Jan 17, 2011

Selfish Thoughts, Part 2

To fill you in on the whole
sister-borrowing-Nat's-North & South-DVD,
here's part of a conversation that happened over the weekend:

Nat:  So, what did you think of North & South?

Allie: I have a new crush!

Nat: *smirking and nodding to herself knowingly* 
I knew you would!  Heh heh.

Allie: Yep... I just love Higgins!!!

Nat: *stands there speechless, blinking & open-mouthed
while Allie continues to talk about the movie*

Allie:  I could barely understand Mrs. Thornton
with her deep, mumbling voice... Fanny was so funny! 
Margaret's parents were kind of annoying, but sweet. Her brother
was cute.  I felt sorry for Henry Lennox... and Boucher, how sad! 
I LOVE the soundtrack... *starts singing the main theme*
DUM... da dum da dum DA DA DAAAA!!!

Nat:  But... but...
what about JOHN THORNTON!?
*pictures this smouldering image in her head...
and then joins in singing the N&S theme song.*

Allie: I like him too. The way he stares
at Margaret was SO intense!  The train scene!!!

Nat: *breathes a sigh of relief, knowing she won't
have to commit her sister to a mental institution for
not recognizing the beauty of JT and his piercing stare.*  

Allie:  Higgins was definitely my favorite, though.
He is that cuddly teddy bear type!

Nat:  *reconsiders the mental institution idea for a split second*

Allie: We should watch it together next time
and invite Mom and Kate too.

Nat:  Sounds like a plan. 
Now give my DVD back, dammit!!!

~The end~

[Okay, so that last sentence wasn't spoken out loud. :)
And for the record, Higgins is my 2nd favorite character. 
I was just surprised that Allie chose him over Thornton.  Thornton!]

So... while I still don't have an RA convert under my belt, there is
definitely another N&S lover out there. (And though my
sister may not share our over-the-top enthusiasm for JT,
it was so much fun to discuss the movie with her!)

2nd plan of action to lure Allie into the fold~
Mr. Harry Kennedy!

I'll keep you posted. :)


DEZMOND said...

Nat drop over to my place, something is waiting for you there you sleeping beauty ;)

pi said...

I just commented below. Good luck with your strategy. I did VoD first with my BFF and then N&S. Disappointment. Eh, she loves blondes and admits to being superficial (even though she has strayed into non-blond territory. Am thinking she is drawn to the overtly hot, or, perhaps, to a character). That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

pi said...

Btw, I can SO relate to the bossy elder sister syndrome, because, I am one of them. :)

Charleybrown said...

Well at least you don't have to share him with her but really!! how could she not fall prey to his charms?

pi said...


I must accept the fact that she needs to live a few more lives to be truly evolved ;).

Seriously, what a bummer that she doesn't share my enthusiasm. On the other hand she lives in LA and when The Hobbit opens in Westwood, I imagine, she will be there with me, scoping out the red carpet, because she is, indeed, my BFF. :)))) Heck, I endured the Colbert show with her standing in the mud for hours. She owes me. LOL

Skully said...

haha! Higgens was my fav when I first watched N&S too :)

pi said...


I can understand Higgins' appeal, in a soft, curvy, fatherly kind of way :). He has no prickles.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Higgins looks a lot like my exBF. He also has stubble, plenty prickly :)

Phylly3 said...

LOL Nat! I am enjoying the sister stories! Don't worry, she'll come around. I recommend further RA exposure.

Avalon said...

I liked Higgins too.

Twinkling Moon said...

yep! gotta admit I'm a Higgins lover too, and after seeing him in a couple more roles, I'm a Brendan Coyle lover :)

But you've made progress Nat!!! a new RA fan is in the process of being born!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nat,
Thank you for making me laugh this morning. By the way, Happy New Year and all the very best to you and to your family in 2011.....
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

For Allie
re: Higgins
must see the bbc production: Lark Rise to Candleford

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I told Allie all about Lark Rise to Candleford once I knew she liked Brendan Coyle. (I've been watching that series weekly for a while and really like it!)

Anonymous said...

I just know the feeling. I have a cousin who share the same "follish" passion for RA. I love it, when we met and "discuss" all the good stuff:)

Anonymous said...

Also a big fan of Brendan Coyle! I'd really like him as a brother :)


Myrtle said...

Brendan has also recently appeared in a new series here in the UK. In 'Downton Abbey' he plays a Valet, and his character Mr Bates developed quite a fan base.

Anonymous said...

LOL Nat! This is so funny, it could be a scene from some sitcom.

Higgings is very likeable, he's among my fav characters in N&S. She might see Mr. Thornton in a new light after a rewatch, who knows...

OML :)

Twinkling Moon said...

Actually, some of my favorite scenes in N&S are the ones between Higgins and Thornton...so Allie is 50% the way there in appreciating their loveliness :)

Violet8886 said...

LOL...This made me laugh..Well the best laid plans often go astray as they say. At least she liked North & South. Higgins is adorable, but John Thornton is much more smoldering. Myrtle is right-Brendan Coyle is in Downton Abbey. It can also be seen in the states on your local PBS station.

The scenes between Thornton and Higgins are great so I can see how there could be an attraction for either man. Both care for people just in different ways.


@Rob said...

Oh, Nat there is no account for taste, is there??? One girls, Thornton is another girls Higgins! You must tell her to watch Downtown Abby!!

On another note, I love Harry's happy open face and smile. It is like everytime he opens his mouth a little sparkle and a "ting" sound should appear.

twinkling moon said...

@Rob, regarding Harry you are so right! i think the producers of VofD felt the same way, cuz they give him that little "ting" in the "it should have been me" sequence :)

@Rob said...

@ TM --- of course! forgot about that!!! :)

Traxy said...

I understand it. Brendan Coyle as Higgins (and as Mr. Bates in Downton Abbey, for that matter) is so warm and wonderful that it's just lovely to watch and set your heart a-flutter.

Thornton is Thornton, and while his character doesn't have the same swoonworthy teddybear rebel thing going on, he has the swoonworthy Mill-owner going on instead, which has some sharper edges.

Dare I say that if Thornton wasn't played by RA, I would totally be Team Higgins? (Please don't kill me! :P)

(Note to self: Get Lark Rise to Candleford!)

Ann Marie said...

Hi Nat,

Is your Sister adopted..that could explain things...?

Twinkling Moon said...

@Traxy, I so don't hate you :) Can a girl be Team Higgins and Team Thornton? Cuz they do basically kiss and make-up at the end, so it's not like a betrayal of Thornton to like Higgins, is it? *hiding behind couch*

@Rob said...

They had a nice bro-mance didn't they? I love the scene when Thornton comes to Higgins house and says something about minding your hours and keeping your brain at home. I forgot what Higgins respons was...

RedPoppy said...

This is hilarious! Loved this post, funny thing thought I just watched Downton Abbey which arrived in the US finally and I am completely smitten with Higgins (who was in DA) as well!
x RedPoppy