Apr 22, 2011

Blogger's Block and a Thorin Thought

Howdy, strangers.
Remember me, your friendly neighborhood RA blogger, Nat?
I'm still here... and I still have an overly-enthusiastic love
of Richard Armitage's work.  Just busy.

"Too busy for ogling at this!?" you say in unbelief.

I've been busy traveling to New Zealand,
stalking Richard and the rest of The Hobbit cast.
Okay, actually not, but doesn't that sound like fun? :)

The only people I've been chasing are my kiddos (I have 3 little ones, ya know)
and my time online has been spent emailing plumbers and electricians, asking   "Can I please
have a bid on those floor plans I sent you 2 weeks ago?"  Plumbers are nice, but oddly,
don't share my love of cravats, black leather or limericks. Weirdos.
(And subcontractors are not that fun to stalk.)

When I have had a moment to myself
and I think about RA blogging, my mind has gone blank!
(I know... me?  Have nothing to say?  Shocking!)

Although I did consider telling you all about the
RA dream I had the other night, which was probably planted
in my brain by watching this video.

In the dream, I was watching another behind-the-scenes of The Hobbit
video on YouTube, and they were showing Richard in makeup and wardrobe,
being transformed into Thorin.  I remember watching it with some of my fellow bloggers
(even though I haven't met any of them in "real life") and we were all squealing with excitement,
like you would seeing cravatless Thornton climbing out of a train car. 

(Woah, how did that sneak in there?)

Anyway, the Thorin make-up in my dream was really weird...

Richard looked like a cross between a black-haired Gimli
(the dwarf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy),
and one of those Klingon guys from Star Trek
with just a tad of that forehead ribbing stuff above his nose (don't ask why),
and Jack Sparrow-ish trinkets in his hair/beard.
 And he was really hot.
Which is strange, considering the combinations I just mentioned.
I woke up feeling disappointed that such a YouTube video doesn't really exist.
(Petey-J, we need some peeks at Thorin, please!)

Any-hoo, if I seem to neglect this blog,
please forgive me.  Luckily there are many lovely RA blogs
out there these days to give you an RA fix (see the side bar ------>)
and I will pop in to share my crazy thoughts whenever possible.

Have a lovely weekend! :)


Avalon said...

Nat, it is ok, we all understand that real life comes first. You should not apologize.

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping back in! Sounds like life is full - like Avalon said, no apology necessary. :)

Phylly3 said...

Squee! An RA dream! I really hope I was in it. I don't mind living vicariously through other people's dreams! (Don't tell me if I wasn't! :D)
Plumbers wearing cravats!! What an image. You should encourage some repairmen to dress like that. Wow! I'll bet they'd cut the competition to shreds! Best of all? Definitely no "plumber's butt"! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Nat love,
So send SFR off to NZ with a press card. He has more time than you. No little ones to look after (though I'm sure he kid-sits for you when asked).

Work your charm on the Pesky Plumbers, bring in strong-arm SO if necessary :)


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thanks, ladies. :)

Phylly, you WERE there in my dream! It was me, you, Avalon, Traxy and Frenz. (Probably because I've seen photos of you four, so I know what you look like.) I specifically remember you and I clapping with excitement in addition to the squealing. Even though it didn't really happen, the thought is still embarrassing! :)

Anonymous said...

"I've been busy traveling to New Zealand,
stalking Richard and the rest of The Hobbit cast."


Lady Rose said...

Yaaay, you posted!

Weird dream...but you're lucky. I haven't had a single RA related dream yet! THE HORROR!!!

Have a happy easter, Nat!

mulubinba said...

RL has taken over here too, Nat!. I had an RA dream a few weeks ago, but I can't remember it at all. I enjoyed it at the time though .....

Good luck with the plumbers - I am going to have to do organise some renovations very soon as my bathroom is leaking!! Hope all is well with your three. Baby must be growing!

violet8886 said...

Wow it would be great if you were able to go to New Zealand for real. I read about the youtube video and thought at first it really existed. Hey that's a nice dream to have. :)

I hope they keep his sexiness alive even though he is a dwarf. He is the head dwarf! :)

We all get busy Nat. Your kids are precious. We will still be here when you get the time. :) It's worth the wait. :)

Twinkling Moon said...

No need to apologize, I don't even have any kiddies and can't even find enough time to check out the blogs, let alone actually run one :)

RA in a dream, well he is definitely DREAMY, *sigh*

BTW, you figured out a mystery for me, I kept trying to figure out who the dwarfs on LOTR/TH reminded me of, and you solved it! It's the klingons! (sp?)

Any-hoo, all the best to you and yours :)