Jul 8, 2010

RA Co-star Highlights

A few of Richard's co-stars have followed
in his footsteps and recently appeared in episodes of Miss Marple.
As you remember, Richard played Philip in "Ordeal by Innocence" in 2007:

Jonas Armstrong, aka: Robin Hood...
can be seen in "The Secret of the Chimneys."
Look at Jonas all cleaned up without a bow or arrow in sight:

Toby Stephens, aka: Prince John...
and Arlington in "Strike Back"...
can be seen in "The Blue Geranium."
Look at that nifty mustache.

After I published my last post, I realized I was a big liar-liar-pants-on-fire,
because I DID have a few Armitage-related thoughts over the weekend,
thanks to watching an episode of "Lark Rise to Candleford,"since two of
my favorite RA co-stars appear in it.  I'm sure most of my fellow costume drama addicts have heard
of this show, but I just discovered it last fall and have seen only a handful of episodes here or there.
(PBS shows it Sunday evenings, by the way.)  I happened to catch this weekend's episode and
there was Dawn French, aka: Geraldine Granger...
who plays the adorably funny and irresponsible Caroline Arless:
So of course, when I saw Dawn I couldn't help but think of
"The Vicar of Dibley" and that handsome Harry Kennedy.

Brendan Coyle, aka: Nicholas Higgins in "North & South"...
also stars in "Lark Rise to Candleford" as Robert Timmins,
a husband, father and stonemason who is considered a pillar of Lark Rise's simple community
and often stands up for the rights of his fellow working men. (Does that last part sound familiar?)
So of course, when I saw Brendan, I immediately thought of "North & South"
and the handsome and often-pouting, John Thornton.

After finishing "Spooks" Season 7, I plan to watch each
available season of "Lark Rise to Candleford" (thanks to Netflix)
so that I can actually see them all and in order.  I wish RA were in it too. :)

Side note: since I'm admitting things I spaced
(such as those RA-related thoughts over the weekend), I also realized
I forgot to mention in "The Gizzy's Guide to Guyliner and Man Makeup" post that
Rudolph Valentino fits into the category of those who can wear guyliner without looking creepy.
Just thought I'd clear that up.  Since I'm sure you were wondering.  Not really.
Two brooding, makeup-wearing tough guys.


Phylly3 said...

LOL Glad you came clean about the RA thoughts Nat. I've been suffering from RA withdrawal without a proper internet connection. (Right now I am typing this from an internet cafe).
Love the picture of Thornton and Higgins.
I see I'm not the only one who compares RA to Rudolph Valentino!:)
'Til next time!

Phylly3 said...
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Myrtle said...

Higgins and Thornton, they were magnificent together.

The picture of Guy in the suit of armour always make me laugh. They must have had fun filming that.

pi said...

Two brooding, makeup-wearing tough guys.

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! They both look very good!

Amazing how the actors look so different from their RH characters. Looks like everyone who is anyone does a stint on Marple (?).

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, I was seriously wondering how can someone so devoted to RA go a whole weekend and not have one, singular RA-related thought? I hold the position that it is just not possible, LOL! So thanks for supporting my point, ha! ha!

I had no idea lark rise to Candleford is on Netflix. They don't show it on PBS where I am, I just randomly discovered it on Youtube like I did N&S. Thanks for letting me know. BTW, the girl that the story is about, the one who moves from Lark Rise to Candleford, is she the same girl that played Meg in RH?

Twinkling Moon said...

MTA: I've always been meaning to ask this, but does RA look particularly pale in his Ordeal by Innocence role? I saw that so long ago I can't remember if he's suppose to be sick or if it's the lighting or what?

Myrtle said...

I'm with you TM. I think it simply isn't possible to go for too long without an RA thought. Even if RL is totally consuming, something will happen to remind us of RA. I new that Nat was just deluding herself :D

Yes, RA was pale in the Miss Marple episode, I suppose Philip was supposed to be 'sickly'?

Myrtle said...

"I knew that Nat was deluding herself" even, whne will I laern to tipe???

Twinkling Moon said...

@Myrtle, I didn't even catch the typo, LOL! what can I say, when the mind is on RA, grammar goes out the window :)

Yeah, maybe RA as Phillip was suppose to be sickly. IDK, but I have noticed that in some roles he just looks so pale, like he'd burn into flames in the sun, you know? But in that Miss Marple episode in particular, he looked bad to me. Nobody hate me for saying so, please!