Mar 21, 2011

The 2nd Annual FanstRAvaganza Wrap-Up

What a week!
Have you all had enough Richard Armitage
to last a lifetime? 


Well then, it's a good thing
there are so many RA sites, forums and blogs
in addition to his wonderful work!

FanstRAvaganza Polls~

The very first thing I noticed about RA
was the way he could unleash the piercing stare.
I just love a sexy brooder.  (Is that a word?)

Poll Question:
Who would win a brooding contest?

I thought it would be JT, but Gizzy had the most votes.

Guy of Gisborne: 79 (50%)
John Thornton: 67 (43%)
Lucas North: 7 (4%)
 John Porter: 2 (1%)

Work that brood, Richard!


I love watching fan-made RA vids on YouTube.
It seems that Gizzy dominates the RA YouTube arena,
but wanted to find out if others thought the same.

Poll Question:
Which RA character has the best YT videos?

Guy of Gisborne 90 (66%)
John Thornton 20 (14%)
Lucas North 16 (11%)
Harry Kennedy 4 (2%)
John Porter 4 (2%)
Other 1 (0%)
Claude Monet 0 (0%)
This is one of my favorite Gisborne videos:


I've had a blast blogging about
RA and his fans over the past week and
have loved reading the other blogs even more.
(Richard, you have some creative fans!)

THANK YOU to the other participating bloggers
for your friendships and great entertainment! (A few of them
I just met thanks to the FanstRAvaganza.) I hope you all
will continue to visit and support their sites.
This really was a group effort.

THANK YOU to all of those who
spread the word about this event.

THANK YOU blog readers
for joining in the fun!

and, most of all...

THANK YOU Richard Armitage
for loads of entertainment.

*Belated Day 7 post below.*


mulubinba said...

Thank you Nat - your blog always manages to cheer me up. I absolutely love your posts :)

Ivania said...

Thanks so much Nat, your blog totally makes my day, whenever I'm feeling crappy, I just come here!
HAH. I voted for Guy both times...but I felt like a bit of a traitor. JT was my first love, after all!

Sunshine387 said...

Thankyou for such as great week nat, and for featuring my letter haha :) really liked the video you posted-hadn't seen that one before!

bccmee said...

Yay, I have John Porter all to myself!

Good times. Thanks for the polls, posts and games, Nat. Great fun.

Twinkling Moon said...

Thanks a million for all your work behind the scenes getting this Fanstravaganza going!

As for the polls...the lesson here I think, is "don't mess with Gisbourne! (or his fans, LOL!)"

Seriously, the guy's got a major following :)

MillyMe said...

Thank you, Nat for this past week. I've have a lovely time during the FanstRAvaganza. I love your blog, which, to my mind, is the most inviting in terms of lay-out and fun posts!

joanna said...

Hi Nat. Your blog and morning cup of coffee , what a great way to start a day. I'm in love with John Thornton. Gizborne = pure lust:)

diveknit said...

I loved the whole week of the FanstRAvaganza and had great fun to read all your posts and the others too. Still working my way through them, when I need a RA fix :)

Ania said...

I'm one of those readers who are as determined by Servetus lurking your blog ;-) It was an incredible week, very funny and inspiring-thank you. I love the music on this blog, especially intrigues me Forest Relaxation, I don't think that it was the music of the RH but I could be wrong

Violet8886 said...

I love this site! I always get a pick me up visiting here. Gizzy is best for brooding. Love the John Porter character too. I guess the short hair look is growing on me. LOL Nothing beats Richard all dressed up for say the BAFTAS. Sweet!!!

Ann Marie said...

Love your blog and your sense of humor! thanks!

Violet8886 said...

I love the video for Gizzy and the song goes so well. I really like that song too.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much! I don't feel crazy anymore!!! I am new to RA love and after seeing North & South a couple weeks ago I had started to doubt my sanity. After all, I'm a happily married mom of two and suddenly I'm swooning and reduced to watching vanvids on my phone while in the pick-up line at school. I would think of certain scenes and realize I was wearing a goofy grin.....the shame.
Then I found all of you! Right at the start of fan week!!!
If I'm crazy, at least I have company. The latest fun part is watching my 10-year old daughter's reaction. We are watching North & South together this weekend to give it the proper amount of time it deserves, but nightly we watch an episode of Robin Hood together. She calls him swoony and wants a poster. Ahhhh, so glad to know I won't have to ever look at a Bibeber type when in her room.
Thanks ladies

violet8886 said...

pamela welcome to our group. We love new people! :) You are not crazy just Richard crazy like us. :)

joanna said...

Hi Pamela. Sadly my doughter sees only Rob Pattison.Gizbourne look like ugly girl- her words:/ My Mom said- This guy look like happy cat:)???

Violet8886 said...

I have never heard of happy cat but if it's a good thing then go with it! :) Gizzy can look girlish with the longer hair and the fact that they put eyeliner and even some eyeshadow on him...I guess that was to make him look more evil.

joanna said...

@Violet8886 OMG Suerly, to make him more evil:):):) squeeeee!!!