Oct 7, 2009

RA workin' the red carpet.

Richard Armitage and Julie Graham on the red carpet at a BBC showcase:

He was there promoting "Spooks," she was there promoting "Bonekickers."
*Gasp*  Look at where his hand is!  (Lucky lady.)
The short hair & side-burns combo RA has going on there is great!
FYI, Julie is married to British actor, Joseph Bennett.

So why are these two so friendly?
Julie was Richard's co-star in "Between the Sheets." (2003)

Very, very lucky lady!

 (This must be "Chesticles/Hanky-Panky Week" on The RA Fan Blog.)

~Thanks SJ!


Starheart said...

Ooh, finally a post which tags Between the sheets!

I haven't seen much of BTS, but that screencap is lovely. As are the caps of RA on the red carpet.

endorwitch said...

lol when i saw those first two pics i immediately thought 'look at his hand!! omgawd!!!' i am glad i am not the only one! :D

WitchyWoman said...

This is next on my Richard watch list. I've only seen clips on Youtube and it looks interesting(and I mean that in a subject matter way)
I read somewhere he told his mum that they got a body double in for his love scenes but his mum wasnt fooled by him LOL.

I like the Chesticles/Hanky Panky week theme very much.
What about an Ultimate Force bath towel pic next Nat??

Longhairedtoad said...

Some women get all the luck!

bZirk said...

Love the red carpet pictures. Frankly, I wonder if he doesn't have to really work at not putting his hand up too high when he has his arm around a woman. I think that is the lot of someone his height. However, with her, I'm sure it wasn't an issue considering their association with the infamous peaches.

That's my long way of saying that he probably didn't care if his hand was up too high, and I'm pretty sure she didn't care. :D

Sue said...

There were some quite raunchy nude scenes in that series and I can't help wondering if they recognised each other fully dressed!!!

They also had a scene where Richard had his shoes off under the table and playing footsie with Julie. (Hoped he remembered to cut his toe nails - ouch!!!)

Richard's made a few comments about this and what he's told his mum. I remember he said once that he'd told his mum to go and make a cup of tea while those scenes were on. In another interview he said he was watching the show and when a particular naughty scene came on his mum went out of the room and he shouted "ahhh mum you've seen my bum before!" (Not for many years I doubt and I don't think it was doing what it was doing in that scene either Richard, naughty lad). I can say one thing with certainty I could never watch something like that with my mum sitting next to me whether it was my bum being filmed or not I'd be too embarassed!)

Debra said...

The placement of the hand was the "first thing" that I noticed when I first saw this picture.

The "second thing" was the rather LARGE GRIN that Julie Graham is wearing.

Then I just fantasized about being in her shoes (for those few minutes).

I LOVE "hanky panky" week!

I have the DVD (Between the Sheets)...it's worth the purchase - IMO.

Anonymous said...

Is this a recent event please?

bZirk said...

If memory serves, it happened last year.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks Bzirk

bZirk said...

I should have looked it up. It was February 2009 in Brighton. FYI: I got that info from RichardArmitageOnline.com

Haylie said...

It looks like RA accidentally about to cop a feel. Or on purpose. You do what you need to do, RA-- I'm not here to judge. ;-)

Sue said...

How come nobody has mentioned some of those shirtless scenes (and loving scenes) from the BBC's drama Marie Lloyd? Poor bloke had to endure a naked woman standing astride his legs while he was playing cards and wine being drizzled into his mouth from yet another naked lady! (he didn't have any shirt on and I loved the red braces!)

Then there was the lovely scene where he's shaving with a cut throat razor - luvverly jubbly!! Come on Nat get a wriggle on girl!

Traxy said...

If you do a Google image search for "between the sheets Richard Armitage" and have Safe Search switched off, you can find a blog with some rather saucy screenshots from that show... and that bum. ;) She's done a video clip of it as well. I seriously can't hear him say "lie down" with that half-smile and not turn to happy goo. It's impossible!

Traxy said...

Hm, I just realised ^^ was possibly meant as a comment for the "Lots of lovin'" post. Oh well!