Jan 19, 2012

Beware the Deadly Combo!

I just stumbled across this post
I wrote last September.  I saved it instead
of posting it for some reason... but here it is now.
*         *        *        *        *

Before we get onto the business at hand, let us note that
the handful of people who still read this blog are stunned by the
fact that Nat is posting for the first time in forever.

This is a Public Service Announcement.

Because of this fellow...  Richard "Smoulder"Armitage...
I immediately pay more attention to any actor
with dark hair and blue eyes... aka: the deadly combination.

Thanks to Mr. A's influence on the brain,
I have been glued to many-a-cheesy show,
just to watch a lead actor who possesses these traits.

For example~

Wes Brown in "Love Begins"
has dark hair and blue eyes, which
caught my attention.
This angle reminds me of Lucas North:
His hair was even kinda floppy in front like Gizzy's.
Stinkin' Hallmark Channel!
Why do I love your cheesy movies,
even though they're sooo predictable!?

And try not to judge...
because if you're a fan of "Robin Hood,"
then you're a hunk-of-swiss-lover yourself.

"How dare you speak such lies!!!"

Watch out for the deadly combo, ladies...
who knows what you will find yourself watching next!?
Consider yourself properly warned.

Have YOU ever watched anything just because
an actor had "the deady combo"???


Joanna said...

Hi Nat!
My husband has that'deadly combo',bit like Sicilian mafioso.
Wes Brown,attractive boy but he has an ugly nose,don't you think?;)

Anonymous said...

You've posted!!!

I'm sure I've watched something because the actor had the deadly combo, but I can't recall because I've blocked out the experiences (I'm sure it's more than one) because of the shame and guilt associated with them.


Ivania said...

Eh, I haven't paid to much attention to the combos, I just go; "OOH! That has Richard in it!" and watch it.

NovemberBride said...

OH Nat! I watched that last fall (I think)??? and Mr. Brown caught my eye too!! I ran right over to IMDB to check him out...to check out his stats, bio, you know..never mind. I'm diggin a big hole....

Good to see you post again!!

Violet8886 said...

Hugh Jackman kinda has that Richard look..the dark combo...I know when you see the combo you go wild. :):)

Colleen said...

Yes, and Yes again - anything that reminds me of RA -I have "Tangled" in my Netflix instant queue just so I can see an RA "look alike" and get my RA fix. LOL - The look alikes are nice but no one can hold a candle to the real thing!!! I have been singing and humming "Far over the misty mountains cold..." everyone looks at me strange but oh well! BTW Nat- I finished both of the counted cross stitch patterns of Richard - both are stunning! Ta dah! Also, thanks for sending me the RA word find - I posted a comment on your blog that day - but it didn't go through. :)

Phylly3 said...

I'm sure that's how I got onto watching Ghost Whisperer so much. But we've already discussed that lookalike.
You are so right about the "deadly combo". I really adore the dark hair/blue eyes combo.
I can't think who else right now because you fried my brain with that smouldering Gizzy photo!

pi said...

I'm late to the party, but, WOW, the resemblance is uncanny, though in the end, he doesn't hold a candle to RA.

As for the Hallmark channel, well, I don't get it but have watched some movies made by hallmark. It's like slipping into a warm bath. I love it! :)