Oct 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!

Enjoy your feasting, you cRAzy Canuks!
If you want to have your turkey day before Halloween, you go right ahead.
I'm not here to judge your too-early-in-the-year Day of Thanks.
In fact, I wish I were there to dig in with you. :)

See Teena's lovely Canadian Thanksgiving RA design HERE.
Read about Canadian Thanksgiving from a real live Canadian HERE.


Sue said...

Love the pic of Richard and his turkey. I'm sure he's a dab hand with the old sage and onion! He can stuff my turkey anytime!

Don't know how early they start advertising Thankgiving in Canada but over here they've been selling things for Christmas in September!!!!I swear Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier every year!

bZirk said...


That picture just about killed me. Nearly choked on my coffee. ROFLOL!!!

Phylly3 said...

OMG! You kill me! Too funny!
The poor man -- I dress him in a banana suit and you stick a turkey hat on him -- and it's not even Halloween yet! LOL
Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!

Anonymous said...

That picture is HI-larious.

@Sue "He can stuff my turkey anytime!" I'm having to type how much I heart that comment through tears. Too funny.

Happy Thanksgiving!

pi said...


Anonymous said...

BTW Nat, just noticed the Corpse Bride pic. great stuff. Can't wait for the cheesetastic vid to follow.