Nov 24, 2009


I've heard so much about Spooks 8, episode 4 and it sounds amazing!
(Living in the US and having an old, slow computer that doesn't want to download
the episodes, my Spooks viewing is on hold for the moment... even though I read all the
spoilers and look at all the screen caps.  I can't help it!)

Here is a fan vid from YouTuber JulietD001 created from scenes of episode 4.

*Be sure to pause the blog's background music at the bottom of screen before viewing.*

Thanks for the great video, Juliet!
(She has many other Spooks fan vids on her YT channel.  Be sure to check them out.)

I like the scene where Lucas is taking a stroll.
As someone commented in one of the forums, it's very Thornton-esque!


Also, Film Review Online has posted more previews and pictures

HERE, this time from upcoming Spooks episode 5.

Lucas looks lovely behind the wheel.
Why are Lucas and Ros dressed matchy-matchy?


bZirk said...

Ros and Lucas seem to be "matchy-matchy" every week. In fact, just about every spook on the show seems to be in variations of black and blue with white for an accent "color". Occasionally, someone is a non-conformist and wears maroon. :D

Anonymous said...

It seems to be the thinking on the show to film everything, even out door scenes, with a blue filter lens on the camera. I suppose it gives the programme a distinctive look, dark and sinister, but it reduces the possibility of getting a really sharp, clear shot of the beautiful man!


bZirk said...

I figured it was probably a filter since there are almost no warm colors. Maroon is about as warm as it gets.

hedgeypig said...

Their jackets are both by the same company. Belstaff. Who kitted out RPJ as well in prior series.
Do you think RA would donate his jacket to me if I asked nicely

Avalon said...

Great pics but I would look better beside him....

Sue said...

Juliet, you have created a beautiful film of Lucas. It looked so dramatic and the music accompanying it was so haunting and sad. Absolutely faultless. The emotions that Richard manages to express to the viewer never ceases to amaze me. Is it me or does he seem to be improving as an actor, (hard to believe possible I know) but he just manages to create such complex characters, it really is his forte.

WitchyWoman said...

This episode of Spooks is brilliant. Richard did what he does best and acted his socks off(well all his kit actually Lol).
I now offically hate Sarah the scenes between her and Lucas were so intense.I loved how you could tell Lucas wanted to (as us Brits say) Lamp Sarah one. I held my breath when he raised his hand up to her. All the pushing and shoving...brilliant.
I take it his flat has changed thanks to what Connie did last series and I hate it too(No William Blake prints anywhere).

Lucas driving a Volvo. Had a squee at that because we have one of those.

The best episode so far.

Phylly3 said...

Nat, I was thinking the same thing when I saw Lucas walking -- that it was just like John Thornton's walk!
Well, I guess so, DUH --they're both Richard! Hahahaha!
But I also love it on HeathRA's video Sexy Back2 when he's walking at Helstone to that great rhythm in the song! Too funny! That video kills me every time!
I wish that Spooks would kick in some more money for their wardrobe department and buy something besides blue shirts for Lucas to wear! While he does look great in blue, it seems like he never does laundry or something!
RA certainly did shine in this episode, and I'm not surprised there is a fanvid about it already, that's exactly what I was thinking when I was watching it. I wonder how soon...
Ya gotta love the fans!!

Sue said...

I notice that the producers/scriptwriters included a "peaches" moment in episode 4 and I can't help wondering if all of our comments may have had some hand in that scene (or should that be a bare bum moment).After all it wasn't necessary for him to strip off into a boiler suit, a quick frisk down would have sufficed, and is the usual order of the day. Very nice all the same, those "peaches" are ripening on the tree very nicely don't you think girls?

Sarah is turning into a bit of a cold manipulating fish. Actually her character is just what I would have liked Lucas North's ex-wife to have been more like her, as she was a bit of a disappointment. I can't help thinking Sarah Caulfield looks and talks a bit like a ventriloquist's dummy as her mouth hardly moves and it's difficult to fathom out what emotion (if any) she's showing in any scene. They make a great double act though, but I think she may well be a double agent. (Although Lucas North may also be a contender)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those RA fans in America xx

bZirk said...

Maybe Sarah's boss was a double agent and Lucas is as well?

I just can't remember what her boss was saying right before the, uh, defenestration. :D


Just don't tell anyone if he does. ;)

Phylly3 said...

@Sue Sarah's boss was saying that he had discovered that somebody who was working for them (the Americans) was a traitor and he had sent for some records to verify who it was. That is why Sarah did what she did, to get rid of the evidence because SHE is the double agent!
As for the Boiler suit scene, I believe it was very effective because it showed how completely Lucas was being controlled by his former torturer. He stripped at once with no hesitation, as if he had been trained to do so, from long repetition. He knew his life was at stake and he had to do exactly what he was told. That is why he took off his wire, and why he would not accept the passport that had a tracer in it. He was too terrified that the Russian would discover it - and he would have to pay the price!
I don't think the boiler suit scene was gratutitous but I don't like staring at stills of it either. That really cheapens it somehow. RA did the scene because it was necessary to portray his character, not as a photo-op! Sorry, but I feel a bit protective of him, I guess.

Sue said...

Yes you are quite right when it reflects just how much control his ex-torturer still had over him and looking at the scene from that angle it wasn't gratutitous at all, not that I thought it was anyway. Perhaps if it had been laid bare for all to see while in bed with Sarah I would have thought differently, but those scenes were quite tastefully done. I thought episode 4 was the best so far of the series, and he'll be hard put to beat it.

I think that although everything points to Sarah being the double agent, she could be protecting Lucas. It might turn out that he could be a double agent. After all that torture wouldn't you prefer to change your allegiance to the enemy rather than hang yourself?

bZirk said...

Sort of a twist on fatal attraction. That would be even more interesting.

This was definitely the best episode of series 8, and IMO the best one since Series 2.

Jacqui said...

I agree with what phylly3 says:
As for the Boiler suit scene, I believe it was very effective because it showed how completely Lucas was being controlled by his former torturer. He stripped at once with no hesitation, as if he had been trained to do so
And Sue:
it reflects just how much control his ex-torturer still had over him and looking at the scene from that angle it wasn't gratutitous

Having quoted that I do love to see a pic of those 'peaches' though.. ;-)

Unknown said...

Nat, are you familiar with the website