Jul 24, 2010

Farewell, AA!

As of today, the Armitage Army site no longer exists.
Does that feel strange or what!?
The site administrator, Eli, explained that after 6 years, "real life" commitments no longer allow her
the time to run the site.  I'm sure most of  us understand.  (I've wondered how much this blog will take a
back seat after #3 arrives this fall.) The Armitage Army forum is still up and running, however, which is
where you will be directed from now on if you click on the Armitage Army's old web site address.

I am saddened by the news, which I first heard about thanks to Mulubinba's post.
I thought, "But... but... it can't just disappear!" and felt a little lost for a few minutes.
It is odd knowing that one of the "big 4" Richard Armitage sites is gone.
Thanks to Eli for all the time and effort in the past!
I seems like we should be having a going-away party or something.
(Though I'm sure she'll still pop into the AA forum.)

Luckily, there are still several other RA websites available,
each providing information, photos and the latest news:

This site includes its own forum~ The Armitage Army @ Richard Armitage Central
(which I belong to and enjoy) and an excellent, very detailed photo gallery.

I think of this site as the "RA library."  It has the best index of Richard's work,
including detailed descriptions of each role, whether film, TV, voice, etc.

This site provides the most updated news, in my opinion.
I love the art and screepcap galleries, as well as its other features.

There are many other great
RA-dedicated sites, for example:

It's what it sounds like... a fabulous site with a collection of fan-made RA videos,
ran by the lovely Elvira.  Plus, there are polls, tips on making your own vid, etc.

This is a wonderful forum.  It's not all about Richard,
but there are pleny of photos and chatter going on about him there...
and a place called "The Crinkle Zone" which is too good to miss!
Instead of explaining what it is, take a look at this pic, which
I like to call "Cravat with a side of crinkles."

And of course, there are plenty of RA blogs,
most of which are linked on the sidebar to your right.
So I guess we won't really be that deprived...
but I'll still miss the AA site.

Okay, I really need to stop getting online and start packing my bags! 
In the words of Lucas North, "Bloody internet." :)
See you towards the end of next week!


bZirk said...

I think Mulubinba summed it up well as the passing of an era, but I have mixed emotions about it. On one hand, I realize that Eli has a life, but on the other, it was the first Richard Armitage site I joined, so I'm sentimental about it.

mulubinba said...

Thanks for the reference Nat. I didn't think I'd feel as sentimental about this as I have either! I've clicked on a few links to the AA and all I get is "site closed" ... apart from the direct link to the forum.

I do have to ask though - was this site the first Armitage Army site or was it the Armitage Army@RACentral? For some reason I thought it was the latter (now RichardArmitageCentral). Can anyone clarify?

Twinkling Moon said...

@Mulubinba, I too first learned of the site closure from your blog. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I was wondering the same thing as you, regarding "the original" AA.

I am also wondering if all those interviewers will still ask him about the AA now that the site has closed, or will they assume that since the website is no more, then the group of fans have disbanded?

@Nat, thanks for explaining "the big 4" Richard sites! I have often become confused regarding all these sites as RA doesn't have an official one.

I never belonged to the AA site, so I don't feel a personal loss, but if and when you close up this blog Nat, I'll definitely feel a huge loss. Checking out your blog always cheers me up. I mean the combo of THE Richard Armitage and your wit, how can that not put a smile on a person's face :)

flandersdreamer said...

I think The Armitage Army was the very first site dedicated to RA. I thought it was a fantastic one. So much dedication and effort! Goodbye AA and God speed, we'll miss you.
My absolute favorite is RANet, though. These girls are the best in updating the latest news on RA and they have awsome pics. Ali and her friends are very nice, friendly girls and I wanted to thank them for all the fun they provide.

Anonymous said...

What Twinkling Moon said

Myrtle said...

Sad Day, but totally undertand that Eli has to juggle 'Real Life' too.

Nat, don't worry if you are too busy when Baby No3 comes along, we all understand. Perhaps if you just post the odd pic every now and then, we can all warble on for hours about it. ha ha.
It might keep you amused when things get too hectic.

