Aug 26, 2010


Part of having messed up hormones means
blurting out things that you'd normally keep to yourself.
So I'm coming clean about a few things.
Try not to judge me too harshly.
I am only human.

Here is some JT to soften you up.

1.  I only own one Richard Armitage-related item,
which is "North & South" on DVD.
That's right, just ONE.  None of the other works of his that I love. 
No Little Guy action figure.  No "I love RA" mug.

Are you shocked and dismayed?
After all, I do run a Richard Armitage blog, so shouldn't I have a closet full of RA stuff?

My answer to this is... I'm a cheapskate. 
It's not that I can't afford to purchase some of these things, but that I have a hard time
spending money on myself for something that isn't boringly practical or useful.
(Does anyone else have this problem?) 

I bet my husband wouldn't even mind one bit if I bought more items solely for myself since it would
help him feel guilt-free about ordering more fishing gear.  And Babe, if you're reading this~ remember,
you've already met your limit for the year. Those Simms waders are equivalent to 40 copies of North &
South, dang it!  Or every audio work and DVD in which Richard has ever appeared.  Or part of a plane
ticket to England if/when RA is on stage.  Oh, the possibilities!  Forget being frugal... I'm about to go on
an Armitage spending spree!  Just kidding.  But I WILL be ordering the 3-season pack of Robin Hood
and The Vicar of Dibley since I'm NOT allowing myself to buy practical stuff with birthday money! 
Come to Momma, Harry & Giz!

2. I have never listened to any of Richard's audio work despite
all the rave reviews.  I also haven't seen "Strike Back."

Stop gasping in horror!  I already feel sensitive enough about this subject.
These are things on my "really want to do, but haven't gotten around to it yet" list.
I plan to remedy these items soon.

3. Remember my New Years resolution to "convert more people to
RA fandom?"  Not going so well. Why won't people just take
my advice when I tell them to watch North & South!? 
Is anyone else having better luck with this than me?

4.  I'm a fan of meeting RA admirers online and blogging
about the guy as much as RA himself. 
Making new friends and having this creative outlet can be just as addicting
as watching the man on screen.

5.  I can't stand Richard's voice, blue eyes, or long legs. 
Just kidding.  So not true.

There.  Now you know the cold, hard truth.
I'll keep you updated on each issue as they're tackled.

And just for the record...
I don't think the pile of Armitage gear you own,
the amount of Richard's work you've seen,
the number of RA fans you've converted,
if you do/don't run an Armitage blog/website,
nor the length of time you've admired his work
makes you more or less of a fan.
We're all cRAzy in our own, special way. :)


liz said...

Nat you need to buy stuff the amount of times i have thought i will sit for half an hour and watch a bit of spooks 4 hours later the housework is still waiting but it was fun not so easy with little ones though. x

bZirk said...

You sure you want to blame this on the hormones? :D

Frankly, I'm relieved you don't own all that stuff.

I am shocked you haven't listened to any of the audio work. I'm not judging you when I say: you are missing out on that one! LOL!

I think I'm coming to love his audio work as much or possibly more than anything he's done. On second thought, it's comparing apples and oranges. But I have to give the guy props for making me like a Regency romance, and this last one is probably my favorite of those. I've got a silly grin on my face just thinking about that one.

As for getting converts, I can't get very many people to watch North and South either. A four hour period drama? No, they simply don't want to invest the time and especially when it's something obscure. I have better luck with Vicar. Not that I've converted that many people. Probably no more than half a dozen and two of those are in my family.

BTW, Happy Birthday! I didn't realize it was your birthday until a couple of weeks later. Hope you had a great one!

bZirk said...

Sorry I cut off part of my post.

I think I have loved getting to know you and others as much or more than watching Richard Armitage. He's just the catalyst. Did I say that? Yes, I did. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat, So typical for moms to put everyone's needs first than our own. You deserve the DVD of Vicar of Dibley and the 3 Season collection DVD of Robin Hood. Watch the VoD with your husband...not only is RA cute but the entire cast of this lovable show is funny. As for Strike Back, come to Canada in mid-November where it will be shown on cable. Will advise you when this show comes to DVD for our region.

