my dreams.

Thank you Nat...I adore Harry and Geraldine. Love those "stripey" sweaters on RA.

Violet8886 said...

I love Richard as Harry too! I also love the village of Dibley at Christmas...I wouldn't mind marrying Harry and living there..Very peaceful and the scenery is beautiful. I like Harry's brown leather coat..Looks very fetching on him...We don't see Richard in Brown leather often..Usually it's black. :)

Violet8886 said...

Maybe there is a photo out there of Richard wearing a blue shirt...Or Richard [or a character he is playing]near a lit candelabra...It's not exactly a Menorah, but it would be close to a festive pix for the Jewish holiday...:)

Twinkling Moon said...

Oh Goodness! I just adore Harry! And that pic with him and Geraldine is one of my faves :)

As for the Hannukah song, I've heard it many times over the years, but always with Adam Sandler, is that really Neil Diamond singing? If not, what a good imitation! I'm not jewish, but like Neil Diamond, and that vid is too cute, I've never seen it before.

Happy Channukah to all our Jewish friends out in RAfandom :)

rtm said...

I actually bought the Christmas episode dvd just for Richard!! LOVE that part when he came over to collect her 'debt.' Oh my, I'd love to have an accountant like THAT come over to my house, he..he..

He's got quite a comedic chops that I wish he'd do more comedic roles. Plus he's got such a lovely smile and irresistible laugh :D

pi said...


I SO totally agree with you about his comedic timing. He showed that to great effect in RH.

One day, I was watching all the eps of Vicar of Dibley taken from the library because I adore French and Saunders. The last disc was the one with RA. I had no idea who he was. Like you, I was taken by his smile and his laugh, and the fact that he looked like a long, cool drink of handsome. He was so engaging! And then I got North&South from the library and the rest is history. Good times!


I adore Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song. It so fits with your website and your sense of humour as well. So light-hearted and all-inclusive. Thanks for the Hanukkah wishes!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaw, Nat. I can't believe I missed this during Chanukkah. Thanks for the shoutout and the wishes.

As Chanukkah is an inherently cheesetastic holiday, it would be hard for you to make it any cheesier with Armitage-themed celebrations -- but if anyone could do it, you could! (please understand that as a compliment!)