Jul 28, 2011

Three posts rolled into one.

My summer has been filled with
t-ball games, swimming lessons, family reunions,
a 10 year high school reunion (lame!), weed-pulling and lawn mowing,
freckling and sun-burning (stupid spray sunscreen does not work as well as
the lotion), fishing, hiking and picture-taking.

Oh, and a little squeeeee-ing too,
like the rest of you. ;)

Squee #1:
Seeing the dwarfs (THORIN!) in costume.
Friggin' AWE-sooooome!

My husband and I are big Tolkien fans.
None of our extended family will play "Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit" with us any more
because we kick their trash.  (Wow... I sound like the biggest nerd EVER right now, don't I?) 

Anyway, I showed him the above photo and the first thing he said was,
"The guy in the middle looks too tall to be a dwarf."
(I assured him it was a perspective thing) followed by,
"What's up with the pretty boy dwarf on the far right?"

I was waiting for some sarcastic comment about my "boyfriend,"
but he didn't recognize Richard!  I felt rather smug about that...
like the "smug man at the party."

Squee #2:
Seeing photos/vids of Richard and his fluffy beard
at the "Captain America" premiers.  (I haven't seen the film yet,
but hope to remedy that situation this weekend.)
Richard doing the piercing stare of hotness,
while bearded, with open collar!

I think he's trying to read our minds.
Maybe if I look at the photo while wearing sunglasses,
my thoughts will feel a bit safer.
Nope... didn't work!

Did anyone else clap their hands with joy
when they found out one of "our" video/graphic queens, Heather,
was able to photograph AND MEET The Armitage in person!?  I did!
I was so happy with the news, you'd have thought I met the guy myself!
(Except, if I had met him, I wouldn't be standing there all cute and dignified like Heather...
how in heaven's name did she contain herself!?!)

Just between us, I've heard from reliable sources that this photograph is cropped
to hide the fact that Heather was pinching his peaches.
JUST KIDDING... I made that up. :)

You can read about Heather and DiL's experience meeting Richard HERE.

I'm glad she mentioned she's the one who designed the Havoc Tour t-shirt...
but it would have been hilarious if she'd mentioned her Sexy Back videos too. haha!

Switching gears...

Although only one of you may appreciate this topic... (what up, Traxy?)
I saw the final Harry Potter film a few weeks ago. I love the books and enjoyed the movie. 
(Have I already mentioned my nerdiness in this post?  I did?  Just checking. )

Besides the 3 main characters- Harry, Ron and Hermione,
my favorite character is Severus Snape.

I recently started thinking of the similarities between Snape
and my favorite misunderstood underdog, Gisborne.

* Black is their signature color.
*They rarely smile.
* Both had a rough childhood and were bullied by others.
* Their bullies later ended up with the girls they wanted.
* They mourned for the women they loved for the rest of their lives.
* Both were known to rock the guyliner/guyshadow from time to time.
* Both had a dark past and tried to make amends for those mistakes.
* Each had a heart-wrenching death.  *sniff, sniff*
* Let's not forget... the action figures!

Switching gears yet again...

Today is
The Richard Armitage Fan Blog's
2nd Birthday!   (Or bloggoversary or whatever.)
Time sure flies...
it seems like yesterday this blog was
a cute little newborn, and now it's a loud,
chubby toddler. :)

for all of your visits, comments,
and friendship, blog readers!
516,000 hits and counting.

I shall now return to being on hiatus...
although be sure to check back on Richard's birthday
for something simple, yet smile-worthy.


OneMoreLurker said...

Yayy, Nat made a new post!!

Oh now I understand the reason for his smile in the pic with Heather ;)

LOL, he didn't recognize RA, you'll have a lot of fun when he discovers it is him and you *knew*.

Hey, of course we can appreciate the Snape part of the post. I guess, I like the 3 wizards but I have a difficult time not thinking of Snape as my favourite, especially because AR made me like him in the first place... love your list of similarities, they're spot on.
Why Snape action figure has more resemblance to the real one that Guy's *pouts*

Happy Anniversary to the blog! Hope we will count many more anniversaries in the years to come.

OML :)

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to read a post from you - have been missing them.

Glad that you had a lovely summer(its sound as you had:-))

Yes it has been some "Sqee" days with Thorin, CA and Heathers meeting.

You can be sure I will return on the 22th of august to see what you have up your sleeves :-)


tyme_4_t said...

