Aug 29, 2009

One Month of Blogging!

As of yesterday, The Richard Armitage Fan Blog has been around for 1 month! Thank you to all of those who have commented, contributed, or simply dropped by for a glance. Also, a big thanks to those who have added this link to their own sites as well~ it is greatly appreciated.

It has been a blast posting things and meeting new people online who share my admiration for the talented and
drool-worthy RA. Please continue to stop in for a visit! Remember, any comments/suggestions are welcome.

I'd like to draw your attention to some new additions to the blog. There is an "Enjoyable Blogs" section on the right panel underneath "Other Sites Worth a Look." All of these sites are dedicated to either RA or period movies/literature. If you have an RA site or blog and would like me to add your link here, please leave a comment or send an email.

Keep on keepin' on... and here's to more to come! :)


Mulubinba said...

Happy one month birthday to the RAfanblog!

Maria Grazia said...

Your blog is great for being so young! Thanks for linking to my blog and Happy one month birthday!

rocksblogg said...

well done sweetie, keep it up, I'm enjoying popping over when I get a minute for a drool!