Go ahead and spoil deserve it. Don't know if your kids are heading back to school but it would be great to watch these DVD in your "spare" time.

Best Regards,
Christina P

PS. Gotta go...the boys want me to play Woman Woman....

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat, So typical for moms to put everyone's needs first than our own. You deserve the DVD of Vicar of Dibley and the 3 Season collection DVD of Robin Hood. Watch the VoD with your husband...not only is RA cute but the entire cast of this lovable show is funny. As for Strike Back, come to Canada in mid-November where it will be shown on cable. Will advise you when this show comes to DVD for our region.

Go ahead and spoil deserve it. Don't know if your kids are heading back to school but it would be great to watch these DVD in your "spare" time.

Best Regards,
Christina P

PS. Gotta go...the boys want me to play Woman Woman....

diveknit said...

I am with you Nat. I only own Venecia on CD and have N&S and SB on my computer. Everything else of his I have either rented or watched/listed to on YouTube.
The only think I really buy for myself is yarn and wool - and I am working to make this into a business, so I don't feel so guilty about my purchases. My dh fortunately has a hording hobby too and doesn't mind as well.

Do listen to his audio work though, it is marvelous the way he is able to create completely different voices and it is so relaxing.

I think I might be on the brink to convert 1 friend and I am still trying to get my dh to watch N&S with me, not that I have any intentions to convert him though :)

I do love your posts and like today when I need a break or a pick me up I come here to meet everybody else like myself - a RA fan!

Musa said...

Luckily in the US we have Netflix and they have a small, but growing,collection of RA's work.
Even if expensive I think you should listen to Richard's performance reading Lords of the North. You'll never be the same again :)

bZirk said...


Lords of the North is probably the best audio work he's done, but it AIN'T cheap, so if you want to listen, I'll loan you mine.

@Rob said...

I am so shocked! Not really. You are a busy mom. You didn't really need to come clean. I agree with bZ the audio books are my fav too. And, I am a book snob and would never in a million years think to listen to a book instead of read one. But Mr. Armitage has a way of just making you do things you wouldn't normally do like hang out on fan sites. :)

And yes, creating and sharing a community is a big deal, sans Armitage or not. For most of us, I think it is more than that.

@Rob said...

I gave my neighbor N&S to watch with a friend of hers. She gave it back and raved about the story and the actors. I was like what about Richard Armitage? She made a face like she just sucked on a lemon!!! I was like waaaa and she was like we didn't really get him untill the end of the movie !!! So I wasn't able to convert her or her friend.

Althou when I showed my cuz his highlight reel, she was imagining what their kids would look like. :)

Convert: 1

Non-converts :2

loriBear said...

Hey Nat, I'm not far ahead of you to be honest. I own N&S, (and the a collection of the book) and then two of his audiobooks. (I don't have LotN cause its nearly impossible to find and where I have found it ... it's like jumping through all sorts of circus hoops to get it.) I would like to get it one day.

I probably have more converts than you but I think this blog makes up TONS of that!

sunflowersue said...

As AM brightened by Nat and the RAbloggers!! First, THERE ARE I LOVE RA MUGS????! I'm a closet-mugger and must have one? No? you say? OK, just an action figure then please. *HUGE grin!*
Second, I can now order the RH pack with no guilt. Well maybe still a little. At this very moment, a rented set is in my grimy hands and I don't have time to watch it..again. Wait, I'm sitting here typing when I could be watching? I feel better already.
Third, the conversion thing...still trying to figure out what tactics to take on this w/o exposing my obses...err, interest. Did recommend N&S to city librarian as she had to order in a copy of it for me. psst, We NEED our own copy Dearest Librarian. Also told my aunt about the considering loaning her my copy but then, I might have a N&S attack & my DVDs would be 500 miles away. eek! Bad idea.Daughter-in-law awaits my DVD, counting on a weak moment from me...not.
And as to #5, STOP IT. I spit coffee all over my screen. Until I saw your disclaimer in small print! (btw, lovely pic!)
Sign me in as Just Another cRAzy Lady!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there with the hormones -- I am rooting for you!

