Sep 13, 2012

Nat's New Blog

I've started a new blog, where I can write about anything
I'm thinking about without being nailed down to one topic.
Even though I haven't posted much here lately,
I won't be completely abandoning this blog!
I still have a few RA posts in the works that I'd like to share with you
and I want to leave the door open in case a new RA post
or SFR adventures pops into my head. :)
Plus, there's over 3 years of my heart and soul... okay not really...
3 years of my swoons and laughs on this blog!  So it will remain open.
Anyway, if you like my style, go check out Nat's Noggin.
It's in the beginning phases, so please keep that in mind! :)
More RA posts to come here in the future.


Violet8886 said...

Nat post whatever you want. We love what you post and your humor, creativity, and artistry. It does not have to always be about RA, but of course we love RA. Love your Blog :):):)

Anonymous said...

REALLY delighted you're back!