Mar 18, 2012

F3 Wrap-Up and Stick Figure Richard's Adventures in Middle Earth

I thought I had prescheduled this post to publish on March 18th at midnight...
but apparently I just saved  it instead!  Oopsies!!!  (Sorry for the delay, but it's
still the 18th in my part of the world!)

Today marks the final day of the 3rd Annual FanstRAvaganza.  It has been fun for me, both as a blogger and a reader!  I'd like to say THANK YOU to all of those who helped organize this event (you know who you are!), my awesome guest bloggers, those who advertised F3 on sites & forums, all the core & tagteam bloggers for providing so much RA fun, and of course YOU,
lovely blog reader, for visiting this and other blogs.  Your participation, whether an active
commenter or lurker, is very much appreciated. :)  Also, THANKS to our favorite
actor, Richard Armitage, for loads of entertainment and bringing
so many of us together who may not have "met" otherwise!

Onto the business at hand today...
Stick-Figure Richard has been emailing me
pictures & captions of his time in NZ.  He requested
that I make a video to share with you all... to go along
with Peter Jackson's vlogs. (He even chose the music he wanted!)
I was unable to put his video together just yet (sorry, SFR!) but will
complete it after my fam has finished moving in a
few weeks.  (So stay tuned, SFR fans!)

(If you don't know who SFR is,
click HERE to learn all about him.)

Stick-Figure Richard's
Adventures in Middle Earth

Spending time in New Zealand (aka: Middle Earth)
while filming "The Hobbit" has been grand!

I arrived on a large aircraft.

The first thing I did was
cut my hair and grow a beard...

...and then grew some bushy eyebrows!
(Thanks to the costume department.)

Speaking of hair & make-up,
I look quite amazing in my Thorin wardrobe, complete
with wig & prosthetic nose (since I don't have one),
if I do say so myself!
Trust me, this looks brilliant on film!

To prepare for the role, I brushed up on
my sword-slinging and pipe-smoking skills.

I've spent some time in a hobbit hole.
It's quite cozy... I think I may have one built in London.

 I struck up a friendship with Peter Jackson,
based on our mutual love of jumpers. I suggested he try
the striped kind next.  (Like Harry Kennedy's.)  Pete and I
are practically best mates now.
SFR and PJ

While here, I met some Kiwi's.

I heard Kiwi's are fine fishermen...
but these chaps weren't too impressive. They just sat
there mucking about while I did all the work.

I have really enjoyed the
breath-taking scenery here!

Filming "The Hobbit" has been a fantastic experience!

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Again, thanks to all who
have participated this year!


The Queen/NovemberBride said...

I just KNEW we'd get SFR on set!! Thank you Nat!!! Thank you thank you. Altho I think you must've missed his beach scenes?!!

Anonymous said...

Nat, we LOVE SFR! So great to have him "do" Thorin for F3. :D


CDoart said...

Just lost my first comment, so now again ;o)

Thank you so much for the report of SFR's late activities, Nat. I heve so been waiting for him.
I hope SFR gets enough to eat, not only fish (I don't trust his abilities in that regard all too much) and kiwis ;o)

Anonymous said...

I hope SFR is careful near those geothermal pools near Rotorua.

LOL - I'm so glad he has found time to post from Middle Earth :)

bccmee said...

Those kiwis are very short so they could be extras in the film. Love the nose on SFR. It's very becoming. I'm glad he's having such fine adventures on and off the set.

Violet8886 said...

I love SFR. He's so funny and his adventures are comical and make me laugh. :) Good job! :)

Richardsbabe said...

Thank you so much Nat! And thank you SFR for letting us know how you are doing! Darling you´re the cutiest!

Suse said...

I'm late catching up with all the FanstRA posts... This is just hilarious! I love to see how SFR is adapting to The Hobbit and the kiwis ;-) Good luck with moving into your new house!

Joanna said...

You simply could't ignore t h a t nose,right Nat!;) I love SFR!

mommbsta said...

i don't know which i like more - stories of your SFR or clips from the Hobbit sets. we see more of RA in your version.

realy cute...

Lost in Books (SiouxsieSioux) said...

SFR is looking very good in NZ Nat!! As always, highly entertaining and very addictive!! Oh and by the way an excellent F3 df!! : )

Lost in Books (SiouxsieSioux) said...

Ooh I meant to highlight, had you heard that there's been a shortage of Marmite in NZ?! Can't think why unless our TDHCMO has had the munchies!!! Yummmmmm!!

Vec170203 said...

OMG.... I love kiwis... I can't stop laughing