Feb 7, 2011

Hello, Heinz.

Until now, I haven't published a single post about
Richard's upcoming role as Heinz Kruger in "Captain America,"
which is set to hit theaters this summer.
Thanks to Richard Armitage Net for this!

I'm not exactly sure why...
perhaps because I'm not crazy about superhero movies.
Look at my tough muscley muscles.

Maybe it's because every time I read
or hear the name Heinz Kruger, I think of ketchup
with a side of horror.

It could be due to the fact
that I don't like Richard's hairstyle in this movie.
Floppy in front, short in back?
And where are the sideburns, dang it!?

Now looking at the bright side...

I don't despise superhero movies by any means.
My husband enjoys them, so I can look forward to a date night
with perks for both of us:
Not really us.

I like ketchup.  If dinner is cooked too long,
just throw some of it on top and the fam will never know the difference!
 (I should totally start the "How to Cut Corners for Housewives Blog.")
I'm not a fan of  the freakish guy from nightmares, though...
so from hence forth, I shall refer to RA's
Captain America character as simply

Although I'm not big on the Heinz hair,
thanks to the fact that it's technically the opposite of a mullet,
I do realize not every hairdo can be a Thornton.
Hello, gorgeous.

Plus, it's not the worst hairstyle Richard could be sporting, right?
Don't ever do this, Richard.

The bright side, people.
The bright side.

Just in case you were traumatized by anything above,
let's cleanse our viewing pallet with this:

What are your thoughts on
the upcoming film, Captain America?
Excited?  So-so?  Meh?
Do share.


Unknown said...

I am SO excited about the Captain America movie, though I'll be honest, I wasn't until 1) I heard Richard was in it and 2) I saw the trailer. Now I can't wait!

Laura said...

Such movies aren't really my kind of thing... but I have no doubt that Richard will make his character both believable and enjoyable! I mean, I hate violent movies but I watched and liked Strike Back, so I'll watch this one when it comes out.
On another subject, the horrifying picture of punk-RA reminds me a lot of an old boyfriend of mine, who I don't recall being ugly at all! (He really wasn't.) I know it's a long shot, but maybe a pre-RA-syndrome? :)

@Rob said...

I like super hero movies. Hubs tried to give me a CA comicbook to read and I was like,"Thanks hon, I'll just watch the movie." I think I confused him after he saw me read The Hobbit. I am looking forward to seeing RA on the big screen, even if it is for a few minutes, and even if he is playing yet, another baddie! I hope at some point, someone, somewhere casts him as a HERO!!!!!

I must say hubs is distressed that RA is in two films that he is dying to see. In any event, I am so happy that RA is getting parts in movies.

Colleen said...

I am 3 times excited - 1. Love LOTR and can't wait to see The Hobitt. 2. Love Super Heros and can't wait to see Captian America (and also Thor)and ta da dadum - 3. I Love watching Richard act in anything! I have to admit I am a little more excited than usual for CA and Hobitt movies because RA is in them. How will I keep from yelling out something embarassing when he comes on the screen??? Is anyone else worried about this or just me?? At least it will be a dark theater when people tell me to Shusssh! On another note - Yeah! I received my two cross-stitch patterns and can now start on the master pieces!

Anonymous said...

"I think of ketchup with a side of horror." BWAHAHA

RAFrenzy said...

I'm more excited than I thought I would be. Until the trailer madness yesterday, I've just been clowning around about Captain America. Now I'm really looking forward to it, and all of that after a 1 second clip. LOL! I cannot believe I just wrote that.

Violet8886 said...

I am not into comicbook movies but I am looking forward to seeing Richard in this movie. I hope his role is not too small. He really has a lot to offer if only writers and directors would see that. I mean American writers/directors. We know he can play baddies. It will be interesting how he plays this one. Will there be a vulnerable side like he showed with Gizzy

NovemberBride said...

Yeah, Frenz. What state of hypermania would we be in if he had been in the trailer for longer than that millisecond?! I shudder to think.

