May 29, 2012

SFR's Adventures in Middle Earth ~ The Vid!!!

Hey, RA friends!
I hope you've had a lovely spring. :)

I finally got around to helping SFR make his vlog.
(Wait... is it considered a vlog if it's just pics, or does it have
to be an acutal video?)  Well, anyway... here's the video
version of his time spent in Middle Earth, formally
just photos posted during F3.

View it HERE.

(For some reason, blogger is having
a hard time letting me embed vids.)


Faboamanto said...

Finally a new VBlog! We've been waiting for what seems forever. Very sweet of SFR to share his Middle-Earth time with us. Loved the kiwis, though they made me feel hungry for some reason?

Good to have SFR back!

Phylly3 said...

Yay!! SFR is back!! Loved this one (of course) - especially the cast photo! LOLs!

RAFrenzy said...

Love this! Tweeted about it last night. And I echo the others. Glad to see a video and You. :D

Violet8886 said...

Love this! Love SFR and glad he's back. Always makes me laugh :) Sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

SFR is an inspired creation! Lovely.


Servetus said...

sa-WEET! It was worth the wait.

CDoart said...

I love the kiwis, though they are not very helpful to SFR ;o)

NovemberBride said...

Oh my. SFR is so handsome!!!! Gosh, I think my decorating fingers are twitching! COuld a cake be in the making? Nah, how could I EVER do SFR justice?

Love seeing you again, Nat!