Avalon said...

I still think someone else could have took over running the site.

If your posts slow down, everyone will understand. I am very happy for you.

bZirk said...


You already know how I feel, but it doesn't hurt to say it again. Those babies won't be babies but a moment, and then they're gone. One of mine is two thousand miles away. The other is over a thousand miles away. I'm getting choked while I typed this, but one thing I know is that I don't regret not spending time with them. I've gotten to spend so much time with them, and it's worth more than gold. Still miss 'em though. Thank God for Skype!

I know you've had people tell you things like that, and I've been one of them, but you simply can't hear this enough. Time is like lightening. Faster really.

Myrtle said...

Oh bZ - *big -hug*

Sue said...

I would just like to add my thanks to Eli for all the sterling work she has done over the years. The Armitage Army was the first website I came across and loved leaving messages there and finding out all about Richard. It is indeed a sad day. I'm sure there is life after the army but it will be strange without this website.

As for the interviewers/journalists no doubt they will still refer to Richard's fans as the "Armitage Army" just as they keep referring to Richard running off to Budapest with the circus, it's catchy and why let the truth get in the way of a good story!

A sad day indeed.Life will never be quite the same again without our dear Eli to keep us in line.

Twinkling Moon said...

@LittleVictorie, I love your comment, LOL!

Does anyone know if Eli, the creator of the AA site ever had a chance to meet RA? I would hope so if she is responsible for the flurry of support that came RA's way after the creation of that original site.

RAFrenzy said...

If I'm not mistaken, she and some others got to watch the taping of Vicar of Dibley and were able to meet him then. I could be wrong about this. But it seems I remember reading that a long time ago.

Judith Johnson said...

To everything there is a season, but RA fans are such a great special online community. Sadly, I think Little Gu reaty went defunct at Xmas. I really loved that one as well.

Anonymous said...


twinkling moon said...

@RAFrenzy, thanks for answering my question!

kaprekar said...

It was before my time but I believe there was a site called richardarmitage.com which MAY have predated the AA site. It was briefly the 'official site' too but in the end was also a victim of Real Life as I understand. The RichardArmitageCentral site was the latest of the big sites to launch.

Violet8886 said...

I feel sad that the AA site went down, but I too understand about real life. When you have your little one I'm sure most will understand if you can only post once a week or every two weeks or whenever you can. Little ones are precious and it's a delight to be there for them. They are so adorable. :)

Violet8886 said...

I'm sure there will always be at least one or two sites devoted to Richard. It's not just his looks that keep his fans, he has talent and kindess and caring. Even in his 50's..Even with some gray hair..He would be hot/sexy with some adorable/cute thrown in...:)

RAFrenzy said...


Well said!

pi said...

I only discovered RA a couple of months ago. Nevertheless it does feel like the end of an era, even for me. I get the feeling somehow it will make a difference; there is always an effect. And I feel sad at its passing. 6 years have passed? Wow! Seems like the twinkling of an eye.

Jane Austen Fan said...

This is the history of the events as I was told by several people who have been fans of Richard and part of all the cRAziness since the start. Hope it helps.

2004 - BBC North and South board
2004 - Richard Armitage/Armitage Army Yahoo Board
2004 - RichardArmitage.com website
2005 - C19 forum
2005 - Armitage Army website
2006 - Richard Armitage Central forum
2007 - Armitage Army forum

Anonymous said...

Almost right Jane Austen Fan!

Though I can't remember the exact dates, I am pretty sure the chronology is correct ..

BBC North and South board
Richardarmitage.com (run by Lisa) / C19 / Armitage Army Yahoo Board
Armitage Army Forum (not Eli's, as believed), later renamed as Richard Armitage Central
Armitage Army Website & Forum

Not that it actually matters, who came first, as they are all wonderful sites!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Thanks for that valuable info from a fairly new fan with gratitude to all who came before me to provide me with all the information on RA.

Anonymous said...

BTW "Cravat with a side of crinkles." HIlarious