@Colleen...yes, another thing to worry about. If we buy enough popcorn, that could keep the outcries somewhat muffled? Either that, or we shoot popcorn all over the theater. That, of course, could get expensive as movie popcorn prices are beyond outrageous!

NovemberBride said...

Oh, and Nat....the spikey Richard is waaaay scary! I just hope I don't have nightmares about that one. But it did make me laugh out loud! =0)

Annie said...

I think the Heinz-hair is the same haircut as the John-in-1995 hair. Bleh.

That guy who plays Captain America suffers from "my biceps are so large I can't hold my arms in a natural position"-syndrome. It's not sexy nor good for blood flow.

Musa said...

I'm looking forward to CA for Richard. I'm not a big fan of comic book movies or action heroes, but I think it's wonderful for him to be in his first big movie. I'm very excited now that I've seen the magazine photo and the trailer yesterday!

I'm a fan of the LOTR movies, so I was looking forward to The Hobbit, but now it's like a bonus from the gods that Richard is playing Thorin, a major role in the film.

I laughed at cleansing our viewing pallet - works for me :)

twinkling moon said...

@Nat, you said exactly what I have been thinking, but with far more humour and eloquence than I ever could! That hair-thing has been bothering me big time! I thought you were going to show RA with that pathetic wig from Strikeback when he was working as a security guard, now that was scary hair, yikes!

Regarding CA, I'm not too into superhero movies as much as I was when I was younger. Now it depends on whether i think there's an actual story in there (ie. I think the reinvention of the Batman franchise has been good, but I slept through the first Spiderman movie, LOL!) But I don't categorize LOTR as a superhero movie, to me it's more of a fantasy/adventure thing. I will probably see CA, though may wait until it's in the dollar theatre.

Mulubinba said...

I might wait to see this on DVD, I think, unless I can persuade someone in my family to go to the cinema with me. I'll wait for the reviews and then make a decision. If RA is only in the movie for an infinitesimal amount of time, and the rest of the stortyline isn't that great, I may give it a miss. (I'm a bad "fan"))

diveknit said...

Hm, I am happy for RA to get a movie role and I am convinced that he will be great in it and make the best of it. But I have no idea how big it is and how often we would see him. Don't know the story of CA. I am not so much a fan of super heros. I watched a few and I often end up cringing throughout a lot.
So, so far I have not been excited at all to go see this movie (even with RA in it and he would be the only reason I would), wasn't even sure if I would have bothered with the DVD, I have to shockingly admit. Maybe if hubbs wasn't at home for the DVD watching - he hates super hero movies.

But you ladies have made me curious to at least watch the trailer and then probably watch the DVD after all because it is too long to wait for the Hobbit. :)

I agree with you Nat and @ twinkling moon, I am not very keen on his hairdoo in CA too.

Phylly3 said...

I am totally with you about the name (LOL-- good one!), but the hair is growing on me -- well not literally!
I was also insanely thrilled with that trailer. You should have heard me trying to pause the video at the right spot to screencap. I must have sounded ridiculous, as I groaned each time I missed the spot!
(Honestly, the things we do for Richard!) :)

NovemberBride said...

Phylly-I went downstairs to check the recorder as Hubs had his nose in the game upstairs.(and he already doubts my sanity) Good thing too as I had the same troubles hitting the millisecond frame!! I not only groaned...I think it was more like grrr followed by "well for the love of Pete!!" (I know...what's next? Lining up at the theater a day before the movie premieres?)

Anonymous said...

I suspect that American fans are more excited on whole about Captain America than some of us from other parts of the world. Nothing to do with Richard's performance but the "America"ness of the whole concept?

BETH said...

Hola! The truth is that I do not like anything at all superhero movies and this story of CA less, and if Richard has a few minutes of screen time, less. For me it's a shame that Hollywood producers do not know to appreciate a talent like Richard and not give you the opportunity to better roles, because in England he did everything right as the protagonist and here ... Well I just have to wait to longing to see him in The Hobbit, there if they will appreciate his performance as Richard works with his whole body, his gestures, his looks ... Besos from Argentina.
PS. I fully agree that the haircut looks in CA is horrible!

