Nov 13, 2009


Taking a minute to highlight
a few other RA sites and blogs...

Ian Wylie's blog, Life of Wylie, has been added to the "Enjoyable Blog" list.
He has recently given another review of Spooks (episode 3)
and besides, his non-RA related stuff is interesting too.

Endorwich at Day 17
has a funny picture-with-captions review of Lucas North's
latest imaginary adventures on her blog.  Click HERE to see it.

is the one who started Photo Friday amongst many of us RA bloggers. :)
She has been conducting a "study" of the Gisborne character by watching and reviewing
each episode of Robin Hood, taking an unbias look at Gisborne to see why
so many of us love this bad guy.  Thanks to RA's humanization of the character, she is
softening towards him, but isn't quite sure yet. :) 
(Her latest look at Sir Guy was Episode 9 of Season 1.)

Richard Armitage Net has posted screen caps
of Spooks, Episode 2 HERE including this one:

Lucas getting a little lip action.
Are those ladies at RAnet efficient or what!?


Mulubinba said...

LOl - thanks for the mention, Nat! Hmmmm I'm notoriously stubborn when it comes to see some good in Guy. Nice caps - I think we must be on a similar wavelength as my photo friday is all about RA's lip action!

endorwitch said...

teehee! thanks for linking to my dorkness!