Apr 1, 2011

Breaking news!!!


Did I trick anyone?
(Probably not since this is the 3rd fake newspaper I've created!)
I wanted to make an April Fools Festive Cheestastic video (I have the perfect,
most cheesy song ever for the occasion) but my computer's movie maker
thingy isn't working.  *Pout.*  Maybe next year.
I've also used this photo a bunch of times.
Isn't it cute?

To my knowledge, Richard hasn't eloped any time recently. :)
Gizzy didn't end up getting married either.
Perhaps if he had Season 3 hair at the time,
Marian would have punched Robin in the face instead!

Speaking of weddings and face-punches...
this is by far my favorite Richard wedding scene.  Classic!
*Pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

I have two questions for you, blog readers:

1.  If Richard married one of his co-stars in real life,
which one would you choose for him?

2.  What is the best April Fool's prank you've done
or have had pulled on you?

My siblings and I would do the same trick to my mom every year:
wrap a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer, so that when she turned on  the faucet,
 it would shoot water straight at her.  You'd think she would have remembered to check it every
April 1st, but we got her every time and it was always hilarious!  (Now if you'll excuse me,
I feel the need to pay my Mom's place a little visit while she's at work.) 


Musa said...

Happy April Fools Day Nat and Everyone!

Well, that's a difficult question in some ways. Despite the age difference I think I might select Lucy Griffiths. They seemed to have real chemistry on screen and she's always talked about him in a very warm and flattering way. They really seemed to get along on screen and off.

Hate to sound really dull, but I don't think I've ever pulled an April Fool's prank, and can't remember one on me. But could happen this year, the day is just beginning :)

Eva said...

You can't do this, Nat:-D Richard getting married is a serious matter! I nearly had a heart attack. I nearly died screaming "Noooooooooooo!!!!!"

Riv said...

1. Daniela Denby-Ashe. They have great on-screen chemistry and RA has said they got on brilliantly off screen. RA still tingles when he sees the train station kiss. :)

2. I pull random small pranks when I feel like it and don't really plan big pranks for April Fools. But, I can think of one you could have done. On the 31st of March, you announce you are closing your blog for good and that RA no longer inspires you *insert the saddest story here* etc... And then go 'April Fools, can't get rid of me that easily!' the next day after we’ve all commented and begged for you to stay. (I'm really mature in real life, honest!)

joanna said...

Daniela and Richard that's wonderful news.Now go to work Mr.Armitage you must produce many little boys:):)YOU UNDERSTAND ME YOU UNDERSTAND ME COMPLETLY???

Lady Rose said...

OH DARN. Don't do that! I almost cried! just kidding.

I'd like to see Lucy Griffiths and Richard, or Daniela!

Uhm...I've never experienced any wonderful April Fool's pranks. What a deprived life I lead...!

Lady Rose said...

p.s. Don't go bashing Guy's s.2 hair! I like it!!

Myrtle said...

Great post !!!!

Daniella and Richard :) It would be wonderful, wouldn't it. *sigh*

Unknown said...

You totally got me, Nat! I was truly pleased, because Daniela would be my first pick for him. I read an interview with him, though, where he said he wouldn't ever marry another actor.

Ivania said...

I'd like to see Daniela and Richard, I think.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Musa, I liked RA's chemistry with Lucy too.

Eva, the newspaper was supposed to say "Eva" instead of "Daniela." Typo!

Riv, you don't have to hide immaturity thoughts around here. :)

Joanna, I totally agree... Richard must make lots of adorable babies that look just like him!!!

LadyRose, nobody was bashing Season 1 Gizzy's hair... even though it was a bit on the mullet side... :)

Myrtle, thank-ya, thank-ya!

Janice, I think Richard should just let us fans pick his bride... actress or not!

Gwenea, at least we have N&S to watch over and over again. :)

Mel said...

Oh my gosh...I just had one of those "well there goes my life" moments when I read this post haha

I loved Richard and Lucy, I thought they were great together :)

RAFrenzy said...

But wouldn't it be a hoot if he really did have a relationship with Daniela! LOL! He's so cagey I wouldn't put it past him. No, I don't think he does, but I think he's clever enough to pull something off in secret. Apparently, since we do not know any of his love interests.

CDoart said...

Daniela Denby-Ash would be my pick, so I was really happy with the news till I read the date.
Concerning the "not chosing a co-actor" I would just use a somewhat crude but mostly fitting Bavarian proverb which translated would go somewhat like: Where you spit you must lick.

violet8886 said...

I think Daniela because of the chemistry between them but like others have said, he does not want to marry a fellow actor. But Daniela and Richard enjoyed filming the kissing scene. I think she is funloving and yet tender enough for him. Lucy Griffiths extolled the virtues of Richard in Season 2 commentary on the DVD. She said her favorite scene was when she visits Sir Guy before her wedding and he kisses her tenderly. The part where he tells he is "sure" about her and his passion for her.

As for April Fool's jokes. Nothing stands out but I do enjoy reading about others experiences

Anonymous said...

If a co-star (said he'd not choose to marry an actress - that was then, this is now). If a co-star, I'd opt for Lucy or Orla Brady. Significant age gaps on all sides; so, maybe Paloma Baeza? Those are the ones I felt actually responded on-screen to to the RA chemistry. No idea about off-screen. Just as well.


cindy said...

I was sad when I found out the newspaper report was just a joke! I was happy to think that RA and DDA had managed a relationship for so long and now finally were "making it legal" They did seem to have great chemistry and frankly just make a darn cute couple.

Believe it or not, I once watched a Spooks DVD extra about going to Russia, and there was a small bit where HN is putting make up on RA in an airplane (they were filming on the plane and no makeup people aboard) I remember thinking how sweet that was and they could have make a nice couple.

twinkling moon said...

Sorry, late to respond, but here are my thoughts...

ditto to everything Musa said :) I'd pick Miss Lucy, easy! But Fitzg, you've got me thinking...Yes, I too felt a chemistry between mr.A and Miss Orla and Mr. A and Miss Paloma. You are onto something I think :)

I think I'm a weirdo cuz I'm the only one who didn't sense a chemistry between Mr.A and DDA. I know that even Mr. A has said that there was a chemistry between the 2 but for some reason, I didn't feel it. In N&S, I felt a very strong chemistry between Brendan Coyle and Mr.A and Sinead Cusack and Mr. A, but not with DDA. I don't know why.

Cindy, i saw the DVD extras for spooks, but I don't remember the makeup scene, but I do remember the hat scene where they are just goofing around. Somehow I missed it :(

Sorry for the crazy long, (and late) post.