Feb 25, 2011

Excuses, requests and a break.

Sorry for the slacking of duties, dearest blog readers!
"Real life" has been VERY busy as I mentioned in the last post's update.
I rarely have time to do much online besides check my email these days!
If something big in RA news has happened this week, I have no idea.
Somebody keep me posted if another beard sighting occurs. :)
Not SFR... the real RA!

I have a second request for FanstRAvaganza participation~  pretty, pretty please.
Pretty and pleasing!

If you could write a fan letter to 
an RA character, what would you say?
*Oh, the possibilities!*

Please send your Armitage character fan letters to:
(I'd prefer an email to comments so it can be a surprise for other blog readers.)
They can be as short and sweet as you'd like.


Dear Mr. Thornton
Where can I get one of those
sexy top hats for my husband?
Love, Natalie

I would greatly appreciate any contributions for
RA character fan letters and/or fantastic fan stories. :)

Due to my crazy, busy life at the moment,
I plan to take a blogging break until the FanstRAvagana on March 14th.
Thanks for your support and patience!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't write a letter to his characters. They'd all simply say, TAKE ME NOW.

Specially Gisborne.

Sue said...

For a bit of fun I think I'll choose Paul from Between the Sheets. It would go something like this:

Dear Paul,

Got a smashing view of your backside the other day and just had to write and say what a lovely bum you have!

Please feel free to flash those peaches as much as you like, especially in my direction!

Maybe in the future I might consider Thorin from The Hobbit:

Dear Thorin,

You're a darling, size isn't important!(Are you kidding?) As the saying goes "good things often come in small packages".

Violet8886 said...

Of course take a break. We all get busy. We don't want you to be frazzled. :)

Hmmm..I love most of the characters..Sir Guy is very hot but so is Mr. Thornton..both in very different ways...I would ask Sir Guy if he can get the other characters to wear more leather...;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucas,
Could you get Ruth to find you shirts that don't strain across the chest?

Or maybe not...


Sue said...

Dear Lucas,

Did you by any chance take that boiler suit home with you?

Violet8886 said...

I love it! I love that Boiler suit scene in Season 8. Lucas is quite hot. I know what others mean about the too tight shirt stuff with the Lucas character. Either they wanted to show off his pecs or his shirts shrank or he gained some weight or muscle.

In the press conference pix from The Hobbit [when the actors were sitting at that long table] Richard's shirt was tight there too! I think there was writing on the back of the shirt but I couldn't read it. Maybe he doesn't care if it doesn't quite fit...;) LOL

Avalon said...

I have been away too and will have to leave again next week.
There is no need for you to apologize, we all realize real life is more important:)
Good luck with the letters, you will probably receive some really funny ones.

Violet8886 said...

We will miss you too Avalon. We will be here for when you come back :)

Myrtle said...

Enjoy your blogging break Nat!

Building a new house, Oh my goodness, that certainly is a huge undertaking.

I think I might write my letter to Lucas?

Violet8886 said...

Yes do it Myrtle!! :)

Sunshine387 said...

i think i'd do one for guy
dear sir guy,

If you need help getting into that oh so tight leather you know where i am.

PS-I'll be your marian

hahaaaa i liked the one about paul above from sue...very funny :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thanks to everyone who has contributed something! :)

Violet8886 said...

You are welcome :)