Dec 10, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

*Spoiler Alert!*
Don't read this post if you haven't read
The Hobbit and want to be surprised about
about Thorin's outcome.  Even though the title
pretty much gives it away.  Sorry.

I am SOOOO excited to see
the final Hobbit movie next week!

As in freaking out excited.
All the movie trailers,
interviews, and premier photos/videos
have left my Armitage-Tolkien
fangirl heart a-flutterin'.

Having said that...
I'm feeling anxiety over seeing it since
I don't know how I'll feel at the end.
I'm always sad when a movie series is complete,
(no matter how satisfying the ending) due to
it being THE END.

And in THIS case,
I know that the ending for our Thorin
isn't to live happily ever after. *sob*

I'm aware that Thorin dies...
and don't know that I'm mentally prepared
for another Armitage death scene.

~Let's review some, shall we?~

I'm not doing this to be morbid, 
but as a reminder that Richard plays dead
often, and does it well.

Heinz Kruger in Captain America.
Self-poisoning Nazi.
I didn't really care about this guy.

John Porter in Strike Back.
Killed by terrorists in the line of duty.
Sad. But I wasn't too gutted.

Lucas North in Spooks.
(Or whatever his real name is- John again.)

It is implied that Lucas jumped off a building
and we see Sir Harry looking over the edge all glum,
but a body isn't shown.  This is good for our tender
minds, but didn't give me closure. I kept hoping
He had somehow faked his death like Sherlock and
would suddenly appear in the final season.  But no.
Lucas was gone.  I didn't like his demise one bit.

I handled all the above character deaths okay...
but then there was Gisborne in Robin Hood. 
That's another story, folks!  Sure, we can all probably agree 
the script for Season 3 was nuts.  But this is GIZZY 
we're talking about here.... the bad boy with a soft core that we
learned more about in Season 3.  (Meg episode, anyone?)

This death scene broke my heart.
I shed some tears and was in mourning for a week!

  THIS scene is why I'm so worried about watching
Battle of the Five Armies.  I know Thorin's death scene
will be dramatic and that there will be sad music playing
in the background and his comrades grieving 
his loss...

Chances are, I will be sobbing into 
my popcorn with snot running down my face.
It won't be a pretty sight!!!
I guess the only solution will be to take a big box
of tissues and wear waterproof mascara.

So that we don't end on a depressing note,
let's gaze at a few pretty RA pics.

All better. 


Yve said...

I surprised my hubbie when I said I wasn't seeing the film on the opening night, explaining I had no desire to see Thorin's death.

Heathra said...

I feel the same on all the characters and I am still not over the outcome of Lucas North and Guy well I sobbed for like a hour after that last episode!!! I am seeing a prescreening tonight of The Hobbit. I plan on bringing tissues! Just FYI that last picture is not Richard! Someone photoshopped his head onto that body. ;)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Heather, I see that I've been bamboozled and removed the non-RA pic! :) I am excited for you (although jealous) that you get to see a prescreening tonight! I LOVED your premier pics... thanks for sharing on Twitter! I think you earned that prescreening ticket for sure.

mulubinba said...

.... so what did you think? It was Bilbo's crying over Thorin that finally set me off. That and being with 200 Hobbit fans who had journeyed to Wellington for the final chapter. Very sad + 'They' (WBs) put the LA Premiere on the same day to conflict with Wellington apparently as payback for protesting about the kiwi actors not going to London so we were all already upset about that. The Kiwi actors had all been invited to the party and couldn't come as they all went to LA. It was kind of a fizzer for Wellington therefore and upsetting given all the hard work NZ put into all 6 movies. You can imagine we were all crying at the end of the movie as it was 'one last time' and WBs spoilt the celebrations that Wellie had organised. Still, I would be fibbing if I said that we didn't enjoy ourselves at the party :)

Servetus said...

So, what did you think? Or did the film kill you and now you can't write anymore?

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Thorin !!! Keep well RA ... Radiant Archangel ...

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