Nov 5, 2010

Time Fillers

A list of fun, time-wasting entertainment for days when you're told to stay off your feet
(or just feel lazy, tired or unmotivated/can't to do something active)
and don't want the cabin fever setting in:

1. Rewatch North & South for the millionth time because
it's one of those movies you can watch over and over.
Heck, go ahead and rewatch any other RA show while you're at it!

2. Blog surf Richard Armitage blogs + any other interesting blog.
This has nothing to do with RA, but have you heard of Cake Wrecks?  SO FUNNY.
(A blog about "how professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.")

3.  Watch tons of YouTube vids, especially those featuring Richie-dearest.
This one has been around for a while, but is new to me this week.  It made me laugh.
*Remember to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

I get a kick out of those character-swapping musical vids.

4. Ask people to be guest bloggers and then enjoy reading their posts.
I can't wait to share them with you!  It's going to take self restraint to publish only one
per week since I'm so excited about them. (Also, a new friend taught me how to schedule posts to
be published at a future date and time... so maybe I'll put together a few now that will appear
later when I'm out of commission!  (So if I don't respond to emails/comments in a
timely manner, know that I might not be active online.)

Since I've had a few emails asking about this,
here's what to do if you'd like to try your hand at RA blogging~
Pick an RA topic of any kind, create a post in your own style and voice
and then email it to me with a list of pictures/links/videos you'd like included.
Also, please share a little blurb about yourself (where you live in the world, when/how you
discovered RA, and/or anything else you'd feel comfortable sharing so that blog
readers can get to know the person behind the post.) Pretty easy!

5. Read The Hobbit to get to know Richard's character, Thorin.
(I haven't actually done this yet, but it's on my list.)
How many of you have suddenly taken an interest in reading The Hobbit?

6.  Speaking of The Hobbit, start saving money and book your flight
to New Zealand so that you can stalk RA during filming see the beautiful countryside.

What would you add to this list?

Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

7. Obsessively check this blog for many laughs and swoon-worthy photos and stories. (And to read entries by the guests bloggers to come.)

Who am I kidding? I do that even when I don't have any down time.

bZirk said...

Well said, littlevictories!

Ann Marie said...

See Nat, it's the little things you do like placing the word "Pretty" under the lovely picture of S3 Sir Guy of Gisborne that makes this blog so uniquely yours. I too check it faithfully for laughs and chuckles...

diveknit said...

@ Ann Marie - I do the same every day - check the blog for laughs, great pictures and giggles. I am looking forward to the guest bloggers - I don't have the nerv to do it. said...

Me too!! This blog is my daily fix of Richard and amusing comments...:) I always make time for this site..You have to have your little luxuries...:)

Anonymous said...

Actually, idea no. 6 is pretty good!! I wanted to go as an exchange student to Sweden but now I'm really thinking about New Zealand and stalking:-DD You're a genius, Nat;-)

Violet8886 said...

Just letting folks know...Violet8886 is also put in my e-mail by mistake...;)

Violet8886 said...

I liked the Cake Wrecks link...That got me really laughing...You have to really check your cake before serving...;)

Teuchter said...

Like the others, I just have to check out this site daily. So much fun and so many lovely pictures of RA. I have been to New Zealand twice now and loved it. What a beautiful country with very friendly people.

If I might add another suggestion to you relaxation list may I suggest you listen to some of the audio books Richard has narrated? I have both The Convenient Marriage and Venetia and find there is no better way to relax than listening to his velvety sensuous voice. When he is voicing Demarel in Venetia you can totally picture him as that character!! More *swooning* :) I actually listened to all four CD's of Venetia yesterday while knitting and found it difficult to concentrate on the pattern as I had to keep shutting my eyes and imagining the scenes! lol!!!

Violet8886 said...

I know what you mean Teuchter...Richard's voie as Demarel is delicious..Especially when he first meets up with Venetia as she gets caught on some bramble and he helps her and then helps himself...;)

Phylly3 said...

Squee! I second (or third) your suggestion Teuchter about listening to audio books! So far Venetia is the only one I have but I DO love how he voices Damerel's part. I also love the scene in the barn rescuing the kitten... ! *sigh*
Nat, I'm looking forward to those guest blogs, but I will miss you! :)

Unknown said...

Oh Nat, that Guy/Gaston video is hilarious...thanks so much for posting it!

sunflowersue said...

Love the Gaston video...too funny!! Whoa, I just found Strike Back on the internet...funny, I've done searches at different sites and they never show Strike Back. All of a sudden, I've go it!!! Off to watch ep1!!!!

And thanks Nat for making sure we don't get bored! Pretty, indeed!

Teuchter said...

Oh yes - Violet8886 and phylly3! :) The bramble scene and the barn one are two of my favourites. Don't you wish this could be made into a movie with Richard naturally as Damerel?? Well he did say he wanted to be in a movie *all about love* didn't he? I think this would pretty well fit the bill as well as being another *costume drama* to boot!!! *Fans self just thinking about it* So hopefully some happy listening Nat if you can get a hold of them. I must buy Sylvester next!!

And to sunflowersue, I just watched the last two Episodes of Strike Back and RA was absolutely magnificent as usual. He can handle any part and any emotion and there were some very emotional scenes in these episodes.

sunflowersue said...

"RA was absolutely magnificent as usual" And I believe you completely, Teuchter!! But I may not be as smart as I thought. Watched Ep1 (most excellent!)but can't seem to find a link for Ep2. Wahhhhh! Time to hit the hay, but will continue my quest tamara.

I'll second the Must Listen in regards to "Venetia". Loved it. Listened as I mowed this summer. (ya know, these little Walkman dojiggers are kinda handy!) I can show you exactly where I was when Damerel finally..hang on, no spoilers from me, but I will say I was under my peach tree. Memorable event!

Cake Wrecks is my life! Yep, I throw out a creation often and have had my share of head-on collisions! LOL, altho I can't prove them as I avoid photographing icky cakes. Only the good ones get included in my portfolio, small as it is.

Twinkling Moon said...

Echoing Little victories statement :)

@Nat, thanks for that link to video. I hadn't seen it before, too cute!

Teuchter said...

Just have to add what I read on another website today. I had read it many weeks ago but it came to mind when I was thinking about the audio books Richard has narrated. This lady wrote "... combining the fanciful story teller, Georgette Heyer (who wrote Sylvester, Venetia and The Convenient Marriage) and the sultry and seductive voice of Richard Armitage is like la petite mort"!

Check THAT expression out girls and see if you agree! I could translate the words but did not realize what it was a euphemism for!!:0 More *swooning* for sure!

blogger girl838 said...

i luv this site i am totally obsessed with it but i wish Nat could do more Guy of Gisborne series 2 stuff cuz i luv Richard the most in that!!! OMG he is so gorgeous