Jan 3, 2011

Gisborne Drawing

Check out this lovely Gizzy drawing by Julia:
Nice, eh?  I especially like the Guyliner. :)
Julia is from the UK and just started a blog, which you may view HERE.

Seeing Julia's amazing skill with a pencil & paper,
I couldn't help but think of my attempts at capturing Sir Guy
in black & white as well...
although my efforts are clearly more realistic!  (I kid.) 
I really do admire the many talents of our fellow RA fans, whether artistic,
literary or friendship skills (yes, that's a talent) are possessed.
Keep it up, peeps.


The Adventurous A. said...

Whee, 1st comment again! ;P Wow, a big shoutout to Julia; her drawing is gorgeous!!! Makes me want to have it all to myself MWAHAHAHAHHAA! jk. Missed you during the break Nat, but glad you're back. Love & greetings to your whole family! :D

VaBookworm87 said...

My drawing skills are rubbish... although I feel oddly inspired to have a go at creating an RA Sim on my Sims 3 game... so much for getting anything productive done this evening! Off to play Sims!

Avalon said...

Great talent!

Anonymous said...


diveknit said...

Wow great drawing and I always love your SFR, they are so funny and to the point. There is a lot of skill in capturing something with a few lines!!

Myrtle said...

Excellent, Bravo Julia!

SFG,....looking handsome on his horse too.

Anonymous said...

I'll always love SFR.

Violet8886 said...

Nice artwork! I really give kudos to those with talent. I am not that good. I tip my hat to you ladies!!! :)