Sep 11, 2013

A summer well spent.

Hey there, Armi-lovers!
How have you been?
I'm alive (in case anyone wondered) and had an eventful summer...
my youngest sister got married, I had a baby boy (#4. I must be crazy!)
and I turned 30... which means I'm an honest-to-goodness adult now, I guess.
(So, yeah.  Real life has been busy and this blog has been very neglected.)
But most importantly...
this summer I also tricked my husband into
watching the North & South train scene.
Oh, yes I did!!!

Okay, there wasn't much trickery
involved since this wasn't a premeditated move.
As I was flipping through channels one Sunday evening,
I noticed North & South was airing on INSP and that there were only
10 minutes left... you know what that means!  So, of course,
I selected that channel, yanked the ipad out of my husband's grip (so
he wouldn't be distracted by solitaire or something way less important than
this epic moment) and shouted, "Look, babe, it's THE scene!!!"
He watched it with this sort of expression:
(Not my husband.)
For some reason, I felt quite smug after we watched the train scene together.
As if I just proved to him WHY Richard is awesome.  However, being a guy who
could care less about that romantic stuff, I'm pretty sure the point was lost on him.
(Maybe that's how he feels when he talks to me about fishing boats and
I get a glazed-over look and start snoring.)
Anyway- despite being a hermit all summer
(thanks to being huge and pregnant) we had a good one.
I hope you did too! :)


Servetus said...

What, he didn't volunteer to reenact it with you? :)

Glad to see you here and glad you had such a good summer.

Joanna said...

Congratulations on son,Nat:)
My hubby reacts very similary and he adds few amusing (in his opinion)comments.;)

Faboamanto said...

Congratulations on a new addition to the family.

Wasn't it great that North & South was on US TV! I had to watch it then too.

Glad to have you back.

Violet8886 said...

So glad you had a ton of good things happen. Turning 30 is big but it's also liberating :) Glad you are back. We love your comments Natalie! :)

Phylly3 said...

Wow congrats on baby #4! You must be so busy, I'm not surprised you don't have time for blogging. Thanks for posting anytime you can.
Happy 30th birthday! And kudos for setting up your hubby with "the tRAin scene". Awesome expression pic! LOL

Anonymous said...

The Train Station Scene of North and South is my absolute favorite because it is so romantic. I did the same thing with my husband who does not understand why Richard Armitage is my favorite actor.

We live in the USA and he saw Richard for the first time in Capitan America. I love British shows and movies, so I watched North and South about 5 years ago.

He watched the scene and he did not see the point either. It is a lost cause :)

But it is ok, Richard is equally awesome, even if my man doesn't get it.