Sep 18, 2010

The Man in Black... Plus a Hat.

Live Journal user Mokulen emailed me a link to her entry on
Armitage Daily displaying photos of Richard outside
of ITV and BBC Radio 1 studios yesterday.

Here is one of the photos:
You can view the rest HERE.

When I saw this photo, I couldn't help but snicker.
I'm not sure why... maybe the hat? 
(Anyone know what company's logo is on the side of it?)
Maybe RA sporting black leather for the billionth time? 
(It's like his trademark.)
Maybe the giant man bag
(What's in that thing?  A laptop, change of clothes, snack for later,
secret scripts, stun gun for over-excited fans and yorkshire terrier?)

The photos without the hat are very Ricky Deeming-ish to me.
I really like the expressions on the faces of the girls in the last pic. :)

Thanks for the heads up on these photos, Mokulen!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo I like the hat. That's a Quicksilver logo by the way. However, I can't imagine RA on a surf board.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I knew that logo looked familiar!

Skully said...

Oh I loves me a dapper newsboy cap!... not ones with a surf logo on it though (yep, its Quicksilver).

MillyMe said...

Quiksilver's pretty trendy and he's wearing his John Porter leather jacket. He always carries the battered briefcase to interviews. The jeans are yummy and I think he looks hunky and male modell-ish, but effortlessly.

The autograph hunters prove that he appeals to all age groups, not just BBC 4 listeners. lol!

tyme_4_t said...

Nat - you will now have to dress SFR with big briefcase (containing 2 sandwiches ;)) and that newsboy cap!

@littlevictories - I'm sure you could imagine RA on a surfboard - just close your eyes, picture RA in surf gear hugging his body...see it's easy if you try! :P

DEZMOND said...

oh, amazing styling on him! I personally often dressed in a similar way - trendy jackets, cool caps and charming urban malebags :) with a super modern jeans!
The man's got some style!

diveknit said...

Lovely pictures and I love the cap, but I think I don't care so much for the black dyed hair combined with it's current style. Other than that he is a handsome as ever :)

Musa said...

Nat and Mokulen - thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pics with us. I think he looks very dapper in the cap and leather jacket (leather looks great on him as we know).I think there's something very "boyish" about this haircut and I like it. A more gentle Richard, but just as lovely.

Traxy said...

I don't listen to Radio 4 either. Radios 1 and 2, yes. :) Maybe I'm working my way up, so eventually, I'll be listening to R4?

Anyway, haha, he's wearing what we'd call a "gubbkeps" in Swedish. *grin* ("old man cap") And a big bag too. They're very useful things, bags. You can keep notepads and stuff in them, and I always feel naked if I don't have pen and paper with me when I go somewhere. Maybe he's like that too? Oh, now there's a discussion topic - "what's in Richard's bag?" :D

Thanks for sharing the pics, Mokulen and Nat!

Charlotte H. said...

I LOVE the hat! He looks wonderful, as always. Very dapper.

Phylly3 said...

Love him in that newsboy cap! What a scoop to get those pictures.

@Rob said...

All I have to say is that I would give my right arm to be that jacket. :O

Anonymous said...

@tyme_4_t By golly, you're right! *satisfied sigh*

MillyMe said...

God dag, Traxy, and others; It's not a bag. It's an old-fashioned leather briefcase with a shoulder strap used by many, but especially university professors, to carry papers around in. Perhaps this is a specifically British custom? Richard's is a nice example of one because it looks as though he's actually used it since he was a student, carrying around scripts.

Listening to Radio 4's a good way of exercising the little grey cells. Oops, did I reveal something about myself now? *grin*

Liz said...

That hat is cute. And he wears those jeans WELL! He always looks lovely.

Myrtle said...

Heavenly 'sigh'

My "real" hubby has a tweed hat like the one RA is wearing, and I think he looks rather sexy in it IMHO

(My real hubby and RA both look rather sexy infact :D)

As we have discussed before, I think the briefcase has a 'back story' and the case has a special place in RA's heart.

Thanks Nat & Mokulen

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering for quite some time what he'd look like in baseball cap, and this is the closest he's gotten.

Agree that the briefcase looks very professorial. I've got one of those myself.

MaryKwizMiz said...

no excuse for the cap needed, it's totally cool
if any needed - it covers up what I have taken to calling THH ThatHideousHair. Sooo unflattering. I really hope it's for a role (not looking forward to that part then, though :)
love the boots, jacket & especially the bag. Miss the 'burns. He's one of the few people I tolerate or like them on.
Still - the whole package is insanely hot, as ever.

pi said...

I am convinced that the combination of haircut and a kind of old-fashioned Brit look he's got going with the jacket and cap has something to do with his next role. I believe he is getting into character.

And the bag is a satchel, aka, briefcase. I like his style! It's common among academics, student types and a certain male librarian (my ex).

Sue said...

I must admit that the cap, to quote a character called Del Boy, from Only Fools and Horses (a well known British comedy series, makes him look a right "plonker". He even looks like Del Boy in it! Sorry, but I have to give it the thumbs down. (Has he taken up golf do you think?)

I've come to the conclusion that he keeps a change of clothes in that battered up old briefcase he always carts around with him. (Or perhaps it's all those spare pairs of underpants fans keep sending him?)Please don't send him any more undies! You're only encouraging him to wear them and personally I'd much prefer to see him without them (and I'm guessing I'm not the only one!)

Twinkling Moon said...

Thanks for the pics Nat and Mokulen! It was sweet to see such young fans...little girls really and the expression on that one girl's face is just brings to mind innocent excitement a person has at that age. I'm happy for them :)

Did anyone catch the radio interview of RA on that webcam where there are a bunch of young women (I'm a little confused about why they're all there) but one of them was a fan...that whole interaction with RA was just sweet. Take a look at it ladies if you haven't seen it. Ali's got a link over at her site.

@Rob said...

@TM please post link. :)
thank you!!!

Avalon said...

These are amazing! Thanks Nat for the link and THANKS Mokulen for sharing these. I love the photo of him with the lil teenagers. He is so tall compared to them! Absolutely amazing photos! Thanks a million!

Twinkkling Moon said...

@Rob, the site I watched it from is Ali's, Nat's got it listed under her RA sites section.

here is the link:

The webcam one is dated Sept. 17th Greg James show. I had to download it to view it on the VLC player, which I had downloaded previously. Hopefully it works for you @Rob.

@Avalon, yeah. I'm with you. I thought it was so sweet to see RA with the teen fans :) But then it made me think, "you know what? When he was in RH, LG was a teen too!" I still have somewhat mixed feelings about that (old fashioned, I guess?)

Sue said...

It seems there's a reason for Richard having that hair cut and cap, he's in the film Captain America and is currently filming in the centre of Manchester until the 3rd October. Guess who plans on catching the tram into Manchester!!!!

Here's a link to someone's website who took some pictures:

mulubinba said...

I'm soooo late in commenting! I'm pleased a few of you picked up the youthfulness of the fans. I'm feeling excessively old at present. Perhaps they are the ones who have the time to spend waiting outside studios etc.

Can you believe i was actually over in the UK when this was all happening and I missed it all!!! (Except for a snippet on BBC Breakfast).

Absolutely love RA in that hat and yes, his satchel seems to go everywhere with him. I read somewhere a long time ago that it was like a good luck charm ... but perhaps this is a fabrication on my part ... my age... I can't remember where I read this:(