Is Armitage fandom a competition? (Admittedly, I experience it more as a pesky disease without a cure. Seriously, would anyone try to get more addicted, to say, crack?)

Anonymous said...

You have to get the audio books - they are so amazing. Such a treat. My favorite author read by my favorite actor. It doesn´t get better *SIGH*
Number #5: I had to read twice - then I laugh:)

Joan Crenshaw said...

Nat, I happen to have a copy of Strike Back that was given to me by a very good friend so that I could see it before the dvd was released. You have my email addy. Tis yours in the best of fan tradition.

I love the audio books, especially "Lords of the North." As Bzirk said, it takes something to get me to like a Regency romance. And now I have discovered Bernard Cornwell which led to watching the entire Sharpe's series. A vicious circle. But sometimes I find myself forgetting that it's one man reading the book as his voices are very skillful and VERY consistent.

When my son was younger, like most moms, he came first in all things, but I have always been able to indulge myself. In fact, being a cheapskate might be helpful. Now I have the grandbabies and my son won't let me spoil them too badly. So I do things for them like build an extra bedroom and re-do our deck to make it baby-safe.

I'm broke, but we have a gorgeous new deck with a view of the foothills

Myrtle said...

Oh Nat you must treat yourself, you must.

My confessions are: I have a special shelf in a bookcase for RA work. As others have said, whilst it is lovely to see RA on DVD, there is something special almost intimate about his audio CD work. LOTN is def No1, I simply had to read the complete Saxon Chronicles to piece together the story of Uhtred. We have just spent a few days in Northumbria and visited the magnificent Bamburgh Castle.
I have just listened to Convenient Marriage on my journey to work for the 4th time. I adore Horry,Pell and Pom are hilarious and as for Rule........

Sadly, I don't own a Guy action figure or RA mug, but treasure my signed photo and signed copy of N&S.

Yes, I am beyond hope and need my daily RA fanblog fix to feed my addiction.

I share my DVD collection with an elderly neighbour (except Between the Sheets!!) and she thinks Mr Thornton and Harry Kennedy are very handsome men, although I had to point out to her that they are the same Actor! So I don't think I can count her as a convert.

pi said...

I'm going down to LA in a few weeks to spend time with my BFF. We're both quality film junkies. Am bringing N&S and VoD. No way she won't love them, especially N&S (or I may have to reconsider our friendship? j/k).
I imagine RA is not her type but I don't see how she could deny his talent.

I bought RH without seeing series 2&3 because I wanted to see what Armitage did with the Guy character and I was not disappointed! Normally, this is not my style, and I do have to pinch pennies.

Having said all that, my advice, from the perspective of many decades on this earth, Nat, is to buy what you can afford and do it now. Life is precious and so much shorter than we imagine. I no longer put off the pleasures of today.

The DVDs and books will give you endless hours of refreshment, and comfort when you need it; it's one of the big gifts of life. There is also a comfort in seeing his works sitting on the shelf, knowing I can dip into them, like a good book on a rainy day. So, max out that credit card (not really) and stock up for the long, cold winter.

PS Your blog and the comments are one of my pleasures that I never put off for some time in the murky future. All we really have is today.

Twinkling Moon said...

ok, confession time, hunh? well...I haven't spent one penny on any RA-related anything. Seriously, I'm not joking. And nope, never have I listened to his audio books. Heresy, I know! But it's true!

Oh, I've listened to his voiceovers on some of the commercials, but that's it.

The way I figure it, I have netflix. So, whenever I want to watch something, it's right there via instant streaming. Plus, God Bless Youtube! That's how I found RA anyway.

Now, I do "own" Strikeback, but not because I purchased it. It was available to be downloaded and someone kindly posted on this blog in the comments section where to go to download a copy. And so I did!

