Aug 22, 2011

For the birthday chap.

This is what I contributed to the birthday book
put together by RA blogger, Calexora.  (The "hot" guy in sunglasses
should've probably had a beard, but this was created before
the Captain America premier. Dang it.)

Happy Richard Armitage Day, everyone!
(Isn't that what it is in RA land? A little holiday.)

Remember last year's 39th Birthday Bash,
aka: The Great Limerick Round-Up?  Click HERE
to refresh your memory!  Good times.

And I have to throw this vid in here because it's HILARIOUS and
appropriate for any birthday. Comedian Jim Gaffigan's shpill on cake! Classic.
*Pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing*


Mulubinba said...

Love your message and loved the vid!

Hope all is well and I'm glad you came out of albeit temporary "blog retirement" to share this with us :)

PS: I wonder whether the book has made its way to NZ. I'm sure Calexora will let us know if she hears anything

bccmee said...

Good to "see" you again!

Phylly3 said...

Love your contribution to the birthday book! So nice to see SFR again. Also, you made me snort with that funny video. LOL!
Hope you are having a wonderful time with your busy family. :)

Anonymous said...

*huge grin* Love your contribution to the book Nat, I'm sure he'll be smiling from ear to ear when he sees it.

Best whishes to you.

OML :)

tyme_4_t said...

So glad SFR made into the birthday book!
Hope all is well in your world.
Happy RA Day!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see SFR again and yes he will crack Richard up :-)

Funny vid, but I was not happy to pause the musicbottom, because I was listening to Homage to Armitage - and it says it all :-)

Happy Armitage day.

Anonymous said...

Always delightful to have you and SFR resurface! Thanks for your post.

Best wishes,


Manda said...

Hi, I just had to brag that I was at the taping of that Jim Gaffigan taping.

I'll go back to lurking now...

Myrtle said...

Happy Armitage Day to everyone :)

Good to see SFR again, he is soooooooo sexy!

Violet8886 said...

This is a special day. Glad to see all the ladies contributing and enjoying it. It should be a national holiday in England. Okay, I am going over the top. LOL Hope he has a good Bday. 40 is hardly old. He's still got the good stuff we all love. Looks, talent, and a great personality. :):)

CDoart said...

Thank you, Nat, for sharing your SFR contribution with us. I love him and as Myrtle said, he is so sexy ;o) I hope you had a wonderful celebration day!

BETH said...

Hola Natalie is good to hear from you! Congratulations to all RA-Girls on this wonderful day of our wonderful gentleman. HAPPY RA DAY!! Besos from Argentina.

NovemberBride said...

While I considered doing another Spoon Figure Richard cake for this auspicious occasion, time constraints hindered that weird and strange idea! Yeah, I was going to slap a beard on sweet little SFR..somehow.

Love the cake jokester! He'd fit right in around these parts cause this bunch eats cake for breakfast...piled on top of cereal, fresh fruit (including rhubarb...blechhhh!), chocolate syrup, yoguert and whatever my weird and strange Better Half finds to throw into the pile. I know, none too appetizing. But it IS a good use of the "cake cwaps" as my middle son called them in his babyhood!?? (the cake you trim off the tops of the cakes to make them level.) Also cake cwaps can be used for trifles! Cake pops! Stuffing into cake layers that are not quite "perfect". Mashed into milk and/or ice cream. Fake cupcakes. Topping for an ice cream sundae. Bored yet? +0)

Thanks Nat, for giving us your usual good laugh! Happy happy Armitage Day!! :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Happy Birthday dear Mr. Armitage! Simply put, you are completely charming!

The birthday card is sweet and the cake video is very funny, I laughed so much! Thank you for this bit of birthday bliss for "The Man"!

~Miss Laurie

Musa said...

Hi! SFR looks so handsome! I'm sure RA will love your birthday message.

Let the Armitage birthday celebration continue!

Anonymous said...

I'm still catching up on RA birthday stuff -- love this post. Hope life is treating you well and you're not too overwhelmed!

Violet8886 said...

Love any RA stuff, but especially birthday stuff :)

Riv said...

Love your birthday message!