Mar 11, 2013

F4 Day 1: And so it begins...

Hello, there blog world,
and Happy FanstRAvaganza week!!!

Long, time, no see. :) It feels good to be "back" for a bit.

If you're new to the FanstRAvaganza thing,
click HERE to see how it all got started.

Richard reminiscing about past FanstRAvaganzas:
Yes, I know Richard... good times.

FanstRAvaganza was originally started
to focus on RA and his awesome fans. :)  So that's what
I will be focusing on this week- us, the fans.
Before I get started, let me re-introduce myself since I haven't posted much in the
 past year or so and this may be your first time visiting this blog. My name is Natalie, but you
can call me Nat.  I've been a Richard Armitage fan for the past 4 years, since first viewing
"North & South."  (It's a condition called "Thornton Syndrome." Read more about it HERE.)
I started this blog in July 2009 as a way to poke fun at my love of RA (because it's funny!) and
enjoy drawing stick figures, writing silly limericks and posting drool-worthy pics of Richard.

Enough chit-chat about me.
Let's talk about this guy:
Wow, what a year!
Seeing Richard for the first time on the BIG SCREEN
was amazing.  He is fabulous as Thorin.  And that's not just me being bias.
My hubs, a big Tolkien fan, even thought he was excellent.
Cannot wait for the blu-ray next week!!!

Watching Richard appear in "The Hobbit"
and making the rounds with the press felt like
watching one of my siblings leave for college:
a lot of pride, mixed with a tiny twinge of sadness,
knowing that things would change. 

I guess I haven't noticed a huge change in the RA fandom since Richard gained
the international spotlight... but then again, I've been out of the loop for a while.

So that's what I would like to know...
*How did you feel about seeing Richard in "The Hobbit?"
*Do you think the RA fandom has changed since
Richard appeared in "The Hobbit?"  If so, in what way?

After leaving your comments here,
please visit to view a list of all
F4 participants and see what they have to contribute!



Micra said...

Ciao to everyone, I'm Cristina from Italy.
I didn't know RA before watching The Hobbit. I'm a Tolkien fan and I was full of fear before watching the movie for many reasons. But my fears went away very soon, and at the time of Balin's tale about Azanulbizar's Battle I was totally won by Jackson's vision of The Hobbit. Of course there are differences with the book, but I think Jackson was great in creating his personal reading, totally plausible and I personally think the movie (at least the first one) is even better than the book.
I “fell in love” with RA as soon as he enters Bag End and says that low voiced “Gandalf”. And then Thorin speaking to Balin, just as a reluctant hero that knows he must follow his destiny despite odds... well. And then Azanulbizar's Battle tale gave me the last hit. I gave in. I had just one king.
After that I checked who the RA was... worst move in my life! In a couple of day I was an Armitage Army member and got anything RA was involved in. I think Thorin is the best thing RA ever did, so poignant, so epic even when he simply stands still, acting only with his eyes (as in the last scene when finally catching sight of Erebor again). I love that RA writes bios for his characters, and that he couldn't bear some other actor could portray Thorin. I love that he is a Tolkien fan, dreaming of getting a horse and going fighting dragon (his actual words). He is one of us. I think that there is very much of him in Thorin, and probably Thorin gave something to him in those long months of shooting The Hobbit (and 10 weeks more to do!). Can't wait for the other 2 episodes. In the meanwhile I will watch An unexpected journey over and over again. Along with North & South, Vicar of Dibley, Strike Back and... well, you perfectly understood.

Phylly3 said...

Hello Micra! It is so lovely to hear RA's praises sung by new fans. He is such an amazing actor and human being.
Nice to see you posting again Nat! I can't wait to see what you've got for us this week!! (Nat was my first intro to the joys of RA fandom). Thanks so much!!

Guylty said...

