Jun 20, 2011

The RA Fan Blog Experience *updated*

It all started one April-y day,
when a cravated chap crossed my way.
My heart went a-thud!
Could this be fangurly love?
I must tell you the answer was yay.

Then I met the man dressed in all black.
(He could-a worn an old gurney sack.)
So jaded, so gloom!
Yet all I could do was *swoon*
Note to self: Get your sanity back!

That was about when this blog first started,
meant to be silly and cRAzy and light-hearted.
I just HAD to crack jokes
over our love of this bloke!
So away my creative side twas carted.

In the beginning there were only a few
other Armitage bloggers that I knew.
Then, met more and more friends,
we must've started a trend,
now it seems like the popular thing to do!

Limericks, FanstRAvaganzas and stick figures,
look-a-likes, videos and hot pictures,
a little somethin' for us all,
and I've had quite a ball
gushing over everything from guyliner to whiskers!

This has been such a fun little pastime
for a stay-at-home mom who needed "me time."
Made friends from all over,
the world feels a bit closer,
<--- brought together by our partner in crime.

I hope you've enjoyed checking out this site too.
Dear blog readers, I must say thank you!
For your comments and kindness,
and shared love of His Highness,
Though now it is time to say "adieu."

With 3 kiddos and new house a-buildin',
spare time has been something I'm missin'!
But only sort of retiring (like Brett Favre)
and will still be RAdmiring,
so check back for SFR now and then!


Not to get all overly sentimental or anything... but words really can't describe how grateful I am to you all for making this hobby extra fun for me.  I feel like I've been a big slacker lately, but that's how it goes sometimes!  If anything RA-related pops into my head, or if/when life slows down in the future... I'll be back.  (Said like the Terminator.)  Until then, there are almost 2 years worth of posts to skim through, if you're interested.  I used to post nearly every day, so there's plenty of random RA-related stuff here! :)  Also, there are so many wonderful RA blogs out there now.  Links are available on the right side of the screen under "enjoyable blogs."  I will continue to visit them when I can and add my 2 cents... so don't think you're rid of my dorkiness, fellow bloggers. haha.  I will still be checking my email, so please feel free to send me messages or leave comments, blog readers... I love to hear from you. :)

I woke up this morning to find that Mulubinba has also decided to take a break from blogging.  What a crazy coincidence!  She is one of "the few" original RA bloggers I mentioned above.  We created our blogs within a week or so of each other. Through her blog, I met Ragtag (who wrote the most hilarious JT post ever) and it was just the three of us for a while, until we were joined by several others... each adding their own "flavor" and style to the scene.  I'm bummed that Mulubinba and Ragtag are not longer blogging.  Which makes me a big ol' hypocrite, right?  (It's like I'm thinking, "Nobody else can take a break but me... I need the rest of you in place for my entertainment, dang it!")  I'm glad we can still stay in touch and that there are awesome RA blogs out there who are still rollin'.  Keep up the good work, ladies! :)     


Skully said...

RA Fan Blog, the original and the best! My first entry into the online world of RA fandom, thanks for the good humour and fun! All the best Nat, hope you can find the time to pop out a post every now and then ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh you'll be sooooo missed Nat!!! But I totally understand. Three young kids! Busy life indeed. I'm surprised you had time to continue with this wonderful blogging all this time. I'll miss your sense of humour, creativity and light-hearted celebration of all things RA. Even your farewell post while sad to read was funny and enjoyable. Best wishes to you and your family. Big hug, C.

Traxy said...

I can only agree with Skully and Calexora. Your blog has always been a delight to read, and even if it's just the very occasional post, that's fine. As long as you don't drop off the face of the earth completely - we'd all miss you too much! Thank you for being continually awesome, Nat. :) *big hugs*

tedgirl said...

Thank you for your blog. Being a mother of three...how do you find the time?

Love the rhyming and sense of humour in your poems, singing as well and sketches too. Lovely listening to your blog's background music in the middle of the night with my headphone on...it says it all! Devine!!!!

