Mar 13, 2012

Hello and Welcome to Diary of a Crinkleholic ~ by guest blogger SiouxsieSioux


Journey to Loxley, long and arduous.  Awoke early.  Sounds of constant pacing backwards and forwards in the next room as my dear friend Sir Guy tried hard to adjust his armour.

Banquet with Sir Guy at 7 pm.  Hope nothing too adventurous.  "Bluebirds" should be for reading, not eating is my motto.  Guy just threw me one of his dark and brooding looks, and gave me the soft cloth to polish his armour.  How can a girl refuse!?


Having lunch with Lucas today, hope he doesn't choose that new rooftop restaurant.  Mum not happy, calls Lucas a jailbird, try explaining being incarcerated for 8 years for espionage to her......... and, well no hope!  After all, you get less for murder nowadays.  Big changes in the air, Lucas needs to take a leap of faith and hopefully he will land on his feet!


Waited ages on draughty station platform.  Train from Kings Cross delayed.  Practised a variety of lip movements, and even perfected upper wibble technique.  Can't believe he's stood me up.  Oh well, John Thornton is a complex man, works hard, and the only crinkles you'll see are on his troubled brow and not his cotton.


Started art class today.  Hard to concentrate.  Tutor ticked me off.  Said I spend too much time on the still life and that there was more to the composition than a bowl of peaches.  That's easy for him to say!


Off to the gym.  Sign up for swimming lessons, then have a session with some weights.  Enquire as to possibility of securing personal trainer.  Hear that Lee provides service with a smile!  I'm such a Flirty Gerty!


Drive in the country.  Having second thoughts about choice of hat!  Don't forget SAT NAV, would hate to get lost along those unfamiliar country lanes..... on second thought, forget SAT NAV!!


Have a lie in!

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About SiouxsieSioux:

Well despite the pseudonym (thanks to my daughter!) I am NOT a goth!  I have a passion for writing. Not just fanfic, but creatively too.  My muse? Well he needs no introduction!  Thanks RA for making my life that extra bit special. I have known lots of lovely people, have a terrific family and am truly blessed with friends and acquaintances picked up along the way through my obsession/passion/dedicated following of Richard Armitage. 

When the dreaded writers block hits, I turn to YouTube and make vids for fun, for friends. However, my account there has been duly trimmed as I didn't want the copyright police banging on my door!  I only have a few vids up and running on there, but feel free to check them out HERE, but sshhhhh don't tell anyone!!

When not obsessing or fantasizing about Richard, you'll find me fully employed Monday-Friday, but my day rarely starts or closes without my checking in with friends online. I love cooking... I reckon I ought to write a recipe book! I also am known for making the best Cherry Brandy and Cherry Liquor.... guaranteed to make your legs melt from underneath you! (A little bit like the Armitage Effect- so best not to drink and drool!)  I love cooking...and would love to cook for a certain TDHCMO (am I allowed a dinner party for two dreamwish?) 

I like keeping my life busy, full and productive ~ my motto is you can rest when you die!  So that's me, in a nutshell, in a quiet shady corner in my garden or tucked away in a padded cell nicely papered with glorious gratuitous pics of RA!!  Thanks Nat & Co for another year to celebrate RAfanstravaganza.

Nat's Notes:  I can't remember exactly where I met Siouxsie online, but
she was one of the first to introduce herself and make me feel welcome in the forums
3 years ago.  She's so smart and funny... her comments and photo captions
in the C19 Crinkle Zone always crack me up! :)  Thanks, Sue!


pi said...

All I want to say is BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Siouxise, you've captured the essence of what matters ;].

Mulubinba said...

Really enjoyed this post. Thanks Siouxie for sharing your diary .. and a bit about yourself :)

Phoebe said...

I'm not so sure there is more to life than a bowl of peaches!

Loved the post!

gracie said...

LOL. What a fabulous week you had Sioux!

Luciana said...

Loved your diary... Right now, I'm very envious of all your activities!!!

jazzbaby1 said...

LOL, love these entries!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Siouxsie! Can't stop laughing :D


bccmee said...

Superb and clever! If I ever tire of this Richard Armitage fellow, perhaps I'll start a SiouxsieSue blog! ;)

linda60 said...

Siouxsie, we needn't be worried about you, since you've obviously enjoyed a rather special week recently??!!...and did that whole () your (of course high) expectations and should we therefore be very jealoussss??? ;-) Thanks for sharing a bit of your adventurous life with us and I could do with a cherry liquor now...

Lost in Books (SiouxsieSioux) said...

I love the RAfanstravaganza and it's a special feeling to be asked to contribute! Thanks for sharing my week with my muse! Thanks more so to Nat & Co for such fun and frolics!! Off to catch up on all those other wonderful blogs....ta-ra!! xx

Beverly said...

Very fun. I would love to take an art class from RA's Monet....

Gratiana Lovelace said...

I now think that Sunday is my favorite day of the week!
Cheers! Grati ;->

Gratiana Lovelace said...

I now think that Sunday is my favorite day of the week!
Cheers! Grati ;->

Jonia's cut said...

Awwwwwwwwww!!!! Thank You Nat and Siouxsie. I'm praying for Siouxsie's book. I really wish to see it published.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Hey, I've got dibs on a SiouxsieSue blog, bccmee!!! :)

Violet8886 said...

Great post Siouxsie! Love all his crinkles...You are not alone..many crinkleaholics out there..and not we don't want to be cured!!! LOL :)