Sep 9, 2010

The Brows

We've analyzed RA's facial hair before, but the eyebrows were left out.
Sure, technically they're hair on the face... but it's not the same.
Therefore, we must take a minute to obsess over them.

Luckily, Richard doesn't have eyebrows
(or hair or fashion-sense) like this guy:
Aw.  I love good ol' Bert and his unibrow.
But not his 4 fingers.  That's just weird.

So Richard's eyebrows.
I like their shape.
They form an upside down V like this:  (but not so pointy)
and emphasize his blue eyes so well.  (There has been some debate
on the eye color~ green/grey/blue, but I think they're blue.)

Those handsome, furrowing brows
really pull off JT's brooding, piercing stare.

I especially like it when Gizzy does this with his:
 Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!!!

Or when one of Richard's characters does his
trademark double lift... which is what causes those cute crinkles to appear.

Being multi-talented,
Richard can do this with his eyebrows too:
I love this pic- it cracks me up!
I'm trying to do this expression right now.
Go ahead and join me... let's all scrunch up our faces
and hope someone else doesn't walk in the room.

Thanks to Richard Armitage Net
and the ladies of the C19 Crinkle Zone for
most of these pics!


Elisabet said...

Jummy post! All of those pics! He's so cute! Even the last one (scrunching now too)

tyme_4_t said...

**typing this with my "scrunchy" face**
Hehehe...well Bert & Harry do like stripey sweaters, but at least Harry's stripes are horizontal!
Love the crinkles!

Musa said...

I can't quite get that perfect RA "scrunch", eyebrows and all. Very manly eyebrows and lovely blue eyes (though they do look grey sometimes).

Jessica said...

Natalie, you never fail to make me laugh. Love your observations! "Dun dun dunnnnnn"- *giggle* My fave is the double brow raise(and crinkles).

@Rob said...

love it!!! great way to start the day with a big smile.

Myrtle said...

Guy 'eyebrows' are my fav, so expressive.

I thought in some episodes of S8 Spooks, Lucas' eyebrows were very dark and heavy. Couldn't decide if it was the lighting or if they were heavily pencilled?

RAFrenzy said...


You crack me up. LOL! And I needed a laugh this morning.

pi said...

Does he have eyebrows? Gad! I can't get past the eyes. How expressive! They look like soft chevrons in flight.

LOL at the last scrunchy pic!

Ann Marie said...


You need a disclaimer, "DO NOT READ THIS AT WORK!"

I am still laughing so hard.....I am going to share this with my friend this evening...she will fall off her chair! Thanks for the laughs!

sunflowersue said...

wiping Pepsi of screen...just sent hubster to bed so not a soul can see me scrunch my face up! Ace in the hole my dear Nat! IMHO, they're BLUE btw.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha oh you crack me up!!
Had started to try and do the scrunched face and then read your line, "I'm trying to do this expression right now" hahahahaha honestly Nat you read our thoughts!

Phylly3 said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! So glad I didn't read this at work! That last picture is the cutest thing! Here's my scrunchy face -- };[ Can you see it?

twinkling moon said...

I'm so glad you brought up the eyebrows, I thought I was weird for noticing them before (well maybe I still am, but I'm in good company :))

And yep, the brows definitely add to the facial expression!

And have to say Nat, I think Bert's unibrow is weird, not just the four fingers :D