Hi Nat - glad to see that your hectic-busy-love-filled life let you check in with RA world!
With the recent explosion of RA goodness & chatter & pictures & interviews I kept thinking....Somebody's told Nat about this right?!? LOL
Happy 2nd blogversary!
Long Live SFR!

Heathra said...

Dang! I forgot to pinch the peaches! ;) LOL Richard probably noticed I was shaking while my arm was around his waist and his arm around mine, while DiL is trying to figure out which button to click on the camera! haha! I feel like I have this overly excited yet nervous grin on my face! LOL

He would probably have ran away if I mentioned my making of videos of him. *blushes*

I wish I got to talk to him longer it happened so fast and I was speechless half the time! My mind went blank on things to ask him or tell him! I am surprised I got The Havoc Tour out. I was standing there thinking "come on Heather tell him!" Ahhh! It's hard when there is a gorgeous man looking at you!

I will never forget the surprised look on his face when I told him I designed The Havoc Tour shirt. Which followed by a huge smile. *dreamy sigh*

Thanks Nat and everyone else in the RA community for being supportive and genuinely very happy for me that I got to meet RA! I honestly never thought I ever would and definitely didn't think it would happen in LA an hour from where I live!

Happy Anniversary Nat!! Your blog was the first one I found and would go to regularly! Thanks for the laughs as you always come up with clever witty things to say!

10 year high school reunion?! You are like my younger sister! haha!

Musa said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Traxy said...

Haha, you do make me giggle, Nat! :D Am so excited Heather & DiL got to meet RA IRL. As a part of the community, it's as if they've met him for all of us ... sort of? If that makes sense? Wonder how he would've reacted to find out about the Sexy Back videos ...

Topic very much appreciated! :D (However did you guess? ;)) Glad you decided to post about the similarities. To think there are so many! I'd like to add one of "beginning-of-s3 Guy looks like Snape's description in the book". <3

And lastly, HAPPY BLOGGING BIRTHDAY! *throws balloons up in the air and hands out pieces of cake* You started blogging exactly a month (-3 days) before I did. They could almost be twins, gasp! Speaking of which, aren't there more blogging birthdays coming up soon? I'm sure there were a bunch of us starting roundabout the same time. Great minds think alike, and all that. ;)

*RA in uniform pops up and looks all important before barking: "STOP THAT! IT'S SILLY!"*

Summer said...

Always make me smile!
Happy blogAversary! Many more to come! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Nat! What an accomplishment! It was a great surprise to see a new post. As always you made me smile. We miss you!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and that you have a few more squee opportunities to look forward to..

mulubinba said...

Has it really been two years? That means mine will be coming up for its anniversary too..... in its various forms and hiatuses.

Hope your family is well :)

PS: Heather - I wouldn't have recognised RA if I fell over him with that beard....lol.

Violet8886 said...

Glad to see you back even if for a short time. :):) Love that you have been around a while. :) Happy Blogoversary. :):):)

Violet8886 said...

I saw Captain America it was good. Haven't seen Harry Potter yet but I have too. Richard will be good as Thorin. He has the intensity and emotion. Special effects will take care of his height. LOL

Congrats Heather for getting to meet Richard. I would be quaking in my boots and probably say gibberish...LOL

NovemberBride said...

It just so happens that I just finished a Ladybug cake for a one year old, so I'll secretly dedicate it to you! ;) (Better it than the longhorn cake coming up tomorrow!) Like so many others, your blog was my first! That sounded weird...anyway, Happy Blogaversary!

And Heather, I just gotta say, I was thrilled for you! I just couldn't stop grinning...you are such a cutie and I'm thinking you aren't old enough to have a DiL!!?

About HS reunions: I celebrated my 40th *GASP!!!* and we had a blast! Yeah, the 10 yr ones seem awkward, but just wait about 20 more years and they'll be more fun. Maybe. Hope your summer slows down a bit!

Oh...and the "piercing stare of hotness" pic... *huge GULP*. Could those eyes get any bluer??!!

Heathra said...

LOL NovemberBride! DiL is my friend which stands for "dorkinlove" who is another RA fan that went with me! Sorry for the confusion, ha ha you are right I am not old enough to have a "daughter in law"! I am only 31! I don't have any children and I am not married, but hopefully someday. ;-)

Thanks! :)

NovemberBride said...