I had high hopes for Richard's turn as Thorin in The Hobbit. I even travelled to the European premiere in London to catch a glimpse of RA and the film asap. And I was not disappointed - Richard fleshes out the character in the most majestic way. As soon as I saw him enter the movie/bag end, I knew that he was on his way to world-wide domination.
As regards the fandom - I will admit that I was slightly wary of changes, even though rationally I *do* welcome change. So far the influx of new fans has refreshed the fandom, imo. I am mainly active on tumblr, and it was great to see the fandom grow exponentially by the day. I have made quite a few new followers, a number of which I am personally conversing/messaging with, so that is a definite bonus. Hopefully it will continue as harmonically as it has been so far.
Armitage love FOREVER.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I was SOOO nervous when I went to the first showing of THe Hobbit. I kept thinking..what if this is horrible? What IF RA is horrible. I can't bear it!!!!

The first 30 mins. were the toughest. I was worried and beginning to panic. Was this going to work? Yeah, I wanted The Hobbit to really knock the socks off of the audience. The first hour passsed and my socks were still on. RA's entrance and The Voice made it all better.

And then...then, we got to the last 30 mins and I was so sucked in that I wouldn't have even noticed my socks dissappearing!!!! At all. The eagle scene sealed the deal. I was near tears watching RA being gently picked up by his eagle and then deposited on top of that rock. Oh. MY!!!!

And best of all...hubs LOVED the movie! He thought "the guy with the deep voice" was really good altho he liked Gandalf the best.

What I see in changes in the fandom are numbers. More fans. That's a good thing. I think. Time will tell.

And it was wonderful seeing a post from Nat pop up in my inbox!!! Yay Nat!!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Nice to meet you, Micra, and welcome to the world of RA! :)

Thank you guys for your comments and thoughts about RA as Thorin. Nice to see you back visiting this blog!

Traxy said...

The only fandom I really notice is whatever's posted on various fanblogs. If it ain't there, I wouldn't know about it. Don't really have the time to participate in fanblogs and I don't yet understand the purpose of Tumblr. So I can't really tell if fandom has changed or not.

On the other hand, RA was great as Thorin. It was exactly like you said, Nat. Which in itself was a strange feeling, I mean, whenever have you gone to see a film at the cinema and felt PROUD of someone in it? I mean, unless you actually KNOW someone who was in it? Really, really strange feeling.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I feel the same as you, Traxy- I'm not involved in the blogs/forums enough any more to really notice a difference. It's nice to hear that others are enjoying the new wave of fans! :)

And it IS weird to go to the movies and feel proud of someone on the screen, like watching a family member in a school play with your video camera rolling.

pi said...

I still haven't seen the Hobbit (don't hit me). Am going tonight, finally. Finally found a screen that is not 3D. I am not a Tolkien or Lord of the Rings fan, so it's hard for me to move my heiney, yes, even for RA.

I think the fandom has grown larger. It has also changed, which is to be expected. I get lots of hits on my site for"Richard Armitage naked/girlfriend/gay".

Good to see you posting, Nat! As always, it's such a pleasure. One of the League of Originals. :)

Gratiana Lovelace said...

Richard Armitage ROCKED his portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield--transforming himself again into a wholly new persona. RA's Thorin is fierce, regal, bitter, hopeful, loyal, vengeful, stubborn, honorable, and more. Shock & Awe, people, Shock & Awe!

As to RA's expanded fandom now that he is recognized on the international film stage? He is handing his success with grace and poise. And the more fans the merrier!


Anonymous said...

First, I have to thank you for paving the way on Tumblr. You inspire loyalty from those who have known you over there for a long time. It is a rare feat and gives you something in common with Thorin and PJ. I wish I could have been part of those days, but taking care of my father had me quite busy.

I went to see The Hobbit during the matinee on opening day and in the 48FPS format. I invited a married couple who are friends of mine; he is 71 and I wanted to witness his reaction at finally seeing his favorite childhood book come to life.

I tell you, it was deeply moving to hear him laugh and ooooh and aaaah in all the "right" parts of the film. Like you and Traxy, I felt tremendously proud of Richard when he showed up at Bag End (even though I confess the 'I got lost twice' joke did not amuse me, as I thought it took away from the "majesty" of his very masculine entrance).

