Jan 4, 2011

Lovely Lucas

Do you have a selective memory when it comes to Lucas North?
If yes, then you've come to the right place.
The only Johns around here are Thornton, Porter & Standring...
and Lucas is still a hot MI5 agent doing good.  The end.

and found some lovely pics of Lucas that I hadn't seen before.  Must share.

Exhibit A:
Lucas + brooding stare + jeans + manly stance = HOT!

Exhibit B:
Love the haircut and the eyebrow/crinkle thing going on here.

Exhibit C:
He's looking straight at me!  Can't... look... away...!

Exhibit D:
Look at those long legs!

Exhibit E:
One of my new favorite Lucas pics.
Jawline.  Sideburns.  Furrowed brow.  Love it!

Don't be sad when you think of Lucas.
Just remember: selective memory,
and think pretty thoughts.


flandersdreamer said...

I just hate those writers for what they did to Lucas! How can such a lovely man be that bad? When will they give Richard the role of a good and righteous hero again? He's played enough baddies!

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you, I have a selective memory also.

Thanks for the pics, it's a great way to start a day!

OML :)

tyme_4_t said...

Ahhh Lucas - looking HOT as always!
I just had to change a password at work and it is Lucas4ever *sigh*

Although there are some great shots of John B...I like when he opened the door to Maya and he had on that blue shirt...and then of course "Close your eyes..." hmmm I guess I have selective memories of John too ;)

diveknit said...

I really didn't like the whole 9th season, I only watched it because of Lucas (blocking out John as well)!
My favfourite scenes (impossible to pick one) were his interaction with Elizabeta (so many feelings were displayed), his kiss with Ross and the whole look of that episode, the boiler suit scene :) and any full face shots were you could see his eyes.

Musa said...

I have almost total amnesia about Season 9. My Lucas is still the one of Season 7.

VaBookworm87 said...

Season 9? What is this "Season 9" you all speak of? ;D

Exhibit C is one of my favorites. It has lived on my desktop for quite a while :D I'm also a big fan of Ex. A and Ex. E!

Myrtle said...

Was there someome called John in

Lovely pics, lovely Lucas :)

Colleen said...

Ohhhhh Selective Memory! That's what I have been doing is called huh! I too just can't wrap my mind around what the writers did with his character. So I have chosen (along with a lot of other fans it looks like) to ignore most of season 9. Or, better yet, I have come up with my own ending, which is much happier. Still, I don't think I will be able to watch S10 without Lucas being there, sigh. I will have to see how I feel when it is aired. So... on to Captain America and then a long wait for the Hobbit. Meanwhile re-watching all of the lovely collection available of his other works. My fav is Exhibit A, then C - wow those eyes!! Guess really - absolutely love all of them :)

BETH said...

Hola. Yes, selective memory is what is left of Lucas, because I do not like how they put an end to the character in the season S9. I feel that were not fair with him, because he had a hard life and feel that "used" and left him all alone!
Exhibit "C" is shown as it is Lucas, with that penetrating look yet in need of affection AH! I love it! Besos from Argentina.
PS. I saw 7 8 9 seasons of Spooks only for Richard and now I do not care no more.
PS. I hope to make myself understood

MaryKwizMiz said...

mine's so selective I'm wondering what an S9 is when it's at home...

Laura said...

I couldn't live without selective memory where Richard is concerned: I'm happy that he likes playing baddies and all that, but I really need to see him NOT murdering the love of his life, killing a bunch of people, getting tortured and/or committing suicide... I'm begging for a happy ending here! and somehow I don't think that his upcoming role as a submarine-driving Nazi can give me much hope...

Teuchter said...

Thank you Nat for today's "Lovely Lucas" message and the great pictures that went with it. Season/Series 7 is how I will always think of him. Coincidentally, I just rewatched all of the episodes of Season 7 over the last couple of days as I recently got back my DVD set that I had loaned out and could hardly wait to see it all again!! Sadly I couldn't watch it all in one day as I need to TRY to have a life as well (not always easy when anything he is in is concerned). One of the great parts of the DVD set is the "extra" stuff at the end and I especially love all the wonderful comments about Lucas/Richard. Ros/Hermione said "Richard Armitage is sublime as Lucas" and the writers and producers all praised Richard for his portrayal including the comment that you could see everything that Lucas had gone through right there in his eyes. I HAD to watch it all over again - the extras that is - just to relive all the wonderful things they had to say. So yes! I DO have a selective memory when it comes to Lucas and always will. He is my hero!!

