Sep 1, 2014

I Dreamed a Richard Dream

I had a Richard Armitage dream last week, out of the blue.
I shall share the experience with you through song!

Richard is on the edge of his seat.

As you read this, be sure to sing it out loud to the
tune of 
"I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Mis~

I dreamed a dream in time gone byyy...
of meeting my favorite actor, Richaaaard.
I stared into those deep blue eeeeeeyes!
He was even taller than I pictured.

Then I was blunt and unafraaaaid,
when I randomly bumped into him in my children's school offiiice.
Could I just, but persuaaaaade...
him to take 2 pictures with me, then leave him alone, I'd promiiise?

But the other parents saaaw,
and started crowding 'round obnoxiouslyyy...
I wanted to punch 'em in the jaaaw,
when he slipped from them, oh-so flawlesslyyy!

Then I dreamed he came to meee...
agreed to pose for those stinkin' picturrrres.
One respectable, one goof-yyyy,
while I told him all 'bout Stick Figure Richaaaard.

I had a dream our Riii-chieee...
was no different from that guy I'd beee-lieved.
No different from the fellow that we've seeeeen,
'Til hubby's snoring woke... me from... my dreeeeeam.


Servetus said...

Well, as long as hubs wasn't beating you up to get himself in the picture, lol. Sweet dream!

Phylly3 said...

Your dream set to music! I LOVE it!!

Mulubinba said...

LOLOL!!! Always late to visit your blog, Nat!! :). Love it.

jazzbaby1 said...


Mulubinba said...

Hey Nat ... I miss you. RA blogging just isn't the same as when we first started.

Cecile said...

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