Sep 21, 2012

My Husband looks Hot in Guyliner!!!

My husband doesn't have a desk job.
He has a blue-collar, hard hat-wearing,
get-your-hands-dirty kind of job
and he loves it.
He usually doesn't come home too messy
because he's a supervisor... but yesterday there was
trouble at the work site and he was covered from head-to-toe in oil!
He wiped his hands and face down as best as he could and changed his clothes,
but he couldn't get rid of all the oil before coming home to take a shower.
So he walked in the door looking
just like THIS without the leather!!!
He was all smudged and looked like
he was rocking guyliner.  *Swoon!*
As soon as he walked through the door,
I started giggling like a school girl and gushed
over how handsome he looked!
It helps that my hubs has similar stubble, sideburns, color of hair
and color of eyes as Gizzy in this pic. (His hair is shorter and wavy, but
it was made straight by all the oil gooped into it.)
He was shocked...
normally when he comes home messy, I immediately
point his way to the shower...but this time, I was trying to stall
the cleaning of his messy look.
Instead of saying,"Sorry for that rough day at work!"and 
sympathizing over nasty oil gunk in his hair and ears and who-knows-
where-else, I said, "Do that more often!"
Now if he'd just
come home wearing a cravat...


Phylly3 said...

Hee-hee-ho-ho-hah-hah!! That's all I've got Nat! LMAO here. :D

Violet8886 said...

This is adorable! Glad you had this kind of "guyliner" moment with your hubs!!! I love it. :):)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god this is too funny and hot! You rock Nat :):)

Violet8886 said...

I am sure you could buy him a cravat and get him all dressed up as Thornton..say as a Halloween treat for you :):) Yeah!!!

beverly said...

I don't think very many men realize the mileage they could get if they would wear a cravat and a puffy white shirt.

Myrtle said...

:) Heavenly. All this talk of guyliner and cravat's is too much :)