Myrtle said...

This movie is not for me, though I don't mind the floppy hair :)

Violet8886 said...

I don't mind the hair. I think it's a 1940's style. He looks better with other hairstyles but I will take it. It seems to me that Richard has so much depth that I suspect he will steal scenes from the Captain America actor. American movies sometimes cast "bland" leads. Or they are too much arrogant or "dude" I don't know if I am saying this right. Richard is not a "dude" he is a man and a gentleman..and he is grown up. I hope this leads to better roles in the U.S. He can handle it.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Anon, I don't care if this movie is called "Captain America," "Captain Canada" (hey- that has a ring to it) or "Captain Underpants." At the end of the day it's just a superhero movie to me. I'm sure many people outside the US get annoyed with how Americans think our country is the best, but don't most people think they're country is the best!? I like "Spooks" and "Strike Back" even though America is cast as the bad guy in a way. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I really can't work up any enthusiasm for CA at all which is a first. Up until now I have waited for and enjoyed everything that RA has been in but not this. Whilst I am delighted that he will be at last appearing on the big screen, this I am afraid leaves me cold. But somehow it seems to fit with him - after all I think he has a Peter Pan personality at heart. I just hope this leads on to bigger and better things on the big screen as long as we don't lose him for any length of time over the pond. Good luck RA in all your future endeavours.

Thanks as always Nat. Loved the recent photoshoot pics - keep up the good work.


flandersdreamer said...

I hate such movies, I really do but I can't resist any project with RA in it so I'll watch it anyway. God knows we will not see very much of him, now that he's also doing "The Hobbit"!
I enjoyed your pics a lot, Nat, you made my day, no, my week!

Sue said...

I can't say I'm champing at the bit to see Captain America, I think these kind of movies are pretty childish and a bit daft.(Probably why men like them so much).I'm curious to see Richard as Heinz (reminds me of a tin of beans). I don't think it sounds as though his character lasts long onscreen. I don't find Captain American with his enormous biceps attractive at all, a bit over-egged in that department. He has a puny little bum and a large chest, which looks a little odd to me. I must admit I don't fancy Hollywood actors much, they're too perfect and "pretty" and don't have any individuality or personality. I used to quite like Kevin Costner in his younger days though.

Richard's role in the Hobbit sounds a bit more like it, still more for kids than anything else. I'll probably just wait 'til it comes on the telly and watch a few trailers.

I've just heard that critics have slated the Broadway musical Spider-Man. A singing Spider-Man, whatever next?

Anonymous said...

This is SUCH a great post, Natalie. Made me LOL. I'm in the crowd of "will see it because Richard Armitage is in it," and at the theatre, but won't be trying to see it the first night.

MillyMe said...

I would have liked to have a kid in the right age group to take with me to the cinema LOL. It looks like I'll have to persuade hubby to go with me because I'd really like to see Richard on the big screen even if it's for all of 5 minutes and I can't wait until The Hobbit.

Re. the floppy hair. It's right for the era and the film-makers probably associate it with deviant European types, ie Nazis!

Violet8886 said...

He needs a leading man role for his next movie. Hopefully that will happen. I laughed when Nat posted that Spooks and Strike Back cast Americans as bad guys. It's true. I guess they are getting us back for making Brits the baddies so often...and here we go again with RA as Heinz! LOL

JaxFoodieFreak said...

Want some fries with your ketchup? Excited for him that he's in 2 big blockbuster films. About damn time he gets noticed.

Violet8886 said...

Well said JaxFoodieFreak :)

pi said...

A warm and fuzzy and ultimately hilarious post, Nat. I do have a lust thing about hair though so I was rather traumatised by that Mohawk!

I don't care about CA. Lately I've been mindful of great actors in utilitarian roles. It happens to them all and this one is RA's. He will be a cipher, with no opportunity for character development. It will come and it will go, for me, maybe on DVD. I see it as a stepping stone. I am not emotionally invested.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thanks for all of your comments, ladies! :) They make me smile and I love your feedback.