May 31, 2011

My 2 Cents

Everyone is going crazy about Richard's latest message,

I feel pretty unoriginal posting about it too,
but here are a few thoughts I had while reading it:

1. Richard said "blog.
I believe he was referring to a request to start his own blog
and not necessarily talking about the fan blogs out there, but I still
got a kick out of it.  I hope he knows about the fun blogging community
that has sprouted up in his honor over the last 2 years!

2. Richard signed his message 'RA.'
Most of us fans refer to The Armitage as RA,
so I thought it was further proof that Richard's more in tune to his fans
than I originally thought.  That, or um, he was feeling lazy...
let's just pretend it's the first assumption. :) 


Violet8886 said...

This proves RA is still thoughtful, caring, and adorable. He has a very easygoing charm. So nice and considerate that he almost apologizes for not writing more or giving more interviews or info. He doesn't want to say too much about the movie. He is still the gentleman in my book. :)

Joanna said...

Yes Violet8886 he is gentle man:)

Anonymous said...

I had the same thought, when I read the RA ( I thought: Hey that´s what we call him) :-)

And of course he knows about our blogs ;-)

Ali said...

It was a lovely message and has given everyone a buzz I think - much appreciated while we wait patiently for news.

Richard has referred to himself as RA in his messages for a few years now - at least since 2007. All his messages are on Annette's site of course:

Lovely to hear from you again Nat, hope you're doing ok and your family xx

Phylly3 said...

No matter what you say, you are ALWAYS original! :) Nice to hear from you!
And yes! BLOG! lol

RAFrenzy said...

You're right, Nat. He was referring to people wanting him to have an official site, blog, facebook, twitter, or something. I could care less what he does. If he does something official, great. If not, great.

I have a hard time thinking of him as anything other than RA, and this is not the first time he's referred to himself that way. The first letter I was privy to after I joined the fandom was one where he referred to himself as RA - April 2008. That made it very easy for me to follow suit.

And I agree with Phylly about you. :D

BETH said...

Hola Nat and everyone! always good to have news about RA and with this message I love him every day! He always so considerate of others and I loved his sense of humor: "... However, raising money for charity by simulating the sound of a strangled cat whose claws are clinging onto a chalkboard for dear life..." LOL Besos from Argentina.

loriBear said...

Can't agree with you more Nat! I thought the same thing about BOTH of those issues!

I was just excited he took the time to send us another letter. I've SO missed them!!

@Rob said...

I thought he was referring to commenting on his fan blogs, not necessarily starting his own blog.

OMG -- what would you do if "he" commented on one of your posts???

Many celebs tweet their every move. I sort of thought he was talking about that kind of stuff.

Love that he signed it RA. Also love that he has a sense of humor too.

RedPoppy said...
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RedPoppy said...

Hi Nat! Regards from NYC, and I always love reading anything you post!
By the way i was too excited last night because i went to see a movie with a friend and we watched a preview for Captain America and RA popped up in one of the scenes! Needless to say I will most definitely be seeing that one as soon as it comes out :)
xoxo RedPoppy

Myrtle said...

Hello Nat & everyone :)

I love his message, I am delighted to be part of "our little community", bless him.

Anonymous said...

my first comment on your blog. Love it. And love the message from RA, finally!. I am new fan of his, having seen him in North and South only this march and having watched it every night for a couple of weeks :), so its good to see all your blogs with so much info on him. Some of your posts are hilarious. I get my daily laughs from any one of your blogs.

Love your stick figures btw.


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thanks for the info, Ali and Frenz! I should have gone back and read his other messages again.

I'm also grateful for the kind words from you all! :) I know I don't respond to comments as much as I should, but I really appreciate them!

Lady Rose said...

He signed it RA??!?! *goes off to look*
HE DID! *high pitched giggle*

Haha, thanks so much for posting this, Nat! I hadn't even heard about it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Natalie. Sorry it's been forever since I've commented here. I thought it was a great message, too.