Dec 30, 2010

Holiday Recap

Hey, blog readers and fellow RA fans!  Nat here.  Still around, just busy
as I'm sure you have been this holiday season as well.

Here's a look at what kept me so occupied~

1. I trimmed the tree.
The Hubs didn't fully appreciate the "special" star or ornaments.

2. I helped Stick-Figure Richard address and mail his Christmas cards.
I thought this would be a quick task, but apparently he made
many friends traveling the world this year.

3. I watched "Vicar of Dibley" while knitting stripey sweaters for everyone I know.
4. Then I made a miniature Dibley village out of gingerbread.
I would provide a picture, but it looked so good, I ate it.

Speaking of my lack of control when it comes to holiday goodies...
5. I ordered 1,000 boxes of Thorntons chocolate.  (Some for me, and 6 boxes
for a few lucky family and friends.)  Of course, I had to redo the label
to make those chocolates even more drool-worthy:
Dang right.

It may have been a dream, but I'm counting it since everything else was made up.*

So there ya go.
I've been one busy bee.

What have you been up to?

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season
and enjoy your New Year!

*Half-truths revealed: I did trim a tree (although not with RA decor),
mailed Christmas cards (featuring my children, not SFR), watched VOD and 
ate too much chocolate (although, not from Thorntons.)


Skully said...

Seasons greetings to you Nat! I'm surprised to you didn't have a Gisborne tied to your tree ;)

Anonymous said...

That is one excellent tree, Nat!

Anonymous said...

Hope it was a good one Nat! My sister actually bought me a "I found my thrill at Marlborough Mills" T-shirt for Christmas. And I thought I had done such a good job concealing my infatuat..., er, interest. Happy New Year to you and yours (and all you lovely ladies who visit this delightful blog).

DEZMOND said...

I want my stripey sweater too! :)

Avalon said...

I am glad you had a nice Christmas. Hope you have a blessed New Year as well.

Laura said...

Yesterday I was watching N&S -again- because I'm lending it to a friend tomorrow and I was very worried about spending any length of time without Mr Thornton on my shelf. And a very nice way to spend a cold winter evening it was; I actually recall a tear while watching the train scene...
A very happy New Year to you all!

kaprekar said...

Mmmm Mr Thornton chocolates! Thanks - great post as usual.

Ann Marie said...

sniff, I didn't get a Christmas card from SFR..sniff...what's a girl gotta do?

Laughed alot as always reading your blog Nat.

Yesterday received a late Christmas present form an old friend new to my love of RA and Sir Guy. It was an amulet of Sir Guy from the "Marry me and live" episode. One side says My world is ash, the older side has him on horseback with the setting sun behind him. A small bottle of ash, a tiny blood tipped-sword and a baying wolf charm are attached at the bottom. Sooo unique!

Glad you you had a Merry Christmas!

sunflowersue said...

LOL, skully at the tree tying thing!!

@Laura,honey, I completely understand. A friend wants to borrow mine. Will watch 3&4 today before I hand it over (my mom & I watched 1&2 last Sat. & she kept dozing off. What's up with THAT?) Question is: Can I really hand it over?!

@Nat, why stop at just a Richard Tree? A black leather tree skirt, & tiny little machine guns. Then a Rich Wreath, Rich Swags w/cotton as snow. OH, Rich cookies w/JT profile!

Cool gift, Ann Marie! And very thoughtful. Me too. On the SFR cards!

Have a wonderful year all you RA fans!

Anonymous said...

My Christmas? I tried to attack my friend from California - sadly, I'm in NY - when I opened the Christmas present she got me and it was a signed RA autograph.

Yeah, I flailed a lot this Christmas...

BETH said...

Hola Natalie I am glad you had a nice Christmas with your family. Unlike you, I've spent a Christmas with "high temperatures" because here in Argentina Christmas is in summer! but equally I did my share of time for Mr. Armitage and between tree decorating and cooking, I could see (and I lost count!) N & S and although the date is not very suitable, I saw again Strike Back.
I want to wish to you and all the faithful followers of this wonderful man named "RA" coming into your blog, a happy new year! and in this 2011 we have much more information about the work of this great actor (and very sexy! of course) Besos from Argentina warm!.
PS. I want Thorntons chocolates too!

Phylly3 said...

Fabulous tree Nat! I am glad you were kidding though because those SFR cards look so great I was starting to get jealous! :)
My twenty-something kids were home for Christmas so I had a lot of fun with them. My daughter agreed to watch The Vicar of Dibley with me and she really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it all the more watching her laugh at all the funny parts!
How great to appear in an RA dream, even if it was someone else's! (Lucky Traxy! I am still hoping for my own RA dream!!)
Love the redesign for the Thornton's chocolates box!
Happy New Year!

Violet8886 said...

I've had Thornton's Choccies before..A friend in England sent them to me...Quite yummy! I like how you added the Thornton Black/White pix...Nice touch! It was cold and snowy in the Northeast after Christmas..Spent time digging out..Christmas Day was festive and sunny...I like to bake cookies for Christmas and for New Years. I also re-watched The Christms Vicar of Dibley with our guy...That's tradition!

I wish for everyone a lovely and happy and peaceful New Year!

diveknit said...

Great post Nat.
We also had a very nice Christmas. First we walked over our property to find our tree, then cut it down Christmas Eve and decorated it. It was a lot of fun. We'll be doing it every year from now on.
I did get dh to watch the first episode of N&S with me. He wasn't thrilled (can you imagine that?) but he wasn't bbored either. So I will coax him into watching the rest with me!
Happy New Year to you, your family and everyone else here.

Anonymous said...

Your posts always makes me smile - Thank you.

Wishing your a FANTASTIC new year.


Twinkling Moon said...

Hysterical post as usual Nat! How neat to make a guest appearance in someone else's dream, when the lovely RA appears as well :) I loved the profile sihouette added to the box of chocolates, man, does RA have a nice profile or what?

@Sunflowersue, I completely understand the frustration at family members dozing off! How dare they!

@LittleVictories, so you weren't as undercover with your RA love as you thought, eh? I think I'm undercover to a certain degree, but who knows? Cute gift you received though!

@Ann Marie, now that is a true friend to get you a gift like that. I'm assuming it was a custom made gift. And even if it isn't how neat!

@Nicole, I am jealous! Did you seriously get an RA autograph as a gift?

Happy New Year to everyone! Party hard, but remember, don't drink and drive :)

JEMAA said...

Nat - so glad you had a good Christmas with your family - as did I. I wish one and all all the very best for 2011, with lots of opportunities to induldge in enjoying the multi talents of dear Mr. RA! Cheers!

Musa said...

Happy New Year Everyone!

@Rob said...

More SFR!!! But, alas he has been traveling. Love your post, clever as always. Here's to a happy and heathly New Year.

Traxy said...

Oh this post made me laugh! :D Dark and dazzling, oh yes.

Just a crying shame there is no Robin Hood stage show starring RA that we had tickets to go see! It will remain a dream. *sigh*

Hope you had a fab Christmas and will have an absolutely smashing 2011! :)

Twinkling Moon said...

@Traxy, I love your idea of a Robin Hood stage show with RA! I mean, RA did say he wanted to do more theater, right? LOL!

Myrtle said...

Oh! I love the tree!!

Those 'dark and dazzling' chocs:) so yummy!!

Happy & Healthy 2011 to everyone

Violet8886 said...

Oh yes...A Robin Hood stage show that would be great!!! Or a one man show..."All About Gizzy"...

I wish for everyone a healthy, happy, and loving New Year!!!

Traxy said...

@Twinkling Moon: Very good point! Gizzy on-stage resurrection ftw! :D