Sep 14, 2009

The Adventures of Stick-Figure Richard

"The Impressionists" has left an impact on me. I am feeling artistic and want to start a new era, called "The Richardists." I will share with you some of my art now.

This first bit is a set some may call "comics" although there's nothing funny about it. It is pure art.
Please don't be jealous of my abilities... feel free to send in any of your Richardist art as well.
Besides being devilishly handsome,
Richard looks like an ordinary guy. Don't be fooled!

He can unleash the piercing stare on a whim
and thwart any kind of mischief!

His butter-smooth voice can hypnotize crowds.

And he can change his appearance in a snap.
To be continued...

*UPDATE:  You can watch the video version of "The Adventures of Stick-Figured Richard" (with awesome background music) here:


jtmh said...


fanficfan said...

Look forward to seeing more!

RAdored said...

Thanks Nat - just love them.

Love your sense of humour and your Lowry-like drawings - my sort of artist.

Keep them coming *thumbs up*

Debra said...

Great stuff, Nat.

Can't wait to see more.

***It looks like we may have gone to the same art school?***

I think that I may be now included as a RICHARDIST.

(Who knew?)

Longhairedtoad said...

That is too funny! I love the purse one.

hedgey said...

LOL Nice to see Claude's dead squirrel beard in there.

Jacqui said...


loriBear said...

All I can say is.... (Giggle).. I guess I didn't say anything at all did I!

bZirk said...

LOL! I love this!

But you need a disclaimer that you're not responsible for damage to someone's keyboard. :D

kristi said...

Wow. I was having a really rough day, but you completely turned it around. This could be a new meme - an RA-themed meme! I like it. I'm inspired!

Starheart said...

Wow you're inspiring. Maybe i SHOULD give Impressionists a go. There's no region 4 version though.

Watching North and South inspired me to go read a whole textbook on the Industrial Revolution! (plus write some blog entries etc) Such is the power of the glower. I don't think a horde of scary history teachers could've had the same effect.

bZirk said...

I love the sideburns. :D

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Monet looks like he's wearing a golfing hat. :)

mulubinba said...

Lol - great pics Nat. I quite like the hypnotising voicepic.