So if doling out the dough determines a person's RA-love, I guess I don't even qualify as a true fan.

But the thing is, I don't really own any DVDs. I tend not to watch things over and over again, because I already know the outcome and my interest isn't held. But like I said, if I'm in the mood for something I've already seen, well Hallelujah for Netflix and Youtube!

@Rob, I'm with you on your reaction to:

"I was like what about Richard Armitage? She made a face like she just sucked on a lemon!!! I was like waaaa and she was like we didn't really get him untill the end of the movie !!!"

Didn't get him? What does that mean? I mean come on, that train scene and kiss had to have sold them finally on the guy, right?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I know I'm missing out on the audio books and need to get my hands on a few! I'm sure they'll come in handy over the next several months- especially now, when I'm low on energy and could used some entertainment, or later when there are late night feedings to get through.

I really should spoil myself more with a few "wants" and not just always "needs" or "stuff for the family or house." I've been spending quite a bit lately, but it's stuff like paint for the nursery, or matresses for the new bunk bed. Like I said- practical stuff, but I still find it exciting. :)

Violet8886 said...

You should get Richard reading "Venetia"...very nice..Richard's part is a rake who falls for a maid...It's kind of like Clarissa...The woman is a bit stronger than Clarissa..She's not too timid or weak...I don't want to say any more cos' folks should discover and enjoy on their own. :)

Violet8886 said...

There are also other Richard Armitage stuff on Youtube to view for free...Spooks,Cold Feet,Between the Sheets, Sparkhouse...It will do if you don't have the cash to get it right now. :)

Ann Marie said...

Dear Nat,

I would recommend that you invest, if possible, in RA's audio works. You could out the headphones or ear buds on your belly and the little baby could hear his deep melodious voice. Of course, the possibility increases that he/she will have a wonderful Yorkshire accent when born! All kidding aside, your blog helps keep fans in the RA world and is a hoot to boot!
And...Robin Hood and the Vicar soooo worth EVERY penny!

Take care andkeep up the good work!

Ann Marie

@Rob said...

@TM -- she said, and I quote, "We found his profile jarring too angular." By the end I think they were sold, I think. I was in shock. I have PTSD and have blocked the entire conversation from my memory.

I am so dedicated that I bought Frozen, it was pretty bad. He was fine put the movie was non-sensical.

What is this blasphme about NOT liking Regency books? Who are you people????

Colleen said...

It seems funny to me that I was just introduced to this blog a few days ago and I feel like I have met many new friends - common link RA- prior to this just checked daily. Nat you make me smile, gasp, and LOL! I need this daily fix ladies! I love your blog and all of the comments, it makes me feel somehow closer to RA (weird I know) Nat, I too live in the mid west and my husband is an avid hunter, fisherman and high school coach. He spends tons on his hobby's and I don't have many hobbies but, I did buy all 3 RH seasons from Barnes & Noble and North & South on line. I have seasons 7-8 of MI-5 on my DVR (TiVO) from our PBS station. (yes it is 12/ full & I can't bring myself to delete any of them) have watched everything I can on youtube, can't wait to see Strike Back, (let's make a trip to Canada to watch it there :) I have his audio reading of The Whichfinders and The Siege from RH if you would like to hear them I would share them. (need address)It doesn't take buying a ton of "stuff" to be a fan - thanks for bringing us all together!

Colleen said...

I have an idea, my daughter owns a promotion business and I know I could get her to make some "I love Richard Armitage" mugs or maybe a mug with "cRAzy Lady" Not sure on the price but I will check it out with her, if anyone is interested. :)

pi said...

@ @Rob,

she said, and I quote, "We found his profile jarring too angular." By the end I think they were sold, I think. I was in shock. I have PTSD and have blocked the entire conversation from my memory.

Oh the horror! And Bwah! BFF prefers luscious blondes! WTF???? Although her last 2 crushes have been brunettes. I did send her a Guy pic, but the reaction was meh. Geeeeeez. Are you kidding me??? (I will continue to work on her until PTSD hits me as well. J Thornton may do the trick.)