Appreciate people who can sing...cause I can't.

Anonymous said...

This was bitter-funny :P. The first blog of RAworld I followed regularly is this one and found all the others because of the first fanstRAvaganza.

"I'll be back" You better!

OML :)

CDoart said...

Good luck with your family and build a nice and lovely house for you all. Best wishes and, as all previous commentators said so nicely, come back and don't leave us for too long!!!

Lady Rose said...

Awww! This made me smile!

And aren't we glad you met RA, Nat, or else there would be no fabulous Fan Blog! :D

RAFrenzy said...

Skully said it best -- the original and the best!

Do not be a stranger. We would all feel bereft without you here. I think you already know how I feel, but I had to say that. I give you credit for spawning this trend. No question at all in my mind that you have, and if I ever got a chance to really tell "His Highness" about it, I would.

judiang said...

You blog was the first I visited also. Wow, it's like a changing of the guards. As everybody said, you've been fabulous and fun. Thanks for the good times.

Georgia Peach said...

Nat, thanks for all the fun posts in the past! You do have a lot on your plate at the moment, so a break will be a good thing. BUT I do hope, when you finish all the unpacking and get settled, you will consider jumping back into the blogisphere and entertaining us with your creative ideas about RA. I will miss you in the meantime!!!!

Riv said...

NO, why Nat?! Your blog is truly awesome! A shame, but still I wish you all the best. Drop by when you can. :)

PS: I had better not come across a blog called alfieboefanblog.blogspot.com by an author called Nat introducing a new character, SFA...

@Rob said...

You will be missed esp because of your sense of humor. But you have your hand full with a new house and your kids.


Violet8886 said...

Oh my this brought a tinge of sadness to me. I love your blog. You will be so missed. Hope you can pop in now and again but I so understand caring for your children and building a house. You have your priorities right. You have such a great blog. I love it. So inventive and wonderful. Humorous and fun. Witty and wonderful. You have caring as well. I will check in and see how things are going there. You will not be forgotten. :) Wow Mulubina and Ragtag too. Also the armitage army kind of disbanded earlier this year or last year. I guess everyone is busy.

Still on your side Nat. Sending you good wishes and peace. Still will check in from time to time. Love to all the ladies here. :)

Anonymous said...

We'll MISS you!! You've been such fun! Look forward to seeing you back on your creative blog eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the little ones, the new house, and look in when you can. :)


Charleybrown said...

You'll be missed Nat! But we'll look forward to you popping back in the odd time? Wish you and your family all the very best!

BETH said...

Hola Natalie. The truth is that I felt very sad when I entered the blog today and came across this post. I just lost a very important person in my life and now I feel I lose a place where I used to go to have fun and have a good time. Best wishes to you and your family. I hope you find the necessary time and continue this hobby and share it with all of us and continue to enjoy this wonderful gentleman (ie, Mr. Armitage!) Luck and Besos from Argentina to all the RA-girls!

mulubinba said...

All the best Nat. xo. I remember when we first started blogging. I thought I was all by myself until you dropped by. It has been fun - I may continue after a bit of a break ... I haven't decided yet :)

I will miss stick figure Richard and your sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Natalie. This blog is so important to me. I understand your reasons, but I hope this is "until the next time" and not "goodbye forever." You've given me so much to laugh at, something I really need. Best wishes for the future.

Musa said...

Have a wonderful RA break Nat. Even in the short time I've been visiting your blog always makes me smile, and frequently laugh out loud too! I'll miss the adventures of SFR, though I'm sure you and he will be back.

The best to you and your family.

bccmee said...

Hope you return and that this is just a temporary hiatus!

Smithylass said...

Sorry to hear you are putting your blog on hold but I totally understand why. I've enjoyed visiting and I'm not sure if I can face life without Stick Figure Richard. Come back and delight us as often as is possible.
hugs, Smithylass.

Beachbaby said...

