Nov 12, 2009

The Sweet Side of Thornton Thursday

Attention Richard Armitage lovers...
Need a gift idea for the upcoming Holidays?

There's always Thorntons Chocolate.
"Thorntons" is an appropriate name for chocolate:
something dark, sweet and a bit of a guilty pleasure.
They also have other treats to offer:
Visit the Thorntons website HERE.
(Thanks to WW for the link!)
I have yet to see anything available
with THIS on the label:
Somebody get ahold of their marketing department, stat!!!
(They would completely run out of chocolate if they did such a thing.)

I wonder who runs Thorntons?

It could be this guy:
Johnny Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
(It's possible... notice the sort-of cravat!)


Traxy said...

*giggle* Yup, I can't help but smile when I pass the chocolate isle at the supermarket now... I mean, RA with a box of Thornton chocolates... hellooooooooooooooooo nurse! *drool*

Longhairedtoad said...

Giggle. The Wonka pic is too funny. Yes, they should put a picture of JT on the labels and watch the sweets fly off the shelf. I would certainly by a years supply at a time.

Sue said...

I can't help imagining Richard wearing those chocolate undies someone sent him recently! Oh boy!Pause here while I take a cold shower!

Actually I've seen undies made with threaded beads of edible sweets, but never chocolate. I wonder where they bought them from?

Do you think he will wear them or just scoff them?

loriBear said...

I was lucky enough to receive Thornton's Toffee from Christmas last year. OH to die for indeed!

Might just have to order some for this Christmas season... ya think they ship to the states?

endorwitch said...

yet again i can only marvel at your madness/genius!!!!! :D that last pic is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mulubinba said...

This is kind of off topic but did you know about Gisborne Wines??

Traxy said...

@Mulubinba: There's a Gisborne wine? :O

@Nat: Did you get the email I sent you with regards to Thorntons?