Mar 15, 2013

F4 Day 5: "North & South" from a toddler's view

Richard Armitage admirers
come in all sizes, ages and nationalities.
I know fans of every age group... including one of my favorite RA buddies, who is 80 years old. :)
I also know a certain 2 year-old little diva who thinks RA is pretty neat.  (Or Mr. Thornton, that is.) 
In this post, I'll call her Miss E... she's my daughter and cute side-kick, who has light brown hair
that falls in soft ringlets, huge brown eyes and the most adorable chubby cheeks ever. 
Miss E watched "North & South" with me for the first time last month.
I was folding the mountains of laundry I'd been avoiding for a few weeks (don't judge)
and decided to pop in a movie to help pass the boring time. 

JT: the cure for laundry day blues.

The boys were at school, so it was just us girls.  Miss E was happily playing with her doll house
and humming "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," but immediately paused when the movie came on and
plopped down her little diapered bum next to me to check out what was appearing. I didn't think
she would pay much attention to "North & South."  It's not one of her princess movies~
there's no song and dance or friendly animals that come to the rescue.
But she did pay attention!
Miss E danced around
the living room to the soundtrack.
(This is not Miss E.  Just a random toddler who
shows how awesome 2 year-olds are while dancing.)
She shouted, "It's snowing!"
when she first saw Mr. Thornton appear.
She oohed and ahhed at the beautiful dresses.
She commented on the tea cups,
and quickly went to retrieve her toy tea set to play along.
My favorite reaction of all~
she asked if Mr. Thornton was a "pince"
(translation: prince- thank you, Disney movies)

and said, "I like him. He my pince." 
It made me laugh out loud!

I guess this just proves that JT
can melt the heart of any female,
those who are not yet potty trained.
 I'm so grateful that in a houseful of rambunctious boys,
I have at least one person who can appreciate period dramas with me.
I detect a true RA fan in the making!

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Unknown said...

That. Is. AWESOME.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thanks, Ruth. :)

CKM said...
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Traxy said...

*chuckles* Obi-Nat has taught her well! ;D Or maybe it's an inherited trait? Now there's a thought.

Vec170203 said...

Thank you Nat for sharing this story, it's so cute!

Mary3 said...

Oh, Nat! That is just ADORABLE! That Evie of yours ...
she already shows her great taste
(And, nope if I discern correKtly who your "pal" is,
she is NOT a youngster of 80 ... nooo ... she will be 82 this October! ;)
(And she LOVES you!;)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Nat, this is a really wonderful story. Is't it heartwarming to have a little girlie-ally at this important affair of the heart?

Trudy said...

I LOVE it!!!! She is so perceptive. Yes, dearie he IS a prince. Now if only Margaret could discern that earlier....

Janine Pineo said...

Out of the mouths of babes... Her discerning eye spotted her prince. So beautiful!

Teuchter said...

So precious! It seems she has inherited the "Good Taste Gene" from her Mom! ;)

Gratiana Lovelace said...

This is priceless! Thank you so much for sharing! And brava to your little Princess E!

Phylly3 said...

Oh how perfectly sweet!! You couldn't ask for a better reaction. As wonderful as sons can be, there is something very special about having a daughter to share such moments with. This story made me chuckle and also brought tears to my eyes!

mulubinba said...

Very cute Miss E !!

Guylty said...

Like mother like daughter. LOL. My daughter teases me about my RA obsession. We share a fascination with The Hobbit (which I read to her), and after seeing the film she now actually has a thing for Kili... uh-oh...

CDoart said...

How lovely. That sounds great that you get support and have a fellow RArmy girl in your household to enjoy fandom with you ;o)

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT. My youngest.. used to climb up and sit next to me when I watched it as well. She would then say.. "Ooh the Ohn and Arget woovie!" (John and Margaret Movie)

@Sally_Boots (Hannah A) said...

This is perhaps the most adorable Armi post ever!
I love that your daughter called him a "p(r)ince". Bless!

Servetus said...

N&S could make even folding clothes bearable ... (I hate that chore, too. I mean, folded clothes are just bourgeois convention, right?)

This is also good news for the marketers. Armitage makes fans in ever age segment, including the under 2 crowd. Maybe next we'll see him as a guest in a segment of Teletubbies ... :)

Violet8886 said...

All of this is truly awesome..North and South really is intoxicating and Romantic..It can mesmerize any female fan of Richard. It still stands out all these years later :)
I love that Richard fans are of all different ages :)

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