Jul 12, 2010

Spooks ~ 7.5

Just to recap, I've been watching Spooks Season 7
for the first time on DVD and sharing my random thoughts on each
episode as I go.  (7.1 and 7.2 post HERE, 7.3 and 7.4 post HERE.)

Finally, I've made it to Episode 5...
aka: the "Pete" episode, where Lucas dons the suit-with-red-tie, looking hot as ever! 
I've been drooling over these screencaps/promo shots for quite a while, so it's about time
I saw "Pete" (Lucas's undercover identity) in action.
Lucas should dress as Pete more often.

This episode is one of my faves, and not just because of the suit...
okay, maybe that has a bit to do with it... but it was very intense and had my full attention the entire time. 
I mean, just take a look at these thought-provoking Lucas crinkles and that Harry Face!
They mean business.

Okay, back to Pete and his "fiance" Jenny.
I thought Lucas and Ros made such a cute couple.
Whenever I'd hear people mention wishing for a Lucas/Ros match, I thought, "huh?" but now I get it.
I mean, look at how great they looked together on the way to that charity party:
Although I like Ros's style, I enjoyed seeing her in a more
feminine look and she rocked that black dress.

This guy, Maynell, is such a creeper!  Ew, ew, ew.

Lucas and his best friend... the cell phone.
Gorgeous man, gorgeous car... thank you, Spooks writers. :)

Just look at the intensity!
Ben pretending to be a coffee boy while Lucas looks like his smokin' hot customer,
Harry doing a nervous version of the Harry Face with Jo on the sidelines,
and Ros with The Creeper and the crazy Russian mafia guy pointing a gun to her head.

There was finally an answer as to how to
correctly spell Elizabeta, thanks to Lucas's cell phone.
(I'd previously spelled it "Elizaveta" because that's how they have it listed on IMDb here.)

Speaking of her, one of my favorite things about Episode 5
was seeing an old picture of Lucas and Elizabeta that he had kept in his wallet.
They look so happy together and I can finally picture them as a couple,
without all that tension and spy stuff in the way.

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Thanks to
Richard Armitage Central Gallery
for this post's screencaps!


bZirk said...

I NEVER get tired of looking at that top

Myrtle said...

Nor me, he looks so handsome!
(I will try to resist warbling on about James Bond.)

Lucas and Ros looked great together in this episode, but
I am not going to mention the 'chemistry'!!!!!! ha ha :D

bZirk said...

Well, I will. LOL!

The Pete scene is hot! and no one is even close to being naked.

DEZMOND said...

hey, ladies, just dropped by to say hello and see how have you been doing, but I see you have no shortages of men dressed in dashing suits :))

MillyMe said...

I think Lucas can channel "Pete" just a short time after his return because I imagine this sleek, burnished man is what Lucas was like prior to his Russian imprisonment, confident and on top of his game!

I like the picture with him and Elisabeta, too. They look young, carefree and very much a couple!

mulubinba said...

The suit does it for me everytime too ...lol!! Absolutely love the chemistry between Ros and Lucas ... I wish we had seen more of it!! (BTW: No sign of Spooks 8 here yet :( )

Anonymous said...

Love seeing Lucas in a suit but not this one. It reminded me of the 80's and 90's suit. Sorry.

I could see in a darker gray suit with a silver/lavender tie......

Twinkling Moon said...

@Myrtle, refraining from "chemistry" discussion, ha! ha! well I'll be good and follow your example, and won't share my thoughts on the Roz/Lucas relationship.

@Nat, Maynell was definitely creepy, even his voice got to me, yikes!

Bit off topic, referring to earlier posts about RA coming to mind in daily things...well, yesterday I was trying to move this futon around and couldn't figure how to disassemble it, and after 1.5 hours (yes, it took me that long!) I thought "I bet if RA, that DIYer was here, he'd have this figured out in no time!". And then tonight, my neighbor popped over to tell me that she saw a bunch of kids who looked like they were breaking into cars (happened to a neighbor last weekend, and my car was broken into last summer) and she wanted to warn me. Well, I decided I need to install another light on my garage over the driveway, but I stink at that kind of handy work so again I thought "I need my superhero DIYer RA!"

Ok, sorry about going off topic, but there you have it. I can't escape RA thoughts, LOL!

Musa said...

Great post! That first glimpse of "Pete" is unforgettable, how can the man look so gorgeous. The suit brings out his blue eyes (not that he needs any help with that). Ah, thank you Netflix!

Anonymous said...

@Dez Good to see you again.

@Nat I loved this episode too but felt so sick for Ros in the end. She is a consummate badass for dealing as she does.

SPOILER TO FOLLOW FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T FINISHED SERIES 8: I'm assuming we won't see her anymore in series 9, right? Anyone know the deal?

Millyme said...

@littlevictories: Last week Richard officially confirmed that Hermione had left the series. He said that they missed "her calming presence" on the set.

She's just finished a remake of a 1976 tv drama series called A Bouquet of Barbed Wire.

pi said...

Your visual recap is making me rethink whether to buy the DVD or not. I must rewatch, after all.

Lucas should dress as Pete more often.
He looks exceptionally handsome in that outfit. I'm convinced it's the colour of the tie. Bright wine and burgundy and red are his colours, rarely to be seen (He looks especially good in N&S in the wine cravat at the Exhibition). When he's in Moscow at the strip club, he's bathed in reds. Suits him mightily as do all warm colours.

As for the Lucas and Ros chemistry- YES!!!
Their banter in the last ep of Series 8 was an eye opener for me. What a crying shame it's all gone. Same with Adam. Great chemistry. And Elizabeta. And...But what do we get? Endless hours of you-know-who. Eck. The worst pairing since...well, I can't think of another that was so glaringly awful and revolting. Major clang.

RAFrenzy said...

"Major clang." Excellent description!

Myrtle said...

It appears that we are in agreement that there was absolutely no 'chemistry' between Lucas and you know who? :D :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you Millyme.

"You-know-who" You all are too funny. I was not a fan of she-who-must-not-be-named from the start either, mostly because of the dreadful accent, but of course her character development heightened my distaste. So when she met her end as she did, I was disturbingly gratified.

Joan Crenshaw said...

Seriously, I'd have offed her myself, but I did think she got off easy.

Loved the suit, the red tie and the color-coordinated convertible. Lovely, can be watched without sound for those days when one wants quiet.

Joan Crenshaw said...

Ah, Dez, how are you? I needed a reminder that I need to go visit your blog this morning. I keep forgetting to try to figure out how to comment.

Sue said...

That photo of Richard in the sports car (taken from Spooks) reminds me of the commentary by the director/producer on the Spooks DVD. They mentioned that he was only meant to drive about ten yards down the road in that shot but ended up driving off and disappearing in it for a while, he loved it that much!!!(Oh to be a hitch-hiker and Richard stopping to give me a lift!)