What is this blasphme about NOT liking Regency books? Who are you people????

Bwahahaha!!!!! I weaned myself on Georgette Heyer's Regency Romances growing up. They were clever, funny and romantic, but I also adore the era. Adore Georgian architecture. Was so into it, that when the ex and I went on a trip back to England, I had to go to Bath, and to the Assembly Rooms, the Pump Room, see where they drank the waters, see all the clothes for that era. A fabulous bit of social history. GH knew her stuff. To this day, Georgian architecture makes me swoon and I never would have known about it otherwise.

I bought Venetia so I can listen on my trip to LA. Maybe my white knuckles will miraculously disappear.

@Twinkling Moon

I understand having Netflix at your fingertips, but seeing any of the films on a big screen changes and enhances the experience exponentially, IMO. I got far more out of Spooks on DVD- a revelation. Same with Robin Hood- no comparison with YT and a computer. Well, maybe you have a massive monitor or hook up to the TV. What do I know? Nice to know Netflix is there, huh? I must admit, I love having a library that I can touch. To each their own. But no one any less an admirer. The comments prove that!

RAFrenzy said...


I so don't think that RA stuff and RA love are directly proportional. I'm sure they can be, but I guess it depends on the person. I could care less who owns what, and if it's not clear, I'm making fun of myself for being so caught up in my RA craze, that I even bought an action figure. LOL! That's just not me. But I know I'm going to have a good belly laugh if I ever find that thing -- especially if I find it among the Barbies.

BTW, I think practical is good. I know it's served me well and made me some bucks too. I guess I'm just taking a timeout from being the sensible one. It's made me rather dull. But then that's my story. You are not me, and thank God because you are so much more interesting. In fact, I'm fascinated by your creativity and hope life never squelches it.

Hmmm. Now that I think of it Colleen might entice me to buy a mug. I'm a heavy coffee drinker, so it would be a practical purchase. ;-)


When I was a girl, I was not reading Georgette Heyer but rather building car engines with my dad or wiring the rec room we built in the backyard or any number of things that he was always engineering. I didn't have time for things like Heyer, and I'm sorry for that.

pi said...

@ RAFrenzy,

I hear you. Fact is, I didn't build any engines, and never got to wire stuff (though I am handy at a lot of other stuff). I guess that makes us even. Well, actually it doesn't. You can catch up with Heyer but it's really too late for me to catch up with engines and I have no head for engineering. Better late than never huh? And BTW, if I was ever in a foxhole, I would pick you to be my buddy. :)

RAFrenzy said...

Wow, pi! That's about the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. And no, we're not even. You're artistic and that's something much more difficult to tap than messing with an engine. :)

sunflowersue said...

ok since we're in a confession mode...Heyer was just another name until today. Yes, I just crawled out from under a rock. Guess what I ordered today? And yes, this is just so not there an echo in here?

As to the mug..go for it Colleen but a mug should also have a "mug" on it? Just a suggestion but RA might be a good choice?!!! again ICMU. really? Car engines? I can check the oil, fill w/gas & wiper stuff but anything beyond that is waaaay over my head. That's why God invented husbands/mechanics! I'm envious of you. Also...I like the Time Out From Being the Sensible One...TOFBS!! Works for me! more thing. If you think your hormones are funky now, wait till you approach The Change of Life=preggers for years except hot flashes become your best friend w/swinging moods. Thankfully no morning sickness...

pi said...


Well I meant it. I'm also pragmatic- better to have a McGyver type in my foxhole than someone spouting off William Blake (as much as I love him) or faffing about dampened muslins or the pursuit of blonde lace :)

I can't see the enemy being stunned by my love of Regency apparel! ROFL! *I spread my skirts so they can see the fabric*- Take THAT, you plebes! ROFL! I don't think so.

I think there's a complementary place for both of us. Especially because we are having so much fun enjoying the gift of the Armitage! But I am sure, given his canny, practical intelligence, even he would pick you to be his buddy in a foxhole. Aw, now I'm envious! :))))

pi said...