Nat, I was truely amazed that you kept on blogging after the birth of baby no 3. But building a house as well, I agree that is just too much!
You sense of fun & light hearted enjoyment of the "fandom" has been a joy to share and I hope that we still get to see you from time to time.
Take care. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,
I'll miss your blogging. Your posts always make me laugh.

Totally understand why you need a break though, you've got so much on your plate, raising 3 small children, building a house! It's a wonder you've blogged for as long as you have! Anyway, good luck with it all, Nat and hope to see you around some time in the not too distant future. I won't say goodbye, I'll say ta-ta for now. All the best to you and your family, Nat.

Jen J

Elisabet said...

Your's was the first blog that I found after I became interested in this amazing actor, RA, about one and a half years ago, and I have immensly enjoyed it. I hope it is 'till we meet again', and not 'goodbye'. Thanks you for all the smiles, heaps of joy and tears of laughter. And wishing you all the best in yor very busy life.

ladyj said...

Nat, you will be missed, I love your blog, you've given me so much to laugh at and to enjoy. And Stick Figre Richard!! Yours was the first blog I ever visited and through it found several others.
I felt sad when I saw you have decided to take a break, which I totally understand. But I will still miss you.

All good wishes for the future

kaprekar said...

So sorry you have made this decision though I am sure it is the right one for you. I hope you pick it up again in future, even occasionally. Thank you for all the wonderful writing - you have a talent that should be shared!

Anonymous said...

Natalie, your blog really did give me a laugh. A much needed lightheartedness in a sea of fandom, it was so clear you simply wanted to enjoy what was happening and didn't take it all too seriously.

I wish you well and may we see you again somewhere in the future.


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thank you all!
Your words mean a lot. :)

Riv- no Alfie Boe Fan Blog or SFA planned. :) HAHA! (Thanks for making me laugh out loud.)

Anonymous said...

Just went on a rollercoaster of feelings. First the first pics og Thorin (YIEPI YA YEY!) and then I read your latest post :( (Im sad)

Your blog were the first RA blog I discovered and It has really brought me great joy and given me my RA fix. Finally it gave me a desire and courage to start my own RA blog.

I really hope that it is only a break and that we soon will see "Limericks, FanstRAvaganzas and stick figures" from your hand again :)

See you soon
Auf Wiedersehen
På gensyn (in my language)


MaidMelee said...

Limericks & Figure Sticks are fun!

Saying "goodbye" isn't by gum. :(

Enjoy life with your family,

Give some time for your sanity,

and revisit us online sometime, hun!

(Gee this limerick is dumb... I guess I better run!)


Myrtle said...

Lots of Love Nat, enjoy your children,& I hope the move to your new house goes well.

Your blog has brought such happiness.


diveknit said...

Nat, thank you so much for all the laughs and entertainment you provided for me. I always checked your blog to put a smile on my face or have a good laugh. You did bring a lot of people together and made me feel not weird about my RA love :)
I hope life settles down for you, we are just getting there finishing our house finally. It is a great feeling and you do need all your energy for it and your kids.
Hugs to you, a big thank you and the best wishes.

NovemberBride said...

I so admire you for putting your family first. Enjoy them because, as you've been told many times, I'm sure...they'll be grown up before you know it!

As many others have said, my first stop for the day in cyberspace has been your blog for so long...well, not as long as others. A year now, I think? Anyways, it's like my fingers just automajicly come here. They are going to be lonely now, but surely SFR will pop up and visit somewhere sometime? He's just so stinkin' cute! And we'll be anxious to see how your RA room turns out...you ARE including that in the new house, right?!! ;) Love on you and that sweet family of yours!! Gracias y vaya con Dios!

Violet8886 said...

Love all the ladies here too. that's what makes this blog great. So many good people come here. Talented and friendly. :)

JEMAA said...

Nat - I echo all the sentiments exspressed by all - here's to "au revior" and not goodbye. All the very best with everything.

Joanna said...

I wish you all the best:)
See you soon:) I hope.
Do zobaczenia Natalio!

Violet8886 said...

Miss you guys. :)

Unknown said...

Nat! Keep popping back in every once in a while when you can! All the best to you and your family!