DEZMOND said...

Head over to HOLLYWOOD SPY ladies, Richard Armitage has just won WHO SHOULD BE THE NEXT JAMES BOND poll over there :)


@Rob said...

I heart you Nat! I love this post. My mind has been scrubbed season nine NEVER HAPPENED.

Phylly3 said...

Love this post!! Thanks for finding "new" pictures! :)

flandersdreamer said...

No selective memory for me, girls!
On the contrary, I've decided never to watch Spooks again in the future, no matter how many seasons they're bringing out.
Removing Lucas in that vile way just did it for me, I'm through with Spooks!

Anonymous said...

Yes,Spooks is dead.

Violet8886 said...

I will remember the early parts of Season 9..Before Lucas went Loco! LOL...The last photo of Lucas is adorable and hot..He is so handsome in his Lucas clothes...

The writers should have ended it with Lucas on a Tropical Island..Okay, so write him out..But have him go with a happy ending..He's out and enjoying life. The surprise would be he is finally not filled with angst...

Anonymous said...

"Ok, so he was a liar and a traitor, but Lucas North was hotter than the equator."

That line played just as I got to this post. LOL

Twinkling Moon said...

Yes, I'm with you all. S9 never happened! I'm much happier that way :) Musa, you summed up my feelings: "My Lucas is still the one of Season 7." Which is why I probably also feel like Diveknit, in that some of my favorite Lucas scenes were the ones between he and Elizabeta.

As far where did my Lucas go? Well, as far as I'm concerned, he's been on some top secret undercover mission that even Harry doesn't know about.

MTA: thanks Nat for playing the homage to Richard song on your background. I never would have known about it otherwise. My internet has been on the fritz so I havne't been able to check the blogs lately, but when I finally was able to check, that was the song playing in the back and I quickly had to look at your play list because I didn't recognize it.

Great song! Congrats to Allie (if I remember the name correctly)for writing/performing and posting it on the web! So creative and sooooo brave of you to do so. Most of us keep our RA love on the downlow, with pseudonyms, but you have bravely owned up to your RA devotion! Good for you!

Traxy said...

Selective memory. Got it. Season 9 didn't have Lucas in it, and season 8 didn't have that awful blonde. *nods* Yeah ... I feel much better now. Thanks for the advice! ;)

Ann Marie said...

Hi Nat,

Yes I've drunk the Koolaide of S9 denier. I've just gotten to the point where I can look at Lucas pictures again and just watched Miss Hale's Bright Star fanvid, truly a great telling of Lucas' story.

Thanks for a great blog. Glad you back.Blessings for the wee lass.

Megg said...

This user is unable to comment as she suffered excessive heart palpitations and oxygen defficiency as she laid her eyes upon Exhibit E.

Nietzsche said...

I found the storylines of the single episodes in series 9 better than those of the preceding ones - there wasn't only the bomb of the week, but much more, like the hijack of the cargo ship etc.

But then the writers destroyed the whole thing and the only way I can cope with it is that I imagine Lucas was hit over the head by some heavy piece of joinery in the explosion in 8.8.

He's badly concussed and has nightmares involving one of the aliases he had to use in a previous case, John Bateman. When he recovers he is his old, heroic self again :-)

Remember Richard in the extras of series 7, when he said he wanted to make Lucas a believable super-hero? What a betrayal of his talent. No wonder his smile seemed forced in interviews when series 9 was mentioned.

Actually my reaction to 9.8 was rather dramatic - I remember coming home the day after waiting for the lift and getting violently sick. Sorry for telling something so drastic.

Spooks is over for me for good, and I have been following it almost religiously since the beginning.

Sorry for the long rant.