Feb 14, 2011


Valentine's Day.

A day of chocolate, flowers,
and ugly stuffed animals.

A day of dining out.

A day of huggin' and lovin'.

A day of cheestastic sappy stuff.
 *Pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

A day your kid brings home a bag
filled with candy attached to cartoon-covered
cards with barely readable names written upon them.
Freddy the Valentine Frog

Some don't like this holiday.

It is called "Singles Awareness Day" by many.

There are those who have romantially challenged
significant others who struggle when it comes to gift-giving 
or remembering such a day exists.  *ahem.*

If you fit into one of these categories...
don't feel blue! 
I can't help it... that's the tint they used when filming!

Just remember this~

You don't need a man to receive flowers...
although it would be nice if the delivery boy looked like this:

The train scene from
"North & South" can warm any heart.
*Pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

And as our RA buddy Phylly said in this recent post,
"There are so many kinds of love -- romantic love is only
a small part of the picture. (Although it gets all the attention.)
What about the love of a parent for a child, (and vice versa) or the
love of a friend, or the love of mankind? We all share those kinds
of love, even if we have never experienced romantic love."
Amen, sistah!

I feel very blessed to have
experienced the kinds of love Phylly mentioned.
And it's okay if my hubs struggles in the V-day department.
The best gifts he could give me are our 3 children.
Sticky kisses and big bear hugs every day!

Nat and Stick-Figure Richard wish you
lots of love in many of its forms. :)
Happy Valentine's Day!


Phylly3 said...

Love your post Nat!! (And that was before I saw your mention of my post -- thanks for the blog love!) :)
Your picture choices are just perfect! Have a lovely day!

Teuchter said...

Thanks Nat for all the wonderful RA Valentine pics, vids and SFR things to enjoy. SO needed all that today as my own sweet Valentine has been gone for almost 9 years. The scene at the station!! Still makes me swoon after watching it a gazillion times!! Well maybe not THAT many but you know what I mean! I'm still grateful for love of many different kinds, family, friends, yes even pets! Not to mention a certain TDH actor who is now sporting a BEARD!!

JaxFoodieFreak said...
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JaxFoodieFreak said...

Thornton Chocolates, dark and dazzling. Godiva's got NUTTIN' on 'em!

NovemberBride said...

Awww thanks Nat! My sweetie left me a love note on the counter this AM...good as it gets! Enjoy those sticky fingers. They'll be clean before you know it!!

pi said...

X0X0 Lovely.

Myrtle said...

Love to all the like minded RA fans xxx

Violet8886 said...

Wow, what a great mix of Valentine stuff. Yes, love is about more than just romantic love. There is love between friends, kids giving each other cards...Even if you are single..You will know love again..It is not over forever..Appreciate the day for what it is...A celebration of hope for the future and for what you have now

Anonymous said...

Let me say that I would die if RA came into my hospital room with flowers and that leather jacket..I would recover..Immediately!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops..That was me Violet8886 who posted about RA in leather with flowers

Twinkling Moon said...

So well put phylly3 and Nat :) A group of my single friends and I got together on saturday to celebrate the valentine weekend together! We figured, "hey! why can't we celebrate it together and enjoy our friendship :)"

I think we should add "blog love" as another kind of love on the list to celebrate for valentine's day. I know I've certainly smiled and laughed more times than I can count visiting everyone's blogs :)

Anonymous said...

Violet, I'm afraid I would malinger rather longer, in hope of a reurn visit :D


DEZMOND said...

that blue pic is just breathtaking!

Joan Crenshaw said...

It was a hard day for me, would have been our 30th anniversary, but my granddaughter made it end up on a wonderful note with a handmade card. Got to love the babies!

Desmond, so good to see you still playing here with us. Reminds me I need a trip to your blog for eye candy and news.

dvd north and south said...

Richard Armitage will forever be Mr. Thorntorn. :D I first saw him in the North and South miniseries DVD and have loved him since then. :D