ROTFLOL!! In my tiny world, DiL=daughter in law..got 3 of the lovelies!! Thanks for the clarification. I just could NOT believe you looked that old, altho us grannies get younger every day...?! Keep looking for TMOYD tho! I'm in your corner and with your looks, talent and good taste (ie:RA),well...you know. And I hope DiL got a pic w/RA too!

Phylly3 said...

Happy 2nd Blogoversary Nat! Your blog was my first introduction to the RA universe, and the gateway to so many more great blogs and sites!
So nice to see your latest post -- totally agree about Snape (no wonder I like him so much)! I haven't seen HP7 yet but I did manage to catch CA! :)
Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Lady Rose said...

YAY NAT! So glad to have you back! BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog...really appreciate it.

...Wow. See, I am so out of the loop, I didn't know about the new Hobbit pic, or about Heather's meeting RA! HOW LUCKY IS SHE?? very.

Thanks for posting!

Colleen said...

Happy blogoversary Nat! I love your blog! It is one of my favs! I have loved checking all the sites for new pics and news of RA in Captian America (saw the movie - loved it- RA was absolutly perfect as Heinz) new pics as Thorin coming available makes me just sit and stare at him all the more. Having Thorin on my desktop/ wallpaper makes starring easier. I have to mention one more sim between RA and Alan Rickman - both played baddies in a making of Robin Hood. Alan was the Sheriff in Robin Hood with Kevin Costner, and we all know about good old Gizzy :) I am sooo jealous of Heather for getting the pic w/ RA but am happy for her at the same time - Love to all :)

Myrtle said...

Happy Birthday RA fan blog :)
Lovely to hear from you again Nat!

I too have always had a soft spot for Snape, perhaps it is because I have a soft spot for Alan Rickman, such a wonderful actor with a voice like melting chocolate.

Those Dwarves are just amazing are they not! It is going to be such a long wait until Dec 2012.

If am honest I prefer RA without his beard, stubble yes but beard no. However, I have to confess that it does give him a very distinguished look :)

Take care everyone, looking forward to our little reunion on the 22nd

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nat!
Great having you back! You always make me laugh! :) For exmp: your husband not noticing RA on the picture... but pointing at Kili (I have to confess, he'll be my "other" favourite in Hobbit... Sorry RA fans) .
The FB site was full with comms about the beards... I don't like long beards, RA and Kili is also OK without a long one...
It was far enough NOT to have RA's own blue eyes... (cry)
My husband hasn't seen this dwarf pic yet, he was away without a comp or net for a week... I wonder if he makes any comments on RA...
Anyway, HAPPY Anniversary and DON'T STOP !

CDoart said...

Oh, I am much too late, but:
Happy 2nd anniversary !!! Thank you for your blog !!!

You had me absolutely laughing with your comment:
"I think he's trying to read our minds.
Maybe if I look at the photo while wearing sunglasses,
my thoughts will feel a bit safer.
Nope... didn't work!"
He looks so intense that this comment exactly hits the way he looks into the camera.

I jumped up and down with joy, when I heard the news about Heather. Like you I felt as if I had that meeting, but in such an event I would have fallen over my own feet ;o)

Anonymous said...

Nat, I haven't tuned in to your blog for ages - because I thought you were really on a big break. So happy to see you post again - missed you!!


Eliza said...

Please vote in Richard!!

Violet8886 said...

Never too late to post a comment. Thanks Eliza for the link! :):)

Twinkling Moon said...

Hey Miss Nat! I too didn't think to check back into your blog for sometime, thinking you were politely telling us "ladies, I've got no time for this, real life is calling. But thanks a million for the laughs!" LOL!

Anyhoo, glad to have read this post, even if my comment is WAY late...

Ok, I am a big dork, I am watching criminal minds right now and all of a sudden I hear the Robin Hood theme song, and I begin to wonder, "why is that song playing? is someone on the show watching Robin Hood?" Of course not! it was the background music from this blog! Lord, I really am not the sharpest tool in the shed here *rolls eyes at self*

Sorry for the digression, enjoyed your post Nat, and like for others, your blog was my intro into the world of RA fandom, as I "discovered" RA right around the time you did :)

As for similarities between Snape and Guy, well Alan Rickman's initials are Mr.A's inverted. Actually, I thought that when someone wrote AR they accidently transposed RA, Maybe I'm stretching with this similarity? :)

Well, looking forward to your next post, plus all the comments. Some of the folks who comment I only see while on this blog, I miss you all!

@Rob said...

I figured that the LOR would get you blogging again!!!