Feb 21, 2011

Fantastic Fan Stories Requested! *UPDATED*

Have you had a funny or embarrassing RA-related moment?
(Perhaps you were caught swooning, or accidentally called your significant other "Richard," for example.)
If you don't mind sharing, please tell me all about it! Nat's email: armitageblog@yahoo.com 
I will feature these stories in a few weeks during the upcoming FanstRAvaganza.
Ha ha ho ho hee hee!

Update- 2/23/11: 
I put the wrong email address above, but have corrected it.  (Seriously... you'd think I'd know my own email address, right!?)  If you tried to email me earlier, please resend it.  And if you didn't... don't be shy.  I could use a good laugh! :)  I blame my fried brain on the fact that we are in the middle of getting ready to build a new house (loads of paperwork!) in addition to taking care of 4 children under the age of 5!!!! (An exclamation point for each kid.)  I started babysitting my sister's 2 year-old girl while she works full-time. It's like I have twin toddlers.  The other day, I caught "the twins" in our DVD cupboard. One was holding my Gaskell Collection case. (Which includes our beloved "North & South.")  I nearly panicked at the sight, but quickly retrieved it and put it somewhere safe and sound.  I could end up in a nut house for reasons other than my love of RA, stick figures and weird sense of humor.  Blogging may be hit-and-miss for a bit.