Mar 16, 2013

F4 Day 6: The Other Half

What does your significant other think about your Armi-Admiration?
(LittleSallyBoots calls Richard "Armi" and I'm totally copying her.)
My husband will mumble sarcastic little things
here or there, which always cracks me up... so I wondered if other
main squeezes do the same thing?  I asked around and here are a few responses.

"Oh him. That's sad, my wife's in love with the Guy on the telly".
~ What Mr. Siouxsie Sioux said after catching his wife swooning over Gizzy. 
(Her excuse of
watching "Robin Hood" for the kids didn't pull the wool over his eyes!)
(Not Sioux.)

"Well I'm off to the farmer's market.
I heard Thornton will be there with cotton samples."

~Mr. Trudy likes to sneak the word "Thornton" into any
sentence to get his wife's attention.  And it works every time. :)

"I wonder if your mate went in the back of my friend's truck?"
~ Said by Mr. Bathsheba when he heard that his friend's army truck
had been used while filming "Ultimate Force."  She was shocked because
she thought her love of RA was a well-kept secret at the time.

"Some women like Chippendale's...
my wife prefers buttoned up men with cravats and top hats."

~Mr. Ramones when he tells his friends about his wife's love of "period porn."

"Sir Gay."
~ What Mr. Squid calls Sir Guy of Gisborne.
(Probably makes him feel macho and less-threatened.)
Mr. Squid & Marian can only wish Gisborne was "batting for the other team."

"Oh, I see you have another date with your boyfriend."
~Mr. Nat whenever he walks in on me watching "North & South."
He always calls Richard my boyfriend as sarcastically as possible...
usually with some eye-rolling involved.   He didn't recognize him in "The Hobbit"
until I told him afterwards that Richard had played Thorin.  He was stunned and said,
"Your boyfriend was the dwarf leader?  He was great!"
(Yes, indeed, Mr. Nat.)  That was the first nice thing he has ever said about Armi...
perhaps Richard can win over even the most snarky of husbands when all is said and done?

Some husbands like to play pranks...
like Mr. @Rob, who enjoys hiding his wife's large Thorin cardboard cutout
throughout the house so that it surprises her around a corner or in a closet!
Imagine this popping up out of nowhere:
Get your life-size Thorin HERE!
Some main squeezes are down right sweet....
"I guess we're going to see a lot of your handsome man".
~Said Mr. Rose, when his favorite book "The Hobbit" came to the big screen.
He also asks his wife, "How are the gals on C19 these days?"
Click HERE for the C19 fan forum.

There's Mr. Mulubinba who waited with her forever on the
red carpet in New Zealand for an autograph/photo op with Richard.
(You can read about her experience HERE.)
He also gave her an Armitage Apron.  Who wouldn't want one of these!?

So what about YOU, dearest blog reader?
What does your significant other (or insignificant others)
do or say about Richard Armitage?  Please share!

Is there already a nickname for husbands-of-Armitage-fans?
Maybe we should come up with one... have any suggestions?

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Mulubinba said...

Lol - great post. Thanks so much everyone for sharing their Oh stories :)

mulubinba said...

MTA: Have to add that OH was granted his dream wish in Wellywood when he met Cate Blanchett !! ... so he wasn't entirely selfless... :)

Guylty said...

OH I love this post, Nat!! Great to read that others have SOs who are ever so slightly bothered by our fascination with another man (wonder why...) *haha*.
I can add a couple of one-liners to the collection. While my SO is generally amusedly tolerant of RA, he occasionally betrays his jealousy. One day, when we were talking about "man bags", he turned to me and said: "So, on the Richard Armitage scale of sexual hotness, where does carrying a man bag place a guy?" LOL
Another time he was less benign and said: "Talking of Richard Armitage, I have taken the rubbish out for collection." *hmph*
But I am secretly pleased that my OH betrays his stirrings of jealousy that way...

Lost in Books (SiouxsieSioux) said...

Our OH's are a tolerant breed!!!

I still love the C19 tip to consider if and when your other half gets a little miffed at your longings.....

"Lusting after RA has it's rewards, RA may inflate the tyres, but it's you who gets to ride the bike"

On that note I'm off to make a cup of tea and watch a little Monet today!

PS: Nat - where the heck did you dig that pic up from? My twin thought she'd destroyed those years ago!!!

pi said...

Marvellous anecdotes. Endearing OH's. Delightful post.

I have no significant other. When I finally got my BFF to watch North and South, afterwards, she said, "He's a good actor". Gah!

She and I have shared many an obsessive crush over actors (well, not that many), so we are happily sympatico on that score. If I were still married to the ex, he wouldn't have been interested in anyone I crushed on, which is one reason why he is the ex. :)

I can't believe you're doing a post a day, Nat. That's a lot well-crafted work. You deserve a pedestal in the pantheon of Armi Originals.

Gratiana Lovelace said...

Giggles! I loved this! But I gotta tell you, my hubby isn't threatened by my RA admiration in the least. And he would even tell me about Hobbit adverts he saw on tv--because he knows that I am interested.

And, I was able to drag my hubby to the 3D 24fps Hobbit showing in our town on date night. Ha!

However, were Mr. A to get on a Trek Madone bicycle? My hubby's hobby is cycling. Then my hubby might be interested in RA. Ha!

Trudy said...

That picture and your cap "get 'em Gizzy" makes me chortle every time I see it. (Knowing it was NOT Siouxsie Sioux, of course!)
I'm sure my jealous buttons would be pushed if my OH mooned over Uma Thurman on the Web every day! These guys are pretty patient with our fangirling, I must admit.
And, yes. I'll admit I'm into period porn! Lol.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

A big THANKS to all the ladies who contributed their men's thoughts. :)

@Sally_Boots (Hannah A) said...

Yep, Armi is my pet name for him - I love it and I'm positive he would love it too! ;)

"your boyfriend/lover" is how he's usually referred to by others... If only!! -_-

Servetus said...

These are all sweet stories -- and good job, Nat, of not letting Mr. Nat know until after the film that he was watching Armitage ...

I don't have a romantic partner, but my friends are often teasing me, and my close friend & colleague Pesky has started to notice the pileup of Thorin stuff in my office and make jokes about me "taking back my kingdom" ...

Violet8886 said...

I love these posts Nat!! :) I think all of our significant others playfully and cheerfully put up with our obsessions. :) It is harmless really. :) I love this fantravaganza :)

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