Just a note regarding the mugs. My BFF and I, enthralled in the past to other actors ( who, in retrospect, IMO, do not hold a candle to RA), bought memorabilia other than mugs. She, in her own right, was terrific at making magnets and key chains. I definitely am going to get her to make me both.

bZirk said...

I'd buy a mug. :D

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob, my response to your friends is "WHAT?!" Ok, maybe they didn't like his hat or hair or something as JT, but show them Harry...everybody loves Harry!

@Pi, yes, big screen can be nice...but for me, I'm okay with what I got at my fingertips :)

@Colleen, yes, the RAfandom is a special little community. You bump "into" people all the time between all the blogs/forums etc.

It is so strange to me, I am not a computer geek, and am extremely reluctant to befriend people online, but something about RA has made me get out of my shell, and here I am!

bZirk said...

@TM, I'm so glad you got out of your shell.:)

I have never really wanted to meet people I've met online, but I would love to meet all of you. I'm not sure how many live here in the U.S., but I would love to meet up sometime in the future. One of these days soon I'll be going to visit my daughter in NYC. Would love to meet some of you if you are in that area.

RAFrenzy said...


Oh, I'd be envious of me too if I had RA in a foxhole. ;-) Hopefully, I wouldn't be thinking about anything practical although some MacGyver moves might come in handy.

Uh, would you happen to be a librarian? I feel a familiarity and comfort while I'm speaking to you. :D

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

You all crack me up. Thanks for making me smile. :) I have to admit, when I wrote this post, I was in a grumpy mood (for no real reason) and this was sort of a complaint list. When I came back and read it later, I laughed at myself.

Colleen, I bet a lot of people would buy an RA mug. Would your daughter have to get approval from RA's peeps first? I don't know how that sort of thing works.

Sunflowersue, I'm glad my condition is temporary! Some of my aunts were talking about menopause at a family reunion a few weeks ago... scary, very scary. :O

I'm going to go pay amazon a visit now and load up my online "cart" with goodies! :)

pi said...

@ RA Frenzy

Well, I'm touched. :) I used to be married to a librarian, (what, are you psychic?) does that count? Unfortunately he became middle management and then the big kahuna. And actually wouldn't have been great in a foxhole.

I am imagining you in a foxhole with RA. Lucky man! I am sure he'd be inquiring about the working of things. He has a fine mind, I imagine.

pi said...

@ Nat,

I''m thrilled you are going to stock up!

In my experience, mugs happened without thoughts of copyright. I imagine that unless it's a major business concern, there is no worry. Magnets were made, mugs were made, keychains were made, T shirts were made, with no worries. And no hassles.

And BTW, menopause is not remotely scary. It's very manageable though quite tedious.

Judith Johnson said...

I don't anything but a Little Guy action figure which I bought on E-bay for $3. Once LG arrived I discovered he didnt have his greatcoat or sword and scabbard. Somewhere in a toy chest in England lies the rest of his wardrobe I suppose. *sigh*

I dont really believe in owning a lot of stuff especially dvds, etc so I watch RH and N&S on Netflix instant view anytime I wish. I would buy RH if someone would edit out anything that doesnt have GoG in it!

I have considered Lord of the North as RA does have such a wonderful voice but it is pricey. I bought Venetia and listened to it twice while on a long trip and then sold it on Amazon. I didnt really like him doing all the parts, his falsetto was kinda annoying (please dont hit me folks)

I do enjoy your wonderful site and if I can find another Little Guy I will send it to you! He is such a comfort *_*

Judith Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

LOL I was :O at you not having watched Strike Back and it got worse when I read nÂș5, thankfully I then read the small letter and the world made sense again ;)

If you would indulge yourself, I would advice his audiowork too. The other things, could you find them somewhere on the internet.

The mug is a cool idea (if it comes with RA in it, even better tehee).
I guess if it has only 'cRAzy lady' as it isn't openly refering to Richard or hasn't his name (only we know it is him), there shouldn't be problem with getting permission or anything...

