Nov 3, 2011

Random Thoughts from Nat's Noggin.

To the three people who still read this blog...

Okay, just kidding.
It's probably five people.
(Including me.)

Believe it or not,
I've had room for only one obsession
in my life at the moment... (besides chocolate)
which has been the new house we're building.
(And by "we," I mean the construction guys. I'm just sorta the secretary 
person who calls and schedules stuff.  It's harder than it sounds.) 

The Richard Room is nearly complete.
Everyone thinks it's a toy room...
but little do they know the wax sculpture
and laser security system have been ordered.
Anyone wanna come over and have a
Thornton-Gizzy Fest!?

Enough about Nat.

Let's take a brief long drooly moment
to appreciate these photos:
*Photography by Keith Clouston- posted on and Hut In the Forest*

I would like to point out that clearly,
Richard's collar and cuffs need adjusting...
in a sexy, intense way. :)

(And he has an awesome profile.
And it looks like they airbrushed out his chest hair.)

Isn't Richard pretty in pink?  (And blue and grey.)
Okay, I'll stop now.  Why must I over-analyze every
new RA photo I see!?  (Didn't I just say I have time
for ONE obsession at the moment?)

If you prefer... here's the baddie in black.
This vid cracked me up!  Thanks for the laugh, Angie.
*Be sure to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

While we're looking at YouTube vids,
I'm guessing you all saw this one:

How many of you thought, Somebody kidnap her until she
gives us Richard's email address! or maybe, Somebody tell her
to quit stalking RA's old productions!  *As you stalk him
online while eating your kid's Halloween candy.* 
Oh wait... that was me just now.  My apologies.

Wow, this post is really random.
Note to self: don't stay up late while on a sugar high. 

Maybe I'll actually post more than once this month (Remember
when I posted once or more a day? I have no idea where I found
the time!) because Netflix is sending a copy of "Captain America"
tomorrow!  (I'll finally get to see Richard as the mean Nazi guy
with the haircut I don't like. Very excited!!!)


Phylly3 said...

Yay!!! Nat is back! May you have more sugar highs if it means a new post again! :)
Bccmee posted some close ups of the new photoshoot at RAnet. Such beautiful pictures! *drool* I do like him in the pink shirt! Can't get my hubby to wear one though.
Good luck with the new house -- exciting times! Thanks for sharing those vids!

Unknown said...

Hey Nat! Welcome back! :) Thanks for those RA pics, made my morning. :)

flandersdreamer said...

I never stopped visiting this site! You're always making mu day, Nath!

NovemberBride said...

Hey Nat!! I was thinking about you yesterday and the RA room. Really. Can't wait to see RA room pics! Know what y'all mean about the pink shirt on a pale green and pink tie on him once for a wedding. Guess what? He got loads of compliments and decided that green and pink were cool! Who knew?!!! So glad to see you again Nat!!! (That makes 4 of us now!)

jazzbaby1 said...

I'm number five, I guess. Always love to see your posts, Nat!

Musa said... I #6?
Good to have you back! I'm in love with the pink shirt. Pink is now his color...and blue...and black...and dayglo about his eyelashes on those pics!

Myrtle said...

Yeah! I am number 7, my lucky number :)

Hello Nat & everyone, lovely pic's (even though I am still not convinced about his beard)

A wonderful 'random' post. :) :)

CDoart said...

Seems you still have more readers than 5 ;o)
I always wait for news on your blog!
Good luck and lots of fun with building your house!

Anonymous said...

I thought I would echo the sentiments of everyone else. There are still those of us who love to see that you've posted something new.

Anonymous said...

No matter how long between your posts - I will be there :-)

Really nice to hear your thoughts again.

Yes really NIIIIIICE pictures - and thank you for the funny vid - hadn´t seen that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat! They are gorgeous photos, aren't they? That beard! Hope the house is soon finished :)


Myrtle said...

Now ladies, as Nat has pointed out, some wardrobe adjustment is necessary, so please form an orderly queue behind Myrtle to adjust his collar and cuffs:)

Joanna said...

Hi Nat!
Another number 5 is here:)

bccmee said...

Hey we're still here! *waves madly* Nice to see a spot of Nat and RA during their respective droughts. ;)

Violet8886 said...

Thanks for coming back Nat. :):) Sorry I have not posted. Had a power outage in my state for over a week, so I was out of commission richardwise..It was hard for sure. Love your blog sweet Nat. :):)

Violet8886 said...

Richard is good in Captain America. He needs bigger roles and he will may get them once The Hobbit comes out and he gets more exposure. :)

zyradustorm said...

yay! nat, you're still there! :D you totally have more than 5 readers! you'll love captain america!

judiang said...

Looks like more than 5 people Nat. Good to see you back. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm always behind, but I'm always reading you. Hope you loved Captain America. Are you going to be back for Fanstravaganza?

Violet8886 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone :)

@Rob said...

Hmmm... why doesn't her forehead move when she talks? Nat congrats on the new home!

RAFrenzy said...

I like Nat's Noggin, and I still read this blog faithfully when I'm online. I've been MIA or I would have been here sooner. :D

Good to see you. Hope everything is going well. Just enjoy the chaos. It's over too soon and the house is then too quiet.

BTW, my son made All-American! I'm sorry but I can't stop celebrating that. He's worked his backside off to get there, and he is. I'm so proud I'm beside myself -- whatever that means. LOL!

Mulubinba said...

Just came in for a dose of the "Armitage Christmas Carol" .... it's still my fave :)

Good luck with the house - we will be demolishing the bathroom in March so will have to think of an alternative until the new one is built.

PS: I only have about 3 readers at the moment

Violet8886 said...

You have more than just three readers Mulubinba. :):):)

Lady Rose said...

*Gasp* You don't like his haircut? For shame, Nat!

Heehee. I just watched CA, finally. My favourite part was where he did that American accent, which I thought was great.

Sunshine387 said...

Is it weird to be 15 and love RA and his work? Because I wasn't sure if its odd to like a 40 year old man.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thank you for all the comments! I know I'm horrible at replying here, but please know that I greatly appreciate your thoughts and 2 cents. :) I miss our regular back-and-forth communication here. Life is just busy... wonderful, but busy! *hugs to you all*