Mar 14, 2013

F4 Day 4: An Armitage Limerick

There once was a fellow named Richard,
who, as Thorin, got stuck in a blizzard.
but fear not, dwarf-lovers,
for he indeed gained safe cover,
and his side-kick was a really cool wizard.
Go get 'em, boys!

There were also cravats and nice hair,
when he played Mr. Hot-Piercing-Stare.
While watching "North & South,"
you'll wipe drool from your mouth,
or maybe fall out of your chair!
Dang you, Thornton!

Then there's ol' Gizzy in leather...
who was quite the hot-tempered, mean feller.
Though jaded and grim,
you can't help but love him,
unless you're a hermit cave-dweller.
The guyliner. The stubble. The brooding.

Of course there's our Lucas from Spooks,
who battled terrorists, blonde ladies and nukes.
I will always deny
that he was a bad guy,
'cause it surely was some kind of fluke!
I don't believe any of it, I tell you!  *sniff*

But Harry, with his sweaters and smile,
makes being an RA fan so worth while!
He's such a nice guy,
you can't help but sigh,
even if he doesn't have the best style.

 Speaking of style... there's this chap named Monet.
Though it's never implied that he's gay,
he loves cheerful bright colors,
like his creative, artsy brothers,
and would die wearing something bland and gray!
Don't look at me like that.  Pink looks great on you, Claude!

John Porter seems hardened and tough,
with those muscles and weapons and scruff.
Rescuing one-handed ladies,
saving African babies,
we learn on the inside, he ain't rough.
Ah, the original Porter pic.

 Dear Richard, many thanks for these guys,
who bring entertainment to many a fan's lives.
We all sure do love them,
so keep 'em on-commin',
and may your career continue to thrive! :)
Lookin' good, Mr. A!

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pi said...

BWAH! "Mr Piercing Hot Stare".

Bwahaha! I'll have to get over that before I read the rest.

pi said...

Okay, I read the rest. I am verklempt. And smiling, big time. Thanks for vintage Nat. You are an inspiration.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thank you, pi! Gettin' back to my roots. :)

tyme4t said...

*standing ovation* Best limerick of your career!

Love the stanza on Lucas!

Guylty said...

Ol' Gizzy *lol*. Brilliant stuff. Love them all.

Micra said...

Love them all!!! I totally agree with what you wrote on Lucas, Harry and Porter (and remember: all his troubles began because he didn't kill the little Iraqi boy...).

Faboamanto said...

LOL! That "piercing hot stare" got to me too...and of course Lucas, you are so right!

Gratiana Lovelace said...

GReAt limricks! Happy FanstRA 4!
Cheers! Grati;->

Anonymous said...

Yay I love a good limrick, although I'm pretty sure one about Porter would include the word 'vagina' LOL!

Trudy said...

Love the limericks. 'Dang you, Thornton!' indeed. What character did you meet first, Nat? Was it Thornton who did you in? ;)

Collar City Brownstone said...

I also prefer to deny that Lucas was ever a bad guy. Shame on the writers.

I happen to like Harry's style, but he would look even better wearing a suit and cravat.

Jennie said...

Nat! You have a talent I swear
For laying a limerick bare!
From Thorin to Monet
They're all very funny
And show our dear Richard you care!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thank you, ladies. :)

mulubinba said...

nat, it's been way too long between limericks!!!! Thanks for these!!


Servetus said...

Makes me a bit nostalgic for the days when we were regularly writing these all the time. Why am I nostalgic? Must be the Irish inflluence on St Pat's ... :)

Violet8886 said...

I feel nostalgic too..remembering the days when Richard first came on the scene and caused such a fuss..inspiring so many..I love that so many are still inspired and are creative over this wonderful man :)