Oct 9, 2009

Photo Friday: Holy Mother of Pearl.

Oh my goodness!  I think I squealed with glee the first time I saw this pic a few months ago!
It's every Guy/Marian fan's dream come true and a great way to end the week with a "bang."

Of course, this picture never took place, even though it looks so real.  It was photoshopped/created by the talented Heathra (aka: HeathDances.)  She is an RA fan and graphic designer with some mad skills! Some of her other designs can be seen on www.RAnet.com, www.richardarmitagenet.com, and on the C19 forum. Be sure to check out her stuff there!

Heathra is also the mastermind behind those incredibly hot/funny Richard Armitage "Sexy Back" videos on YouTube.  I posted one earlier... click HERE if you haven't seen it!  (It was one of the first RA fan vids I saw and couldn't stop swooning & laughing at the same time.) I read on her YouTube channel that she is currently working on a Sexy Back 3 video.  Ladies beware! Of course she has many other RA-related vids, so be sure to click on her channel's link above.

Before wrapping up Hanky-Panky Week
(some will be sad to see it end, while others have waited patiently for the skankiness to subside)
I have a link to another Guy/Marian Heathra creation.
This one is even more kinky, so prepare your innocent eyes and beware:
you may fall out of your seat!
Click here: holy smokes!!!

*Thank you for sharing, Heather!*


Starheart said...

My first words were "What the ...?" seeing them embrace in the first pic. It reminds me of the Rolling stone cover of Mulder and Scully which also never took place.

Despite the hotness of the second pic my favourite is the first one. A tender Guy would be a dream. : )

endorwitch said...

awesome photo manips!!!! even if i think marian is a ho-bag who doesnt deserve my gizzys love!

the linked one is indeed pervalicious! i hope his mum never looks at such things!

bZirk said...

Ohmigosh. You lived up (or down possibly) to the expectation. LOL!

Uhh, I'm not sure what I think. Much as I've enjoyed looking at Richard, I kinda feel like a voyeur on this one. No, scratch the kinda, I do feel like a voyeur. LOL! But then I'm one of those who didn't want to see his "peaches" either. :D

WitchyWoman said...

OML(makes you just want to put your own face there).
Those are really good pics. Very well done.
Why was Robin Hood a family show??(I know why..just humour me).
Watched the last episode of series one today.
That scene Guy and Marian have when she goes to see him and asks if he went to the Holy Land to kill the king,which ends with Guy sitting down on a chair after she leaves and he's all breathless(which I think is because he's lied and mostly because Marian stirs him so much)
The previous episode when Marian/Nightwatchman is stealing Guy's money and is almost caught when Robin turns up and Guy tells Robin of the wedding.
I was a complete puddle when he growls "marriage bed"
Gets coat and heads off to the gutter.

bZirk said...

LOL! Yeah, what was up with this show aiming for the kid audience?

bZirk said...

I mean I know kids are more "mature" these days, but do 10 year old boys get that scene where Guy becomes "exasperated" with Marian? ;)

Guess that scene was for their mommas or big sisters.

Sue said...

Oh what a way to end hanky panky week! Only one thing could be improved in those pics (both of them!) and that's me taking Marian/Lucy Griffiths place! Wow!!!

King peaches is back!

Haylie said...

hummiduh hummiduh hummiduh...
I know these are fake, but oh my heck! *faints*

I would've enjoyed more action on RH (and not the fighting kind) even if it was between Marian and that piddley boy, Robin. Not just a few pecks on the lips-- a full fledged make out scene at least. Come on people! Forget the kids-- I think more women watched the show. I demand a re-write with non-idiotic writers. Bring on the smooching! (Preferrably with Gisborne.)

Anonymous said...


You smutty girl, you! LOL.

Maria Grazia said...

I know Heather 's works and videos and like them. My favourite one is Lucas North - Fix you (Cold play) . I've added it in the right column of my blog. But ... I have to go back to more calm places ... this blog has become too ...HOT ... HOT STUFF this week!!!

RAdored said...

Brilliant manips! It is so easy to convince yourself that these 2 pics caught a real moment. I haven't seen them before but I am glad to have seen them now.

If only the BBC would commission an adult GoG show - after the 9 pm watershed - it would win hands down in the ratings. We can but hope. Maybe we ought to get a campaign going before RA gets too committed elsewhere!

Thanks Nat and Heathra. You both have more talent in your little fingers than I have in my entire being. Congrats and well done.

bZirk said...

Oh, I've seen lots and lots of Heather's work. She's good, and in fact, it was one of Heather's videos on YouTube a couple of years ago that even clued me into Richard Armitage. Thank you, Heather. :D

I'll say what I've said before. She ought to be paid by RA's publicist for doing such a good job of promoting him. I know it's a labor of love for her (and that shows), but it would be great if she could be acknowledged financially or creatively too. As far as I'm concerned, RA owes her something -- even more than just a mention in an interview -- great as that was. :D

Obviously, that's just my not so humble opinion.

Avalon said...

Wow it looks so real and I dont see anything wrong with the photo

jtmh said...

What interview was that? Bzirk

These are hot flaming pics.

I admit I have imagined these kind of pics, but for Thornton and Margaret. Maybe a campaign is in order, asking Heather to do one.

Mulubinba said...

Lol - I see why my photo friday pics of RA asleep aren't as exciting as yours are ...lol! I'm still trying to work out how HeathRA made this one.

Anonymous said...

Heather is a close friend of mine and I was very honoured that she made those manips to give me inspirational material for my Guy & Marian story story I am writing, called "The Lord Of Misrule." Have you seen the third one of the series?

bZirk said...

I know you didn't address that to me, Angela, but I haven't seen it.

However, on a related note, I would love to read "The Lord of Misrule."

Oh, and I love your graphics and videos too. You ought to get paid or acknowledged as well. :D But then I've said that on another site, so sorry for the repetition.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I totally agree- we need a Thornton manip, stat! Heather? Are you out there? Get crackin'. :)

Angela (spikesbint),
I am familiar with your youtube vids (we are yt friends), awesome graphics and have heard of your amazing authoring talents! I knew that Heather had made these pics for you- so thanks for inspiring her. :) I have heard about "Lord of the Misrule" from several RA fans, but where can we find it?
By the way, the ladies of a certain forum (where you are known as bagpuss) are missing you!

You are right. There are so many amazingly talented RA fans out there. They should be commissioned to design billboards of nothing but RA wallpaper, just so we can have something nice to look at as we drive down the highway. :)

phylly3 said...

RA billboards! Yikes! I'd have an accident for sure!
But keep those fanvids coming ladies they are marvelous!

Traxy said...

OFMG!! See, I get so excited I can't even spell OMFG correctly! I mean the second picture... *dies!* And on the plus side, she doesn't even look like Marian. Bonus! :D


That made my day. Woo! Heathra, you rock! As always! :D

Anonymous said...

ick, i say. taking someone's head and pasting it onto someone else's body is just so creepy. not cool.

i'm not a member, and apparently way in the minority here, so, different strokes for different, etc.

spooks producers are showing us plenty of real RA skin without fans fauxing more.

Anonymous said...

i luv u sooooo much for putting this photo up!!!!!! when i saw the first one on google i was OMG then i clicked on then next one and i was screaming not out lound but in my head i was soooo happy and i really really really wish this happen in the robin hood show but no they had to make it a family show!!!! but it was still good to watch, i think most people just watch it cuz he is on!! i luv him!!!!!!!!!