OML :)

Myrtle said...

@rob, you need to choose your friends more carefully, anyone who thinks RA's profile is 'jarring and angular' should be kept at arms length, until thay have received treatment!!!! ha ha

I'm with you, I love the period drama stuff too.

@TM You know that you really want to listen to the audio CDs don't you:D

@BZ I think I might sucuumb and buy a mug.

RAFrenzy said...

I must address this:

"found his profile jarring too angular."

There is hope for @rob's friends. I too used to think such things, and look where I am today.


I am psychic. I just can't get RA to respond, and I do adore his mind.


$3!! I got ripped off! Well, I did get his coat and broadsword. That's worth something I suppose. But I'm sure the Barbies have stripped him by now.

@Rob said...

I would buy an "I LOVE STICK FIGURE RICHARD" mug!!!!

Clearly, the people I keep company with are questionable characters. Need to find more like minded people that share the same interests. Any ideas where I could find people like that? :)

bZirk said...

Oh, I would definitely buy an SFR mug!

And Nat, menopause isn't so bad. When I was getting hot flashes (yes, I'm so gold that they've now passed), I was constantly asking, "Is it just me or is it hot in here?" Then one day about several months into it, I was trolling the health section of a bookstore to read up on it some more when what do I spy? A book titled 'Is it just me or is it hot in here?' I was relieved -- that our humor can survive menopause.

For the most part menopause is not that irritating although I did wake up in some pretty heavy sweats, and I've been getting some cRAzy notions the last couple of years.

bZirk said...

Oh, I love my slip! ROFLOL!

I think Blogger added that.

Myrtle said...

OH YES!!! A SFR mug, now that would be something.

Anonymous said...

Nat, are you kidding me? I've always pictured you getting ready to write your blog sitting in your "Richard Room" surrounded by all of his works (including the most obscure) with a GoG action figure on your lap, wearing a Harry Sweater (and perhaps some Lee-like Speedos), polishing a Porter pistol, leaning back on a pillow with RA's face cross-stitched on the fabric while admiring your life-sized wax figure of John Thornton and watching N&S on television (all this after assembling with your congregation of RA converts). Now that image is shattered.

Anonymous said...


Fanny/iz4blue said...

I have a cheapskate solution to not having audiobooks. His audio interviews are darn satisfying too!Check out the fansites for free downloads, you will not believe how pleasurable mondane activities become. Although before you do make sure kids are fed and secure :-)
The iTunes downloads of RHS1 are pretty cheap. But the ones from S3 are better, also available as cheap (under $10) from a UKwebsite.
My kids like them too, keeps them quiet on roadtrips. So it wouldn't be just for you.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...


sunflowersue said...

SFR Mug for cRAzy Ladies...PERFECT!!

Lol on the scary, Nat. What's scary is the stuff they try to cram down your throat to deal w/pesky hot flashes. Best wishes for the impending birth!! BTW, you CAN type while in labor right? Just kidding, sort of...

I thought y'all were pulling my leg about the action figures. Guess not? Who knew! I have a lot to learn about this particular subject evidently. should be an interior decorator, yes?!

@Rob said...

I have an action figure and I am rather protective of it too. Just ask my four year old. And I would buy a mug, but it would prob freak my hubs out, but he is a good sport about it all.

That conversation with my neighbor was so bizzare bec she knows that I am a huge fan. I just assumed that she would love him too. It was just awkward. She prob should of just lied. :)

Ladies -- bio identical hormones. Try 'em out.

Phylly3 said...

Hey Nat!
Not too worry about not stocking up on all the RA goodies. You are in the nesting stage of your life and like all mama-birds, you are feathering your nest with more practical items.
Remember it took me 2 Christmases and a birthday to get my first RA DVD but only because it had never occurred to me to buy something for myself!!
So don't feel guilty, but if you want to splurge...then you GO girl!-- because you DESERVE it! :)