Mar 19, 2011

Funny/Embarrassing Fan Stories

*FanstRAvaganza Day 6*

I asked blog readers to contribute funny or embarrassing
RA-related tales. Only a few replied, but they made me laugh! :)

Richard, the Imaginary Friend
I've finally gone completely bonkers over RA! I was doing an enormous washing-up after having had a mad urge to make scones a few weeks ago before he travelled to New Zealand. As is my wont, my thoughts wandered to RA and I thought of all the articles on him that were out at the time, but wondered where he was physically. "Where are you now, my love?", I murmured, unaware I had spoken aloud. "Over here, mum," my middle son replied. Well, I had to pretend that I had meant him all along!

Mistaken Identity
I accidentally called my fiance "Guy" once, after watching an episode of Robin Hood.  He didn't even notice, thank goodness, probably because his name is Gary.  I love Gary, but I also loooove Gizzy!  LOL.

Visit this blog at your own risk!
Once on a slow day at work, I was looking at this RA Fan Blog site and was so engrossed in it that I didn't realize my boss had walked up to stand behind me. She then said "I don't think that is next on the list" (She meant the list of my tasks to complete for the day.) I was so startled. I didn't close out of it immediately because she had already seen it but I did apologize profusely and closed out after she left. I don't work there anymore (not because of that incident) but my boss must have wondered about me. LOL. Maybe I secretly converted her. I would like to think I did. Thanks!

Caught being overly excited.
I love Spooks.  Lucas North is my favourite, of course.  I saw a preview advertisement on the telly (just before Season 8 aired) and let out a big "Oh my!!!" along with a squeal of delight.  Something a grown woman of my age would normally never do, mind you, especially if she knew her children (two teenage boys) happened to be in the room at the time.  I'm sure I blushed profusely when they burst into giggles at my expense.  Afterwards, they would look at me with wide grins when Spooks ads would air and shout, "Oh my!!!" or "Oh, Lucas!" 

Words from the asylum.
This was story was taken from part of a personal email in
which NovemberBride described her experience of attempting to record her
voice for one of RA Frenzy's FanstRAvaganza posts.

Hubs was out feeding cattle. Or so I thought. Burst thru the back door just as I was saying something in the mic about RA's amazing blue eyes. LOL!! Accccckkk! Caught me red handed!!!! Said what the heck are you doing? Uhhh. Uhhh. Uhhh. Making a recording?  What in the world FOR?!! Uhh. Uhhh. A friend? Who has a blog? And asked me to record for her? Oh know the friend I met a couple of weeks ago?  Well, she needs my voice. He looks at me like I've lost my mind..not too far from true...and says, well so do it. I give him the puppy dog look, and say I'm no good at this. No sympathy from the man as he says, "Well play like you're just talking to a friend on the phone. Lord knows you can TALK!!" Uhhh, yeah. Right.  Now you'll get to hear my homemade version of lunacy!! LOL!! Was that hard or WHAT?! I'll bet I made 50 joke. Sigh. Like I told Frenz...Rush Limbaugh will never be threatened by me. I'm keeping my day job.  [Listen to NovemberBride's lovely Southern drawl HERE.]
He makes it look easy.

Nat's 2 cents~
Not to brag, NovemberBride, but like Richard, I'm quite the audio genius and my contribution for RA Frenzy's audio topic took only one try.  (Some of us are just gifted, I guess.)  Actually, that experience could easily be its own "funny/embarrassing fan story" post!!!   In a nutshell: I couldn't find my computer's microphone, so I left messages on Frenz's voicemail.  It didn't give me the option to delete messages, so I when I'd mess up, I'd call back and try again.  Each message was worse than the previous (we're talking very dorky, people!) and after leaving 105  messages (more like 5), I finally gave up.  After all was said and done, Frenz called me back. The second I answered the phone, she burst out laughing and couldn't stop.  I'm sure it was just a cover-up for being jealous of my talent. (And no, I'm not linking to that audio post... you'll have to find it yourself.)

Have you ever had a funny or embarrassing experience
relating to Richard Armitage?  Fess up!


Ivania said...

Sadly, no...
I was going to try and make one up too, but I couldn't even think of a convincing one!
ACK. I have no imagination.
hahah, these are great!

bccmee said...

I'm sure I would be have an embarrassing story if I was the type to embarrass. However, sometimes while riding the subway, I'll have a Richard Armitage-related thought which causes me to grin stupidly, resulting in some odd looks from my fellow passengers. :)

mulubinba said...

lol - I love these stories :). I remember getting a signed autograph at work and I was teased mercilessly by quite a few colleagues. (That was when they all admitted that they knew RA's work .... and how good he looked in black leather!!).

Anonymous said...

Wish I had a story to impart - the ones here are sooo funny! The only embassassment is the rolling of my son's eyes whenever I mention the NAME. But then, he did some net searching before Christmas, and presented me with the Gently DVD with Ricky D! Good egg, is old son.


Violet8886 said...

You guys posting your comments are RA stories in themselves. You should not worry about not having something "good". Or not having something funny enough. It doesn't have to be funny. Glad you guys are here. I love this extravaganza. Each entry is really unique and creative. :)

@Rob said...

So, I somewhere on Google and this link popps up -- Richard Armitage Naked. The little devil on my shoulder made me click on it.

Well, it wasn't Richard Armitage, but a whole lotta men naked. As I was frantically trying to close out of the site, who walks in?

Hubs. Now, we have a super huge moniter, so he could clearly see what was on the screen.

Incredious, he look at me, the looks says, " What in the heck are you doing?" I try to click on it again, but the computer freezes.

Hubs is the IT guy in the house, has to unfreeze the computer with piccys of naked men on it. I am blushing.

Finally, after he unfreezes the computer he asks me why I was on a site with naked men on it?

Looking down at the ground, I mumble something about... Richard Armitage. Let's just say I learned a big lesson that day.

joanna said...

Ha ha ha ha ha NIGHTMARE:)

Anonymous said...

I had the Times picture of Richard, the one where is is leaning against the wall with no escape written on it, on my computer screen background. One of the ladies from my maid service asked me if he was my son. I said, "no but wouldn't it be nice to have such a handsome son." ..and in case you are wondering I am more than old enough to have a son his age.

NovemberBride said...


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