Sep 17, 2012

Downton Abbey for the Armitage fan.

If you are one of the few people who hasn't seen the
BBC treasure that is "Downton Abbey," I will gladly fill you in...
in Richard Armitage fan language, that is!!!
There may or may not be spoilers
and this may or may not be confusing.
 No guarantees, folks! :)
So Higgins is a servant guy for
these rich folks around the time of WWI.

Brendan Coyle as Mr. Bates:
 and Mr. Higgins:
Kate has a big crush on Higgins
and he likes her too!

Joanne Froggatt is much more endearing as Anna
than the annoying Kate!
"He killed my bruuuthaaah!!!"
Prince John's mom is the
matriarch of the family in all her snotty glory.

Violet Crawley, played by Maggie Smith
who must have passed on some of her acting skills
to her real-life son, Toby Stephens who played Prince John.
Geraldine's old boyfriend
is the Earl of Grantham.

Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley:

 and Vicar Jeremy Ogilvy:
Carol's mom in "Sparkhouse"
is the
most menacing lady's maid
you'll ever meet!

Siobhan Finneran as Susan Bolton:
 and Mrs. O'Brien
Vaughn is just as creepy and
scheming as Mary's forced fiance.

Iain Glen as Sir Richard Carlisle:
and Vaughan Edwards:
 So did I lose you there? :)

I think Richard Armitage would have made the perfect
Carlisle in "Downton."  The whole scheming and blackmailing to get the
woman he wants... does that sound like someone else we know?


If you haven't seen Downton Abbey yet, do it!
It's great.  I think I liked Season 2 even better than the first.
I'm pretty excited for the upcoming Season 3.

Check out the Season 3 trailer on
Ruth's Booktalk & More blog HERE.

Exciting! :)  


ba san said...
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Anonymous said...

Very nicely done!

Myrtle said...

Wonderful :)

It would be lovely to see RA in another period drama

Trudy said...

Wow! I hadn't noticed Hugh Bonnevillle was in VoD! And hadn't a clue Mrs. O'Brian was in Sparkhouse (rather pitiable character in each!)
Thanks for the rundown.
Now to get RA back in a cravat....!!!

Liz said...

Well spotted Nat! I'm always playing 'spot the RA co-star' - there's barely a programme that doesn't have one here in the UK. At the moment, as well as BC in Downton, we have Daniella in Waterloo Road (drama set in a school) & John Light (Henry Lennox) is in a medical drama.

Oh & by the way, whereas I'm sure the BBC would love to take credit for Downton, it's made by and for ITV.

Violet8886 said...

I love spotting familiar British Actors in more than one show...Yup, the actor who placed Ian Carlisle also was in Spooks with RA..Often you watch shows and think "hey I know that person" but for a moment can't remember from where...Love this! :)

Violet8886 said...

I love Downton Abbey too. :):):)

Phylly3 said...

This is my third try at commenting here. Anyhooo.... Love this post! I recognized everybody except Carol's mom on Sparkhouse. Good on you for that reference!

Anonymous said...

Huh. This proves my theory that there are only about 2 dozen British actors actually doing anything, and they all do everything.

Anonymous said...

Just the other day, I was thinking that RA should guest star on Downton! He has connexns to a LOT of the cast, as you pointed out so well. Hmmm...