I wanted to hug him and say: 'Well, done, my friend; well done!' I just felt this big surge of affection for him that is hard to explain to somebody who is not a fan.

I will die a little when Thorin does. I know I will.

Servetus said...


Yes, the fandom has changed, and IMO much for the better. Not that I disliked it before, but with the additional influx, it's a much more diverse, open place with a broader variety of both art and writing going on. That doesn't mean there are no growing pains, but simply that there are now places for people to go who have interests that don't converge with those of the traditional places to be welcomed and embraced. I'm excited about all the new fanfic writing I'm reading, the new ideas coming through graphics on tumblr (even though I hate the platform) and even the way the new folks are affecting how I think about the kind of writing I want to do. So for me, it's been all good so far.

Violet8886 said...

I love this page so much! :)

Violet8886 said...

I would think that now he is getting more exposure with The Hobbit movie, his fan base will be much larger :) Yeah!!! :)

Anonymous said...

First of all - HI NAT!!!!!

The only reason I even considered going to The Hobbit was because RA was in it. If he had not been involved, I can almost say for certain I would not have gone. I enjoy Martin Freeman, but not like RA. I enjoy James Nesbitt, again not close to the RA level. I ONLY went because RA was TO! I have never seen any of the LOTR or read anything by Tolken...I will see the next two hobbits...but it's just not a genre that I enjoy.

I too am not as vocal/active as I once was but I still do comment on FB and the occassional blog. It's kinda of neat to see the newer fans as they go through the discovery of new-to-them pictures or works of Richard...makes me smile.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Pi, Gratiana, Serv, Violet & tyme4t- it's so great to see familiar names on this blog again! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your 2 cents.

Pi- You'll HAVE to write a post about what you thought about The Hobbit. I love reading your stuff. You're not afraid of blurting out exactly what you think, even if it doesn't go along with the majority of the RA-loving crowd. Thank you for calling me as one of the "originals."

Gratiana- shock & awe for sure!

chattypatra- WOW! You are too kind! I didn't realize I had inspired anyone on tumblr (I'm not too familiar with that part of the RA world) but it's a great honor to know that! I am dreading Thorin's death scene too. :(

Serv- it's nice to know "one of the originals" is still going strong in the blogging world! :) And it's great to know form someone still very involved that the new wave of fans is such a positive thing! I figured it would be fun to "bring more into the fold" but didn't know what to expect, really. I'm sure you've been very welcoming. :)

Violet- thank you for continuing to comment on this blog, even when it sits dormant for a while. You are probably my most loyal blog reader and I really appreciate all of your thoughts and support.

tyme4t- so great to hear from you again! I understand that not everyone is a Tolkien fan, but maybe you will be by then end of the Hobbit series? :)

pi said...

Well, thank you, Nat! :) High praise indeed!

I went, I saw, I came home. I hope to have something up on The Hobbit before the end of FanstRA.

Grrrr. LOL!

Collar City Brownstone said...

I am like tyme4t when it comes to The Hobbit. Those types of movies are not my cup of tea either. I only went to see The Hobbit because RA is in it. I was bowled over by Richard's performance as Thorin, but not the movie in general. I know that my feelings about the movie is not a popular one, but it is an honest one. I know for sure that if RA was not in The Hobbit I never would have gone to see it.

I suspect that with North & South being played on TV in several countries now that RA's fan base will soar even higher. That means more women's lives will be ruined. :-)

Teuchter said...

So good to find this post Nat! Even though you were never completely away, welcome back! I've missed coming here.

I was totally blown away by Richard's performance in The Hobbit. He has the amazing ability to inhabit a character and he certainly did that in spades with Thorin. I would have been excited to see the movie anyway, but seeing how magnificent he looked on the big screen was icing on the cake for me. I think I surprised myself by how emotional I found the movie and I know I'll be a basket case by the end of the third one. He's worth it though!! :D