Sep 27, 2010

24th Poll Results ~ Tat Chat

Who has the coolest tattoo(s)?

Poll Results
in descending order:

Gisborne: 12 (9%)
Not so much love for Gizzy's wolf.
(I still can't see how this is a wolf... do I need to squint?)

Porter: 17 (13%)
Please inform me what this tattoo is supposed to be, dear RA know-it-all's.
When I glimpsed it while watching "Strike Back,"  I thought it was
a scorpion... but now I don't know what in the heck it is.

Tattoos are lame: 27 (20%)
I know, I know... this is the 3rd or 4th time I've posted this pic.
(It's just too good not to recycle.)

Lucas: 73 (56%)
Hey Lucas- you still have a bit of room left on your shoulders and arms!

I figured this guy would take the cake... but wasn't sure
if loyal Gizzy or Porter fans would swing the vote otherwise.
(I bet I can guess which Lucas tattoo is your fave.)

Every time I see a screencap of Mr. North and his ink,
I can't help but picture Leprechaun Lucas (by the brilliant Teena) and laugh.

Did you know Stick-Figure Richard has a tattoo?
'Tis true, my friends.  It's hard to see it on those skinny little arms, but it's there!

Here's what I'd like to know...
Do you have a tattoo? 
If yes, what and where?
I have "I heart RA" scrolled across my left bum cheek.
Just kidding. No tats here, and I don't plan to get any.

If RA were to get a tattoo,
what do you think it should be?

Here's to all the tattoo-viewing to come during Spooks Season 9!


Anonymous said...

He should get a picture of a peach on one of his peaches. :]

Anonymous said...

"I have "I heart RA" scrolled across my left bum cheek." Too funny. I wonder though if any fans do in fact have some sort of tattoo tribute.

MillyMe said...

I am not a fan of tattoos, but I must admit that I really like Lucas'. I don't think his character in Spooks 7 would have been the same without the history of his Russian imprisonment etched on his lean torso, an outward symbol of his inner experiences.

The St Patrick Day's ink is hilarious! Perhaps they'll be revealed to be in keeping with Lucas' new identity?

tyme_4_t said...

*wiping chin after tea-splurt* - SFR's Tattoo! too funny!

I would like to get a small angel tattoo on my shoulder...maybe someday.

RA's tattoo...hmmmmm distracted by thinking about where to ink it....

niccornwall said...

You need to look at the wolf tattoo upside down!

It should become clear then.

Myrtle said...

I adore Luicas' tattoo's as they are so integral to his character, however I am not a fan of them for myself or my hubby. I don't think RA would get a tattoo, but if he did, perhaps a small one on his thigh would be nice :)

Of course SFR tattoo is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I never liked tattoos (so I have none) but RA magic did it! I like Lucas' tattoos, which one is my fav? 'Gnothi Seauton' ;)

Not sure if RA would get one...maybe a little one. I think as an actor he needs -in general- his body as natural as possible so make up artist can work on him when needed.

OML :)

Colleen said...

Well said onemorelurker1. So true about an actor keeping a nutral palet to play different characters. My favorite is also 'Gnothi Seauton' I have even considered becoming a makeup artist just in the slightest minisule chance I could be the lucky one who gets to put those tats all over his body for filming... hmmm oh sorry what was I saying?? Anyway, don't have any myself, don't care for them on women, don't mind them on men, but, love them on Lucas because of the history.

Joan Crenshaw said...

I have one tattoo, my husband's Navy ensignia (a fouled anchor with two stars) on my left hip and plan to get another one, though not sure where or what. It won't be a fan tribute of any sort. And it may not be visible to anyone but me.

Lucas' tats will forever mark him as having been in a Russian prison and at least two are visible most of the time. There's so much storyline potential as a result. He can't escape what happened because the marks are visible.

Nat, look at Guy's tattoo upside down and you'll see the wolf. Sadly I did look till I saw it. I need a life.

Joan Crenshaw said...

Speaking about what tattoo Richard should get, I am one who thinks that tattoos are a very personal choice. My husband (who had two) was dead-set against me having one. Which made me want one all the more.

Sue said...

I thought the tattoo on John Porter's shoulder was of a scorpion, until I looked at it again and it looks more like an "S" (for Sue perhaps? I wish, mind you it wouldn't be on his arm if I had my way!)I'm not a fan of tattoos. I remember an advert a while back where an elderly woman was baking in a kitchen and she looked ridiculous all wrinkly and covered in tattoos. Just remember they'll still be there when everything is dragging on the floor (not long now then!)

Anonymous said...

John Porter tat is a scorpion, it's blocked out like a stencil.

Gisbourne's tat is of a wolf's mouth. Just see the black is the gawping maw with the white spaces as it's teeth.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Well, that's a pretty messed up looking wolf. Just sayin'. :)

*Chica Popcorn* said...

To get a wolf tatoo in his arm is not a bad idea at go RA!

Phylly3 said...

No tattoos for me. I always thought they were tacky (sorry ladies -- I know some can be quite discreet) until I saw Lucas's! That man can make me like ANYTHING!

Annie said...

I've got an angel on my left shoulder, wolf on my right, a phoenix in the middle of my lower back. I actually have got Gnothi Seauton tattooed on my left wrist.

Am I completely shallow in wishing they'd do a piece in Spooks when we learn a little bit more of the history of Lucas's tattoos?

Yeah thought I was. Shoot me.

Sue said...

I suppose the obvious one (well to me anyway) would be an anvil (his name is Armitage which is known to be linked to people who made armour e.g. Blacksmith, hence the anvil). Not sure how sexy that would be, but I know where I'd like to tattoo it, on the buttocks of course!!!!(His buttocks of course, not mine!)